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How to make easy billing and invoicing software program in Excel? This is a hot topic as Excel provides vast features and tools that make it possible to create the invoice layout and bill form that not only meet your business requirements, but also professional, elegant, and even unique to your business.

On the other hand, Microsoft Excel, as a front-end spreadsheet program, lacks tools and mechanisms for handling complex processing logic - for example, whenever an invoice is created, you have to create a unique invoicing number for it; you have to update the client account receivable; and you have to update product inventory if you are selling goods.

There are many accounting / invoicing / billing software programs available. Most of them are complicated, expensive, yet they are not able to handle the invoicing form you like, or not straight forward enough for a home business, freelancer or small business owner like shops, service providers, manufacturers etc.

Our idea is to combine the power of Microsoft Excel with a backend database system. This invoicing and billing solution, Invoice Manager for Excel, formerly named Excel Invoice Manager, provides the most flexible front-end that enables you to format the bill form in the way you like, including uses of Excel formulas and even VBA macros; it also maintains data integrity by using a database system (Microsoft Access or SQL Server).

This design makes Invoice Manager for Excel a flexible and robust Excel-based invoice creator / generator. It supports all free invoice forms published here on

Invoice Manager for Excel requires Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Not designed for the United States businesses only, we have pre-customized forms and packages for other countries and regions too, like U.K., Malaysia, and Australia. Visit tax invoice templates to find forms categorized by regions and the different requirements.

Here are our templates closely related to Billing Software Excel Free Download.

Consultant Bill Format
Consultant Bill Format

As you can see from the screenshots, we've removed many colored blocks from the sheet. This makes the form looks simple and clean. If you are a professional advisor, such as counselor, accountant and IT expert, you may like this form design.

One Column Consulting Invoice Sample
One Column Consulting Invoice Form

This sample consulting invoice template has only one column, consisting of 16 lines of the "Description" fields. The total invoiced amount cell is manually editable. It also includes the "SpellNumber" VBA procedure to show the invoiced amount in English words.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Service)
Form with 5 Price Levels, a web site running by Uniform Software Ltd, provides you with free invoice templates, and along with each free invoice template, a version that runs with Invoice Manager for Excel is also provided. Invoice Manager for Excel is our invoicing software that does the magic by turning a simple Excel invoice template into a powerful invoicing system. All the invoice templates available here on are samples of customizing the default invoice template shipped with Uniform Invoice Manager. Your business is unique, so your invoice should be. Browse our growing invoicing template gallery to find out how it could be by using Excel to customize the default invoice template. While the features implemented by this serial of invoice template don't benefit the users of free invoice templates a lot, we do provide the fully functional trial version of Invoice Manager for Excel. So don't forget to download and try it to see if it meets your requirements.

Medical Invoice Template (1)
Medical Invoice Template (1) offers this medical bill template in two editions - one freeware edition, and another edition that should work with Invoice Manager for Excel. Invoice Manager for Excel, originally named Excel Invoice Manager, is our billing software and invoicing software that has the ability to make a simple Excel spreadsheet format become powerful medical billing software.

Medical Billing Format
Medical Billing Format

On the top of the spreadsheet, you'll first notice there is a logo image showing "InvoicingTemplate", which is a place holder of your own logo image. Next to the logo image is your hospital, clinic or home health care business name, slogan, street address, city state and ZIP, phone number, web address and etc. This should all be placed with your own information. On the top-right corner, you'll find the letters "MIDCICAL INVOICE" that are all in upper case, which indicates the type of this business document and usually you don't need to modify it.

Excel Retail Invoice Template
Excel Retail Invoice Template

We have already published several formats for retail selling. For example c5010 Music Store Invoice Template (Retail), c3013 Pet Food Store Invoice, c7003 Book Store Invoice Format etc. also has published a popular title for clothing stores. While many of the templates are named with specific industry names, they are in fact not limited to what the names suggest. If you are looking for a billing template for your retail business, the most important thing to look for is whether the fields offered by a template meets your requirements.

Malaysia Tax Invoice Template
Malaysia Invoice Format

Use this template to make Invoice Manager an invoicing and billing software for Malaysia. The following table shows both the original and the translated text.

Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns)
Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns)

In the original version, which is named Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (5 Columns) here on, we implemented a feature that allows you to tax different types of items with different rates on one same invoice by adding several custom fields and creating some Excel formulas. By using custom fields and Excel formulas, we can create exciting features that are not supported by the default sales invoice template that was shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. The two newly added columns, which are "Product Type" and "Applied Tax Rates", are placed outside the printable invoice form in the original version. If the product / item description text labels are short, you may like to place these two new columns inside the printable invoice form. This customized form named Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns) implements this.

United Arab Emirates Invoice Template
United Arab Emirates Invoice Template

This template, like the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel installer program, has two taxes set by default, namely VAT and WHT, with the rates set to 5% and 6% as the place holders.

Hotel Receipt Template
Hotel Invoice Template

If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel version of the hotel invoice template / hotel receipt template, the receipt# (or invoice#) is generated automatically when you save the document.

Rental Invoicing Template
Rental receipt form

If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel and are interesting in the design details on the template, go on reading; otherwise, go to download rental invoicing sample. offers the template in several formats, please choose the one you like and download it.

Indonesian Invoice Template
Indonesian Invoice Template

This Indonesia Invoice Template translates text inside the printable form from English to Indonesian.

The basic form layout is still copied from the standard invoice shipped with Invoice Manager. The only changed option is its color scheme and the static text. The following tables shows both the Indonesian text and its original English text.

Multiple Tax Rates on One Invoice
Multiple Tax Rates on One Invoice

This template was originally published on as C5-016, and here on there were already customized layouts created based on C5-016, such as c5034 Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns), and c5035 Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns). For more samples and formats related to taxing, visit tax invoice template.

Medical Invoice Template (2)
Medical Invoice Template (2)

Almost all Excel templates, including this medical bill template, have a default logo image on the top of the invoice form - although sometimes it is moved to the bottom of the form. This is a placeholder logo image that you should replace with your own logo image before you can put the medial invoicing format into production.

Sales Invoice Form in Croatian
Sales Invoice Form in Croatian

This Croatian Invoice Template is translated from the standard invoice template (default template) shipped with Invoice Manager.

We've already published a service invoice template for Croatian VAT invoicing at Croatian Invoice Template (c5141). Unlike c5141, this format is suitable for sales invoicing, which means the form includes fields for shipping address.

Hawaiian Invoice Template
Hawaiian Bill

Once you have installed Invoice Manager, install this template to invoicing easily in Hawaiian. The editable fields left in blank are what you need to enter on creating invoices. Download and try this simple sheet to see how it works for you. The online tool is able to translate most text into Hawaiian as shown below.

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column
Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column is a sample invoice template that adds a discount amount column to the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel.

Standard Invoice in Italian
Standard Invoice in Italian

This is the Italian version of the standard (default) invoice template shipped with IMFE 7.13. Consider this template if you're doing businesses with clients from Italy.

Service Invoice Form with Discount Percentage
Service Invoice Form with Discount Percentage

In the original implementation that could be found at Service Invoice Form with Discount Amount, the discount field is an amount value, which is deducted from the subtotal of an invoice by using Excel formula. With this customized invoice template, we modified the formula of the "discounted subtotal" cell to be "Subtotal * (1 - Discount Percentage)". This way, the discount value saved along with other customer information becomes a discount percentage value.

ABN Tax Invoice
ABN Tax Invoice

According to Australian Taxation Office, if your tax invoices meet the requirements for sales of $1,000 or more, you can also use them for sales of lesser amounts. So this template could be seen as a replacement of our original two formats. Furthermore, we redesigned the original "Taxable" checkboxes - in the original version, they are ActiveX controls; in this new version they are Excel / Office form controls. With the development of Microsoft Office / Excel, it seems that form controls get better support than old ActiveX controls. We've also moved all the "Taxable" controls into the printable forms, so that they will be included when printed (see the screenshot images below), or be included when you are generating PDF invoice (see all PDF invoice templates here on