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barcode scanner

A barcode scanner or barcode reader scans a barcode and feed the text or number into an accounting / billing / inventory program. A barcode is an easy way to identify a good, used widely in super markets, grocery shops and medical stores etc.

Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial about installing a barcode scanner: How Do You Install a Barcode Scanner?

In Invoice Manager for Excel, barcodes are usually used in the Product# (or Item#) field:

  • Click to activate one of the Product#/Item# cell where you want to input the barcode.
  • Pull the trigger on the scanner, the text or numbers from the barcode should appear in the active cell.
  • If you have in-cell lookup feature enabled, all related information about the item will be filled into the current bill, including product description, unit price etc.

Here are our templates closely related to Billing Software With Support For Barcode Scanner.

Consulting Invoicing Form
Consulting Invoicing Form

Consulting Invoice Template is suitable for those who provide consulting service. It details invoice #, invoice date, client information, service provided. Two tax types are supported but customization is possible.

Contractor Billing Format
Contractor Billing Format

This template has two taxes like the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. However unlike the default template, where the two taxes applied to all taxable items added to the invoice detail section, Contractor Billing Format applies each tax to one section. In this implementation, "Tax 1" was applied to the "Service" section, and "Tax 2" was applied to the "Expense" section. All the tax-calculation formulas are modified according to this design requirement.

Catering Invoice Template
Catering Billing Format offers you this free invoice template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. Beside an ease with formatting and content order, catering invoice templates are furthermore much productive and handy to smooth your process of writing identical document for repetitive needs. If you just started a catering business, use this template as a starting point. Catering Invoice Template, or Catering Billing Format, like all the other templates available here on, could be customized with various tools provided by Microsoft Excel. For example, you can change the fonts, colors, background colors etc. If you are not satisfied with a pure Excel invoicing template and need more features, like send electronic invoices in PDF format to your customer, simply install Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our invoicing app that could upgrade the invoicing templates here to complete invoicing system.

Engineering Invoice Template
Engineering Invoice Template

Note to users of the old versions of Invoice Manager for Excel (i.e. Excel Invoice Manager) - although the support for custom fields was already implemented in Excel Invoice Manager, the use of custom fields was much more simplified in Invoice Manager for Excel.

Welder Invoicing Template
Welder Invoicing Template

This sample invoicing template offered to your for free by is based on c8004 Welding And Fabrication Service Invoice Template. It was created by moving back the "Ship To section" to the printable form and deleting the "Type" column. By adding back the "Ship To" section (you can easily modify it to be titled with job location or job place), so this template is categorized as sales invoice template here on By removing the "Type" column from the invoice detail section, you have more fillable space in the invoice descriptions. Note that, if you are running a welding and steel business, you may like to take a look at c8003 Welding Invoice Template, which includes the features to automatically calculate welding prices and costs. Or if you need more fillable space on your welding invoice form, this is especially true when you are a mobile welder, see c5064 Simple Welding Invoice Template, which contains only 5 columns. With c6017 Welding / Fabrication Tax Invoice, we moved the Dimension column out of the printable area, and moved in the taxable column so that it is included in the printable invoice.

Notary Invoice Template
Notary Billing Template

This invoice template provides 3 columns on the invoice form - Date, Description and Amount. The Amount here is a manually fillable field. A notary is a lawyer or person with legal training who is licensed by the government to perform acts in legal affairs, in particular witnessing signatures on documents. The form that the notarial profession takes varies with local legal systems. A notary public (or notary or public notary) of the common law is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with estates, deeds, powers-of-attorney, and foreign and international business. As a general rule, on the invoice that you write out for your client, line-item each charge and expense along with each fee for performing a notarial act. Clearly state what each charge, expense and notary fee is for and the amount that you are charging for each item. If your first contact with the client is by phone, provide the same information to him that you will write on the invoice to present to him in person and have him agree to the charges before you provide services as a notary. When you present your invoice to the client, you may wish to have him sign it to show that he agrees with the charges and understands the purpose of each line-itemed charge. Some Notaries provide services that, in addition to authorized notarial acts, include other non-notarial aspects of the job assignment. Or, a notary can incur expenses associated with performing a notarial act. When invoicing a client for notarial services, the notary would like to invoice for any other charges and expenses as well. ALWAYS discuss your fees with the client before you perform any service. It is unwise and could be seen as unethical for you to wait to tell your client about your fees until after your services are performed. Always give clients the chance, up front, to accept or decline your fees.

Musician Invoice Template
Musician Billing Format

This invoice template designed for musician includes a stave background image. Besides the Excel spreadsheet template, a PDF billing format template for musician is also included. This sample is formatted with Australian currency but you can easily change it with Excel formatting tools.

Agency Billing Template
Agency Invoice Form

Outside the printable area, the two important columns are Broke Fee and Cost. With the Broke Fee column, you enter the gross revenue you expect, and the Cost column is calculated automatically based on Line Total and Broke Fee. This is done by using a simple Excel formula.

Contractor Invoices with Remittance-slip
Contractor Invoices with Remittance Advice Slip

This free contractor invoice template features a remittance slip or remittance-advice-slip on the bottom of the Excel form. The slip is created by mve the total, paid and total due cell down to the bottom, as well as all the information in the "Bill To" section.

This contractor invoice does not include fields for shipping goods. For more billing samples for contractors, visit contractor invoices.

Sample Service Invoice Template: Using Handwriting Signature
Service Template with Signature

Speaking of dates, we have some off-topic words to talk about. Date values are not as easy as it sounds. Dates seem to cause people problems. Ask five people to enter a date into Excel and you'll get dates entered five different ways. We have created a little and handy utility to address this, an Excel date picker, called Pop-up Excel Calendar. The Excel Date Picker pops up a calendar whenever you click to move into a date cell - i.e. a cell that contains a date value, a date format, or underneath a cell that has the word "date" in it. If you are interesting in this please find more information at Pop-up Excel Calendar, Date Picker for Excel, and at Excel Date Picker, a Pop-up Excel Calendar for Excel. If you use dates frequently our Excel Date Picker could be a nice helper for you.

Invoice Template with 4 Pages
Invoicing Layout with 4 Pages

The invoice format has 5 columns on the detail section - "Part #", "Description", "Quantity", "Unit Price" and "Line Total", just like the standard / default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel installer program, and like several other invoice templates with multiple pages, like invoice template with 3 pages, invoice template with 2 pages, invoice template printable on 1/2 page etc. here on The only difference is that with the standard invoice template, The "Part #" column is has a title "Product#". If you want to change the "Part #" label in this 4-Page Invoice Template to something like "Item #" or "Product #", simply switch the template into design mode by clicking the "Design" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, and then type in your text to replace "Part #".

Jewelry Receipt Template
Bill Format for Jewelry Shop

Running a jewelry store that sells rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, watches, or assorted / personalized jewelry products? Download this free billing template to create beautiful invoices and receipts in Excel and PDF format.

Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Template with Item Pickup Buttons
Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Format with Item Pickup Buttons

This invoicing template for clothing stores or manufacturers is a variant of cm003 Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Template with Size Breakdown. It differs from the original edition in that this variant adds back the buttons that you can click to pick up customer, shipping address, sales representative and payment term.

So with sample template, we look at how to add a button that allows you to pick customer.

New Zealand Tax Invoice Template
New Zealand Tax Billing Form

This template, New Zealand Tax Invoice Template, or New Zealand Tax Billing Form, is implemented in a way so that the prices does not including tax.

Sales Invoicing Format for Germany
Sales Invoicing Example for Germany
  1. Click the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  2. Click the cell for which you want to change / set the euro currency symbol, or drag your mouse to select multiple cells.
  3. Right-click one of the selected cell, choose "Format Cells" from the shortcut menu.
  4. On the "Number" tab, choose "Accounting" or "Currency" from the "Category" list.
  5. From the "Symbol" list, choose euro "€".
  6. Exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" worksheet.
  7. Save the template by clicking the "Save" button on Excel quick access toolbar.
Limousine Service Invoice
Limousine Service Bill

The 4 columns on the service detail section are "Description", "Hours", "Price" and "Total", where "Total" is calculated automatically from "Hours" and "Price" using Excel formula. While Microsoft Word and even Adobe Photoshop / AI is able to create beautiful invoicing forms too, Microsoft Excel wins when you need to do calculations.

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template (Landscape)
Plumbing Contractor Billing Template (Landscape)

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template (Landscape) is a variant of c2008 Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template. It differs from the original Excel invoice template in that the layout is suitable for printing on A4 paper in landscape orientation.

ABN Tax Invoice
ABN Tax Invoice Format

According to Australian Taxation Office, if your tax invoices meet the requirements for sales of $1,000 or more, you can also use them for sales of lesser amounts. So this template could be seen as a replacement of our original two formats. Furthermore, we redesigned the original "Taxable" checkboxes - in the original version, they are ActiveX controls; in this new version they are Excel / Office form controls. With the development of Microsoft Office / Excel, it seems that form controls get better support than old ActiveX controls. We've also moved all the "Taxable" controls into the printable forms, so that they will be included when printed (see the screenshot images below), or be included when you are generating PDF invoice (see all PDF invoice templates here on