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Bill Format for Catering and Wedding Service

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Download this free Excel catering bill format to create beautiful and professional invoices and receipts for events such as weddings or celebrations.

If you are running a catering business, you know it is important to offer your clients clean, professional, and elegant proposals, order forms, invoices, or receipts. By mapping out anticipated catering costs clearly, you will avoid the hassle of disputed fees between yourself and your customers and thus get paid on time.

Although this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template is designed with the "Invoice" title on it, you can easily adapt it for other business document types such as proposals, order forms, or receipts.

This template is a variant of Catering Invoice Template (c4045). If you compare the original version with this customized one, you'll first notice we've used a new color scheme, and there is also a garland decoration on the top and bottom. Due to the addition of these widgets, this template might be a good choice for weddings or celebration events. On the other hand, templates such as Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (VAT) (c4039) and Hotel Receipt Template (c7005) are more suitable for general events and food catering.

The itemized section allows the caterer to list each item in detail, such as "Equipment and set-up or pick-up Fee", "plates, utensils, and cups", "beverage dispensers and serving utensils," etc.

There is also an "EVENT SUMMARY" section added. With this field, you can note order details, for example, venue, timing, size of guests, and other contact details.

Format and Specification

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Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Line Height (Points)19.50
Print Area$F$3:$N$44
Papaer OrientationPortrait
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