BoostExcel main content
The main app window

How to use it

  • Install the app from Microsoft Store.
  • Run the main app "PDF Creator for Excel" at least once. You’ll need to subscribe to it to begin the free trial. The app installs the add-in to Excel automatically.
  • Start Excel and open any file.
  • Go to the "BoostExcel" ribbon tab.
  • Click "Create PDF".

Screenshot 1

Click "Create PDF" on the "BoostExcel" ribbon tab to start creating PDF.

Excel ribbon and the 'Create PDF' command window
The settings window

Screenshot 2

Change the installing location of the ribbon command. Install / Reinstall the printer drivers of Microsoft Print to PDF and Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

PDF Sample 1

A flowchart created by our Flowchart Maker. The pdf maker always avoids scaling as much as possible. See why scaling is bad.

Page size: 18.73 x 10.23 inch.


Flow chart in PDF format
Gantt chart in PDF format

PDF Sample 2

A Gantt chart. The pdf generator always defines a custom paper size according to the size of the content.

Page size: 23.26 x 13.83 inch.


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