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Bill Format for Integrated Security Service

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Bill Format for Integrated Security Service (IMFE Edition)


If you are providing integrated security service to your clients, whether it is physical / electronic security services, special event security service, access control solutions, consulting Services, this invoice template could help you create professional bills with easy and quick.

Just like the other free bill templates available here on, this integrated security invoicing template has a client# cell, you can use this as your customer account number. This client# is automatically generated, like the invoice numbering sub-system that assigns increment and unique numbers to each invoice, is based on a counter implemented by Invoice Manager for Excel backend database.

On the top of the invoicing form, the invoice date and invoice# are populated by Invoice Manager for Excel when you click "Save Invoice".

This template is implemented as a service invoice template. The "Project Description" box allows you to provide a summary description of services being billed, such as monthly monitoring fees, or warranty programs, additional and/or special services.

The detail section is itemized so you can list your charges one by one. For example, "Hours Labour Only At Above Job Address", " Days Labour Only At Above Job Address", "Installation of CCTV System", "Installation & Commissioning Of Intruder Alarm System At Above Job Address", "Service Call Out", "Supply & Install Replacement VCL 8" Orbitor Gold Dome", "Camera Repair Returns Cost", "Annual Service to CCTV System", "Replacement Acrylic Dome Cover", "Installation Of Alarm System At Above Job Address", "Installation Of Chubb Monitored Lock (Labour Only )". Note that if you have our invoicing software program installed, each product could have an ID, which allows you to quickly enter the product description and unit price into the printable invoicing form by entering the product ID. This feature is called in-cell lookup. All the Excel invoice templates here on support this functionality.

Note that on the bottom of the billing form, the "Subtotal", "VAT" and "Total" cells have the pound sign "£" attached to indicate the currency of bill. This "£" is the symbol for the pound sterling, the currency of the United Kingdom (UK). The other elements, such as bank name, company registration number, VAT No., meet the requirements of UK VAT invoices too.

Format and Specification

NameBill Format for Integrated Security Service
CategoryService Invoice Template
Release DateSaturday, October 15, 2016
Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Feature Gallery
Line Height (Points)19.50
Print Area$E$2:$N$44
Papaer Size / OrientationPortrait
Default Margins (Points)
PriceFree (0.00USD)
SystemWindows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.