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Work Order Template
Work Order Form

The following chart details the custom fields added to the work order template, in addition to the standard fields used by the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel.

Auto Repair Invoice Template
Blank Vehicle Repair Invoice

This template is region-neutral so you can easily adopt it to create garage auto invoices no matter where your business is, for example U.S. or Australia. Be sure to install Invoice Manager for Excel to enhance the template with advanced item-lookup-features.

Backorder Invoice Template
Backorder Invoice Template

In the original sales invoice template that is shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel setup program, there is only on quantity column on the invoice detail section. This quantity refers to the quantity that the customer ordered, and it is also the quantity that was shipped to fulfill the order. If the quantity ordered is partially fulfilled, you may like to detail all these numbers - quantity ordered, quantity shipped, and quantity backordered. offers you this Backorder Invoice Template, which is in Microsoft Excel format, to meet the requirements of these businesses.

Grout Pump Service Work Order and Invoice
Concrete Pumping Work Order and Invoice

Next to that, a group of 4 checkboxes allows you to further describe the critical project attribute. They are "Homeowner", "Company", "Residential" and "Commercial". Each box links to an Excel cell. For example, the "Company" checkbox is linked to the cell named "oknChkWhoCompany". "oknChkWhoCompany" is a cell located outside of the printable form. All these checkboxes, like the "Taxable" boxes on many templates here on, are kept on PDF invoices generated with Invoice Manager for Excel, as they are named with the "oknWidget_" prefix.

Work Order and Processing Sheet Practical Sample
Work Order and Processing Sheet Form Practical Sample

Like other templates here on, this format is provided in Excel (".xlsx") format too. You may find work order template in Microsoft Word (".docx" or ".doc") elsewhere, but Excel-based ".xlsx" format has its advantages over Word such as automated calculations etc. Furthermore, all our templates works well with Invoice Manager for Excel.

Pest Control Invoice / Work Order
Pest Control Invoice / Work Order Form

Not satisfied with the existing fields we put on the Pest Control Invoice / Work Order form? No problem. You can add new fields by simple dragging and dropping. The complete design documents are packed into Invoice Manager for Excel installer program. So feel free to download and try it. The trial version of Invoice Manager for Excel is fully functional within the trial period.

Work Invoice in Excel
Work Billing Template in Excel

The word art feature is an interesting and useful feature available in Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Power Point. The basic usage of word art is described at Insert WordArt document on Microsoft's web site. With word art, you can create fancy text effects with just a few mouse clicks. Programs like Adobe Photoshop is able to create beautiful arts of word too, the advantages of using Office's built-in word art feature are obvious - it is simple, and the result is easily editable within Excel and Word itself.

Automotive Sample Invoice Template
Invoice for Auto Parts

This auto parts invoice / automotive sample invoice template is the sample invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice Manager that demonstrating the use of custom fields.

Spin Button to Add or Subtract One
Sample Invoice Template with Spin Button

The spin button we'll use here one of the control in the "Form Controls" toolset, which is available in all the major apps in the Microsoft Office product family, like Excel (".xls" or ".xlsx"), Word (".doc" or ".docx"), Visio, Publisher, PowerPoint. Here on we've already published samples on using form controls. For example, the "Taxable" checkbox could be either implemented using ActiveX control, or a form control - in the standard invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel setup program, it use checkbox in the form control category.

Now let's see how we can add the spin buttons to "c4020 Invoice Template with Long Product Description".

Jewelry Receipt Template
Bill Format for Jewelry Shop

Running a jewelry store that sells rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, watches, or assorted / personalized jewelry products? Download this free billing template to create beautiful invoices and receipts in Excel and PDF format.

Commercial Invoice - FedEx Style (Landscape)
Commercial Invoice Format - FedEx Style (Landscape)

As detailed on the FedEx web site, all shipments / freight must be accompanied by a FedEx International Air Waybill & two duplicate copies of commercial invoices. With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, printing of two copies of your commercial invoices could be done with a single click of mouse. Go to the Print tab on the Settings window to find all the printing options. All forms available here on are printable and fillable. You can adjust the printing and paper options by using Excel's own features too - for example, by choosing the options on Excel's Page Layout tab.

Hong Kong Service Invoice Template
Hong Kong Service Billing Form

The formula of the "Total" cell is also modified, which uses "oknDiscountedSubtotal" to replace the usual "oknSubtotal":

The tax cells on the worksheet is modified to use the discounted subtotal too. For example, this is the formula for the first tax cell:

Service Invoice with Payment Advice
Service Billing Template with Payment Advice

A general service invoice template that had the shipping section removed and added a payment advice.

Note: For a updated version of this template see Green Gradient Service Invoice Template.

Commercial Invoice - FedEx Style
Commercial Invoice Format - FedEx Style

This sample commercial invoice offers a free downloadable and fillable template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (xlsx) and Adobe PDF format, with the form layout similar to the sample template on FedEx.

Vehicle Rental and Travel
Travel and Vehicle Rental

This template is suitable for travel business. It has the summary section moved to the top of the form, and also has several custom field for vehicle rental and travel, including "Vehicle Number", "Vehicle Type", "Discount", and two custom column on detail section, including "Date From" and "Date To". See c2029 travel invoice template and c5091 Hotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler for other samples on tour and travel topic.

Sales Invoice Form with Discount Amount
Sales Invoice Template - Discount Amount

By moving the shipping fields back into the printable area on the Excel Invoice form, the original service invoice template now becomes a sales invoice template that supports per customer discount amount.

Hotel Receipt Template
Hotel Invoice Template

A hotel or motel needs different invoice and receipt formats than a generic sales invoice template or generic service invoice template for purchasing goods and service. The blank receipt form provided here on offers a sample hotel receipt that you could use to create your hotel bills in an easy way. Our templates are in Microsoft Excel format. All templates here are not protected with password, so that you can easily customize the layout without problems. You can also download a printable PDF version of the hotel invoice template here. If you are looking for a hotel invoice template in Word ".doc" format online, we recommend this Excel-format template instead, as Excel provides more features for calculations and data validations.

Blank Sales Invoicing Sample (Two-tax, Long Description)
Blank Sales Invoicing Sample (Two-tax, Long Description)

In order to create this template from the base layout c2020 Blank Sales Invoice Layout (Two-tax), we first hide the last 6 lines on the invoice body (detail) section. To do this, you have to first unprotect the sheet.

Consulting Invoice Template (1st Sample of Customization)