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Software Development Invoice Sample
Software Development Invoice Sample

Designed for computer programming freelancers, development teams and small businesses, this software development invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format helps you create invoices and bills that are not only professional, but also cool.

Billing Summary Template
Billing Statement Form

The 2-page billing summary template has 55 lines on the detail section; whereas the 1-page billing summary format offers only 19 lines. The 1-page template was created by simply hiding the line 20 to line 56 of the 2-page template. Both templates connect to the same Microsoft Access database "c5122.mdb". For more samples on multiple-page templates, click here.

Drywall Invoice Example
Drywall Invoice Example

This template features a carton image that shows a carpenter holds a plasterboard or sheetrock. If you are offering services related to construction, wallcovering, dry wall, plywood, this design may be ideal for you.

Attorney Billing Form
legal billing statement

This attorney billing form provides an easy to create legal billing statement. It features with United States Dollar currency symbol, no-tax (configurable), 12 lines of details, bank details, and of course the "Bill To" section.

Billing Invoice Template
Billing Invoice Template

A bill is an invoice of charges for products and services. A template is a preset format for a document or file, used so that the format does not have to be recreated each time it is used. Here at we're providing you with hundreds billing invoice templates and samples that you can download and bill your clients for free.

Contractor Billing Format
Contractor Invoicing Layout

To make this template work with Invoice Manager for Excel, Contractor Billing Format adopts tricks. First, the most left column on the visible (and printable) area was a custom field "ItemLine", which was continuously named from "oknItemLine_1" to "oknItemLine_18", to tell Invoice Manager for Excel that there are 18 lines on the invoice detail section. The other columns, such as "DATE", "DETAILS" and "AMOUNT", has an interruption in their name serials. For example, "oknItemDate_1" to "oknItemDate_6" are put onto same column, "oknItemDate_7" to "oknItemDate_12" are put onto another column outside the printable area, and "oknItemDate_13" to "oknItemDate_18" are put onto the same column as "oknItemDate_1" to "oknItemDate_6". This is necessary because the space for "oknItemDate_7" to "oknItemDate_12" is used by the tax and amount cells.

Catering Invoice Template
Catering Billing Format offers you this free invoice template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. Beside an ease with formatting and content order, catering invoice templates are furthermore much productive and handy to smooth your process of writing identical document for repetitive needs. If you just started a catering business, use this template as a starting point. Catering Invoice Template, or Catering Billing Format, like all the other templates available here on, could be customized with various tools provided by Microsoft Excel. For example, you can change the fonts, colors, background colors etc. If you are not satisfied with a pure Excel invoicing template and need more features, like send electronic invoices in PDF format to your customer, simply install Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our invoicing app that could upgrade the invoicing templates here to complete invoicing system.

Nigeria Invoice Template
Nigeria Billing Form

For more information on changing currency symbol in Excel, visit How to Change the Currency Symbol for Certain Cells in Excel.

Service Invoice with Discount Amount
Service Billing Form with Discount Amount

When the discount field is a percentage, the total is calculated with an Excel formula like " =ROUND(IF(oknInvDiscount=0,oknSubTotal,oknInvDiscount*oknSubTotal),2)". In this Service Billing Form with Discount Amount, since the discount is an amount, the total is now calculated with an Excel formula like " =ROUND(oknSubTotal-oknInvDiscount,2)".

Simple Sample - Moving Balance and Payment Cells
Simple Sample - Moving Balance and Payment Cells
  1. Open the invoice template as usual. You may like to backup it before opening it, so that you can easily return to a working state in case something goes wrong.
  2. Switch to design mode. With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, you can do this easily by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. Click the same button again to exit design mode.
  3. Now drag your mouse to select all the cells you want to move. Once all the cells are selected, release your mouse key.
  4. Push your mouse key on the border of the selected area, drag it to the location out of the printable form - the section that will be printed when you print the invoice - in this sample template, we drag it to the location starting from $P$39.
  5. Once finished, click the Design Mode button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab again to exit design mode.
General Purchase Invoice Template (Consulting, One Tax)
General Purchase Invoice Template (Consulting, One Tax)

Whether your consulting business is running as a personal consultant or a group of consultants, to get paid timely you'll have to issue consulting invoices. A template like this one helps you done the job easily.

Sales Invoicing Template
Sales Invoice Form

Sales Invoicing Template is a general purpose template that is suitable for many business types. It includes both a "Bill To" and a "Ship To" section. There are also 5 columns on the invoice body, including Product#, Description, Quantity, Price and Line Total.

Form with Product Category
Form with Product Category

However the support for custom fields in Invoice Manager for Excel makes overcoming this limitation easy and quick. What you need to do is to add the custom field "Product Category" to the invoice body database table, and then name a column of cells where you want to display the category when creating an invoice - in this sample, we don't want to show product category on printed invoices, so the product category column is defined outside the printable area.

Service Bill with Discount Percentage
Service Billing Form with Discount Percentage

Note: Feel free refer to c4105 Service Invoice with Horizontal Logo, which has a similar layout, a horizontal logo image, and detailed customization steps.

General Purchase Invoice Template (Service, One Tax)
General Purchase Invoice Template (Service, One Tax)

To move out the address section, we first need to put the template into design mode. To do this, simply push down the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. This commands unprotect the sheet and then push down the "Design" button on the "Developer" ribbon tab.