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Appliance Repair Service Bill Template


This form is suitable for appliance repair services and home repair services, such as computer repair services. You can also use it as a work order form by moving out the "Paid" and "Total Due" fields.

A common requirement in the appliance repair business is that you need some fields to record the identifier of the device or appliance. Like in the auto repair invoice (c5019) that has fields for auto maker, auto color, and auto model. In this form design, there are two fields designed for this purpose, which are "Computer Model" and "Computer Serial#". If you want to modify these labels to more common words like "Appliance Model" and "Appliance Serial#", simply switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the ribbon tab, and then type in your own text to replace the existing labels. In fact, your own business name, address, and contact information can be entered in the same way.

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