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Editable Flow chart in Excel

What Is Flowchart Maker for Excel

Flowchart Maker is an Excel add-in that generates fully editable flow diagram from a process list in Excel.

Step 1: Fill Process Steps

Click "New Flow Data Sheet" command on the "BoostExcel" Ribbon tab to import a sample flow data sheet, and then fill in your own steps.

Fill in process steps on a data sheet
Create a chart by clicking the ribbon button

Step 2: Make Flow Chart

Click "Create / Update Flow Chart" on the "Flowchart" ribbon tab.

Step 3: Fine Tune the Chart

The chart uses only Excel's standard flowchart shapes, and thus is fully editable. There are also handy tools. For example, flip the whole or part of the chart, reposition all decision labels etc.

You can also snap the chart sheet and data sheet side by side on screen for easy updating.

Fill in process steps on a data sheet
Automatic layout algorithm

Highlight 1: Automatic Layout Algorithm

You don’t have to specify the graph layout manually. Let the app do this for you. And, if you’re not satisfied with the result, manual modifications are as easy as dragging and dropping!

Highlight 2: Intuitive Shape Selector

Click a cell inside the "Shape Type" column, a little picker icon appears. Click it to pop-up a selector that shows all the usable blocks. You don't have to remember how each shape type looks like.

Use the intuitive picker to select a shape for each step
Reposition decision labels

Highlight 3: Reposition all labels with One Click

With just one click of mouse, you can reposition all the decision labels to be near their connector! So, when you’re moving block shapes, you don’t have to worry about the decision labels.

Highlight 4: Multiple Editable Flowchart Templates

The templates define colors and the rate of width / height etc. Modify the template to apply your own business / brand style.

And don't forget there are handy tools on Excel’s “Shape Format” tab for you to customize your diagram!

The app supports multiple templates

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