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What is it?

Invoice Manager for Excel is an invoicing software program that:

  • runs inside Microsoft Excel on Windows,
  • turns a pure-Excel simple template into a powerful invoicing system
How Invoice Manager for Excel works

Why is it unique?

By leveraging both the front-end Microsoft Excel and backend database systems, Invoice Manager for Excel offers the features that could be hardly found in pure-Excel solutions and traditional invoicing systems:

  • hundreds professional invoice templates,
  • intuitive and easy to use layout,
  • automatic invoice numbering,
  • customizable form layout,
  • custom fields,
  • define cell relationships by using Excel formulas,
  • easily generate and send pdf invoices

And, there's many more! try the fully functional trial version to see how it works for you!


Two release channels

Invoice Manager for Excel is released in two editions or release channels -- the desktop edition, and the Microsoft Store edition. The two editions share exactly the same invoice template and database file format. That is, you can move template and database from one system to another, without doing any additional modification.

However, the architectures of these two types of apps are different. The table below shows the key differences between the two apps.

  Desktop Edition Microsoft Store Edition
  Desktop Edition icon Microsoft Store Edition icon
How to install Download from the product page and then run the setup program Install from Microsoft Store
How to start Invoice Manager Run Microsoft Excel Run Invoice Manager for Excel once. This installs an add-in to Excel.

Once the add-in is installed, you can open any template just like working with the desktop edition.

Licensing Life time license.

Each computer requires its own license.

Subscribe from Microsoft Store.

One subscription allows to install the app on up to 10 devices.

Desktop editions

The desktop app offers 3 pricing levels.

  Net Enterprise
Feature Being able to share database on a LAN allows more than one users work on the same database concurrently, sharing information such as customers, products, invoices and payments. In addition to all the features provided by Invoice Manager for Excel Net, The Enterprise edition also supports a new database type, SQL Server, which enables you to put your database online and access it via Internet.

Programmable - call the features and functionalities of Invoice Manager for Excel from your own VBA macro code.

Free Upgrade Period 1 year 2 years

See also End User License Agreement for Invoice Manager for Excel.


  • Microsoft Windows 11/10/8/7
  • Microsoft Excel/Office 2019 -- 2013

Invoice Manager for Excel supports both 32-bit and 64-bit of Excel and Windows.

Note it requires the standalone (locally installed) desktop version of Excel / Office. For now it does not work with Office 365 subscriptions that runs purely inside a web browser. However many subscription plans of Office 365 includes licenses of the desktop version of Office.

Getting Started

  1. Download and install Invoice Manager for Excel.
  2. Optional - download any template from this web site (use the seach tool), double-click to extract the customized template.
  3. Open the invoice template.
  4. The basic invoice processing steps are demonstrated in the tutorial movie, or visit the Quick Start Tutorial

Invoice Manager (Lite)

logo image for Invoice Manager Lite

Install from AppSource

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Invoice Manager (Lite) is a free Excel web add-in app that helps you to create invoices easily with more than 400 free Excel invoice templates. Not as powerful as Invoice Manager for Excel, it does save your time on invoicing.

  • Click the "Clear & New" button to clear the template so that it is ready for your next new invoice.
  • Fill invoice date automatically (optional).
  • Automatic invoice numbering (optional).

Invoice Manager (Lite) saves all the setting values to the Excel template itself. This means:

  • each template could have its own settings that differ from the settings of other templates, including the automated invoice numbering.
  • if a template is opened with Excel for Windows desktop, you have to save the template in order to persist the settings; If a template is opened with Excel for Office 365, by default the workbook file is saved automatically unless you turn "Auto Save" off.

All the templates here on work with Invoice Manager (Lite). If you are looking for a template designed specifically for Invoice Manager (Lite), i.e. have all the buttons and reports removed, download the "All Formats" packages on the template pages.

How to remove the add-in

To remove the add-in program from your Excel:

  1. Start Excel as usual.
  2. Go to the "Insert" ribbon tab.
  3. Click "My Add-ins".
  4. Righ-click the add-in name and choose "Remove".