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Invoice with Remittance Slip
Invoice Sample with Remittance Letter

This free sample invoice template in Excel format demonstrates how to add a remittance slip to the bottom of an existing invoicing template. The remittance slip / letter is printable with the invoice, so that the customer can be detached and sent along with the check.

Contractor Invoices with Remittance-slip
Contractor Invoices with Remittance-slip

This contractor invoice does not include fields for shipping goods. For more billing samples for contractors, visit contractor invoices.

The duplicate "Bill To" section is created simply using Excel formula. For example, "Client Name" ($F$39) is filled with the Excel formula "=oknWhoName", where "oknWhoName" is the cell name / range name for a cell inside the "Bill To" section; similarly, "Address" ($F$40) is filled with the Excel formula "=oknWhoAddress", where "oknWhoAddress" is also the name of a cell inside the "Bill To" section. All these fields within the remittance slip section are filled automatically whenever you pick up a client manually, or with the on-sheet picker button, or by entering the client# into the "Customer#" field directly.

Law Firm Invoice Template
Law Office Billing Sample

With c5067 Attorney Invoice Template / Attorney Billing Statement (South Africa Currency) we provided a general sample for attorney invoices which includes special fields that are not found in the standard invoice template included in Invoice Manager for Excel, i.e. "case#", "Case Reference", and also a "Date" column that allows you to detail the date the invoiced law service performed.

Web-hosting Invoicing Template
Web-hosting Billing Form

The template has 6 lines on the invoice body. If you enter a description, the amount cell shows the word 'Free'. If you enter the actual amount in the cell outside the print area, the entered amount appears in the print area. This feature makes it possible for you to clearly display the word 'FREE' for the products or services you offered for free.

Contractor Billing Format
Contractor Billing Format

Contractor Billing Format differs from other templates here in that it itemizes "service" and "expense" in two separate sections on the invoice detail section. Each section has a different tax (including tax name and tax rate) applied.

Catering Invoice Template
Catering Invoice Template

However, if you don't have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, you should go to design mode manually in order to replace the default logo image that has the text "" on it.

Engineering Invoice Template
Engineering Billing Template

On the bottom of the invoicing form, the section starting with the label "Payment" is designed for hand writing - it will not be included in the invoice that you'll send to your customer.

Welder Invoicing Template
Welder Invoicing Template

The discount field, which is titled with "MARKDOWN" on the bottom of the Invoice worksheet, is an amount value. If it is filled, the amount will be deducted from the total of the invoice. The insurance field is also an amount value, which is added to the invoice total. Both the markdown and the insurance fields are custom fields that are added to the Invoice Header database table - they are not defined in the default invoice template that are shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel.

Notary Invoice Template
Notary Invoice Template

This implementation of Notary Invoice Template / Notary Billing Template by has one tax presented on the bottom of the form, which is named "TAX". If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel edition of this free invoice template, you can easily change the tax name and rate, and even the number of taxes appear on the form.

Musician Invoice Template
Musician Billing Format

The formula assigned to the "Amount" field is like this:

With this formula, if you enter a non-zero value into the "Amount saved to DB" column outside the printable area, the "amount" field inside the printable area shows the value normally; if the entered value is zero, then the corresponding cell inside the printable section shows the text "FREE". With this mechanism, a musician or artist is able to clearly list gift with no charges on invoices, and the client who is invoiced is able to know that he received something for free.

Canadian Invoice Template with HST
Canadian Billing Form with HST

Like the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel setup program, the price on this template excludes tax. Unlike the default invoice template, this template details the tax amount for each invoicing item. This is done by using Excel formulas.

Bill Format for Computer Repair Service
Invoicing Template for Computer Repair Service

On the heading section, there are spaces for a logo image, your computer repair business information, a big text title "INVOICE" indicating the type of this document, and also the two most important fields for any invoice - the invoice# and invoice date cells. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, our invoicing software app is able to generate increment and unique invoice numbers based on a counter inside database. This "auto numbering" feature is a huge time-saving functionality as you don't have to manually create and track used invoice numbers again.

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template (Landscape)
Plumbing Contractor Billing Template (Landscape)

To make the invoice form still being printable on single page, 6 lines were removed / hide from the invoice detail section.

New Zealand Tax Invoice Template
New Zealand Tax Billing Form

As a Excel-based template, it is easy to implement the auto-calculation of tax by using formulas.

The template has 4 columns on the invoice detail section - Quantity, Description, Unit Price, Line Total. The form includes a shipping address section so that you can fill it if necessary. Like most templates here on, the New Zealand Tax Billing Form also includes logo image placeholder, which you can replace with your own logo image.

3-Page Invoice Template
3-Page Invoicing Format

The layout of this template, like the previous 2-page sample, basically keep the style of the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. However, there are 3 custom fields added to the bottom of the invoicing form, "Labor Hours" (cell name oknLaborQuantity, at $I$83), "labor hourly rate" (cell name oknLaborUnitPrice, at $J$83) and "Labor Total" (cell name oknLaborTotal, at $K$83). These 3 fields are custom fields added to the "Invoice Header" database table.

Modeling Bill Format
Modeling Bill Format

This "One Tax Column, No Shipping Address" invoice template is a variant of Invoice Template with Tax Column.