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Easy to Find

Sometimes it is difficult to find the formulas / names that you care about, especially if you have a large workbook that contains hundreds of formulas.

Now it is easy to filter all the available formulas and names with various criteria, for example the type, scope, or keywords.

There are also extended properties for filtering / finding items, such as visibility, referring to external resource, with relative references, unused name etc.

Easy to Update

Besides Add, Edit and Delete, now you can even convert a local name (scoped to a worksheet) to global name (scoped to the workbook), or vice versa.

To update many formulas / names in a batch, you can even export all the related names / formulas, modify the exported list, and then import the whole list.

The edit window
Analyze formula and name relations

Easy to Analyze

The relationship between the cells, names and formulas could be complex, but understanding it is critical before you can update, optimize the formulas or fix problems.

Formula Manager scans the workbook comprehensively and thoroughly, shows you the referring relationships that you can easily navigate.

Easy to Export/Import

Export the formula and name list to a worksheet with a few mouse clicks. You can then analyze or update the exported list.

To update the workbook file with formulas on the exported list, use the "Import" command.

Import names and formulas

Useful Resources

Useful third party / external resources for understanding and using Excel names and formulas.