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Generate Gantt chart in Excel

What Is Gantt Chart Maker

A tool that generates beautiful Gantt charts and makes project plans from a task list in Excel.

  1. Create and open a new Excel file. Click "Add New Gantt Chart" on the "BoostExcel" ribbon in Excel.
  2. Change the timeline date range by clicking "Date Range" on the ribbon.
  3. Update task names and dates.

The Gantt chart is generated instantly.


Multiple editable templates. You can even apply different templates to one task list. The templates are Excel files too, which allows you to easily customize the shape colors and styles.

Customizable templates
Manage / import resources and holidays


Powerful resource management. Resources define rest days and holidays that affect the calculations of dates and durations. You can easily import resources and holidays from external sources.


Flexible date options: date format, week rule, first day of week, ISO week number, etc. The timeline could be set to view daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.

Date options and timeline views
Automatic layout algorithm

Date Picker

Easy-to-use multiple-month date picker. Dates are critical in a Gantt chart. The date picker makes it easy.

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