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What Is Mind Map Maker

Mind Map Maker is an intuitive mind mapping and organization chart creator that runs inside Excel. It helps you visually develop and organize ideas and information.

Instead of drawing on a canvas or whiteboard, Mind Map Maker for Excel works in a different way. You simply write down a structured node list in plain text, and then click a button to automatically generate the diagram!

Quick Start Tutorial (Movie)

Step 1

Start Excel. Go to the 'BoostExcel' ribbon tab. Click 'New Mind Map'. This creates a new mind map sheet by importing a sample node list from the default template.

Create a new mind map
Edit the node list using a shape picker

Step 2

The structured node list is organized by WBS numbers. The 'Mind Map' ribbon tab provides handy tools such as Clear, Make Parent, Make Child, Move Up, and Move Down. You can also choose the shape type of each node by picking from an intuitive pop-up list.

Step 3

Click “Refresh Chart”. The diagram is created automatically. Usually, you don’t have to modify it by dragging and dropping. But you can do it if you want.

A split mind map
Horizontal Chart

Highlight 1: Automatic Layout

By simply adjusting the options on the ribbon, you can control whether to split the chart or not, to arrange the parent-child relationship vertically or horizontally, the level of nodes to show, to include WBS numbers or not, etc.

Highlight 2: Mind Map Template in Excel Format

The template defines the legends used by the chart. By customizing the templates, you can easily change the color scheme and style of your chart or even apply your own business and brand style.

A template sample
Export the chart or sheet to PDF or image format

Highlight 3: Export to PDF and Image Format

By integrating PDF Creator for Excel, you can easily export the sheet (chart and node table), the chart, or the selected area to PDF and image formats.

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