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Print Shop Bill Sample
Print Shop Billing Format

Note that the Invoice worksheet is protected by default. Before you can use the spreadsheet for the first time, you need to unprotect the Invoice worksheet and then type in your business details.

Invoicing Sample for Cosmetics Shops
Billing Template for Cosmetics Shops

Download this free Excel bill sample for vendors, stores, retailers and wholesalers that are specialized in cosmetics and makeup. The template (".xlsx" file) features auto calculation and a cosmetics background picture.

Software Development Invoice Sample
Software Development Invoice Sample

There are 16 lines and 4 columns on the detail section. This is where you list the services you rendered, such as software programming, engineering, bug testing, whether to provide source code, maintenance, programming language, technical support -- everything as detailed as possible. This helps you client to understand what jobs you have done. For complex projects you even need a separate contact to write everything down before starting the project.

Clothing Shop Receipt
Clothing Shop Receipt

The most noticeable difference between this free Clothing Shop Receipt and the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel is that the clothing shop receipt template has a "Size" column on the printable invoice form. That is, there are now 6 columns on the printable form - product#, description, size, quantity, unit price, line total. The other column, Taxable, which allows you to indicate whether each item is table or not, is located outside the printable form.

Contractor Billing Format
Contractor Billing Format

The two custom fields added to this template, "Service Amount" and "Expense Amount", calculate the sum amount of each section. These two fields are also added to the "Sales Report", with the name "oknRsServiceAmount" and "oknRsExpenseAmount".

Catering Invoice Template
Catering Invoice Template

Catering is the business of providing food service at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, public house (pub), or other location. Catering has evolved to become an artisanal affair. In fact, many other templates here on could be used for catering invoicing. For example, Cleaning Service Invoice Template, Free Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (VAT), and Free Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (No Tax). By default, this template has one default logo image put on the top of the form. To replace this default logo image, simply install Invoice Manager for Excel. Click the "Replace Logo Image" button on the "Invoice" ribbon to replace the default logo image. With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, you can also easily customize the taxing options of the form. Click the Settings command on the Excel ribbon, and then go to the Taxes tab.

Engineering Invoice Template
Engineering Billing Template

Note to users of the old versions of Invoice Manager for Excel (i.e. Excel Invoice Manager) - although the support for custom fields was already implemented in Excel Invoice Manager, the use of custom fields was much more simplified in Invoice Manager for Excel.

Welder Invoicing Template
Welder Billing Form

This welder invoicing template includes both a "Bill To" and a "Ship To" section on the invoicing form, and also 7 columns on the invoice detail section. It is the fourth sample on our welding invoice template / billing template serial.

VAT Invoice Template with VAT Rate Column
VAT Billing Template with VAT Rate Column

So to create this VAT Invoice Template with VAT Rate Column template, all we have to do is to firstly unprotect the Invoice worksheet, and then adjust the existing columns to leave space for the newly moved in (VAT Rate) column.

Commercial Template Sample - Adding Insurance Cost Field
Commercial Template Sample - Adding Insurance Cost Field

Your business grows fast. So you need a more powerful tool to handle your commercial invoices! By installing Invoice Manager for Excel, our Excel-based billing and invoicing software app, a simple Excel invoice template could be a complete invoicing system. So how about the new fields added to a template, such as in this example, the insurance cost and currency code fields? No problem! Invoice Manager for Excel (and even Excel Invoice Manager) support custom fields, which are user-defined fields added to both the template and database file.

PDF Invoice with PayPal Button
PayPay Payment Button on PDF Invoices
  • Open your invoicing template as usual.
  • Click the "Add / Update PayPal Button" command on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  • Enter your PayPal account email address in the first text box. Note this is the account where your customer will send money to. So double check it to make sure it is correctly.
  • In the "Information sent to PayPal" section, you'll find 3 fields.
    • Item name: This field describes why the customer is paying you. The default value for this field is "Invoice Number: oknInvoiceID", where "oknInvoiceID" will be replaced with real invoice numbers when a PDF invoice is generated. You can include your company / business name here. For example, it could be "ABC Company Invoice Number: oknInvoiceID".
    • Currency: This field should specify the 3-letter currency code to use. The default currency is "USD". It is implemented as a drop-down selection list. Note that UIS does not convert currency automatically. So make sure this choice in this field matches the currency used on your invoices.
    • Amout: By default this field is "oknBalanceDue". This will be the balance of the invoice that is being created. On generating a PDF invoice, UIS replace this with the value of the "oknBalanceDue" cell.
  • Click "Test" to open a browser window to verify what you customers will see when they click he PayPal payment button on your invoices. In this test link, "oknInvoiceID" will be replaced with "INV100", the amount will show "123.00".
  • Click "Add / Update PayPal button" to add the PayPal button to your Excel invoice template.
  • The template is now switched to design mode with the new payment button selected. You can move it to a proper location by dragging and dropping, or resize it by dragging the border of the button image.
  • Once done, switch off design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again.
  • Save the template by clicking the Save button on Excel quick access toolbar.
Consultant Invoice with Travel and Hourly Expenses
Consultant Invoice with Travel and Hourly Expenses

The template is also able to charge on either hourly or per diem basis at a predetermined price. It allows to bill for time as consultants based upon either an hourly or day rate. To create invoices using this template, basically, you plug in date, time worked (pre-determined hourly or day rate) select a project name/ID, input mileage and expenses and print an invoice! While integrated with Invoice Manager for Excel, it is a fairly simple / ready to go billing and invoicing system.

Australian GST Invoice Template
Australian GST Invoice Template

There are two editions of Australian GST Invoice Template here on - the first is a budget-friendly freeware edition, which you can download and use for free; and another which must be used with Invoice Manager for Excel installed. Invoice Manager for Excel is our Excel invoicing software that turns a simple Excel spreadsheet billing template into a powerful invoicing system, making automated electronic invoice processing with Excel possible and easy to do.

Commercial Template Sample - Using Payment Method Checkboxes
Commercial Template Sample - Using Payment Method Checkboxes

To add a checkbox to the commercial invoicing template, click "Insert" in the "Controls" group on the "Developer" tab. Choose the checkbox from "Form Controls" or "ActiveX Controls". And then, click the location where you want to put the checkbox control. A new checkbox appears on the form. Change its label to "T/T", "L/C" or "Others".

Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns)
Mixed Tax Rates in a Form (5 Columns)

This invoice template is also published on our company site here, and on here.