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Bill of Sales Template

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Bill of Sales Template (IMFE Edition)


This free bill of sale template for vehicle provides an Excel form that enables you to details the Make, Year, VIN#, Odometer Reading, Model or Series, Color, Style and Title#, as well as the information about the buyer and seller.

The form layout of this template mimics the Motor vehicle bill of sale for Microsoft Word (feel free to see our topic on Word invoice templates). Our template in Microsoft Excel has exactly the same layout design, but it was transplanted to Excel spreadsheet format. Like other templates here on, all fillable fields are properly named, to make sure this template works with Invoice Manager for Excel.

A bill of sale is used not only when transferring vehicle ownership. Whenever a property is sold, you can use a bill of sale. For example, The web site offers a wizard that allows you create a bill of sale for motor vehicle, trailer, boat / watercraft, animal and other properties. Note that each state has its own requirements for a bill of sale, so the second step on the Legal Contracts web site is to choose where the property is located.

According to, "A bill of sale is a type of receipt used to transfer the ownership of an item. It typically includes important information about the purchase such as the names of the buyer and seller, contact information, item description, item price, payment methods and warranty details. As a seller or purchaser, you can use a bill of sale for a used car, or for any other personal property such as a laptop or bike."

If you are selling a vehicle privately, the web site could help you too. You can choose forms by state (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona ...) or by type (Motor Vehicle, Aircraft / Airplane, ATV, Bicycle, Boat, Business ...). For selling motor vehicle, they provides suggestions from the beginning (negotiate the terms) to the final registration.

Not every state requires you to complete a bill of sale when finalizing a vehicle transaction. However, no state prohibits you from completing a bill of sale either. Visit Bill of Sale Form on for more information on this topic.

On our form design, the fields on the bottom table, such as "Date signed", "Seller", "Buyer", "In the presence of (Witness)" and "Print name of witness", are not named fields for Invoice Manager for Excel. They are designed for handwriting only.

Format and Specification

Template# c1006
Name Bill of Sales Template
Category Receipt Template
Release Date Sunday, September 10, 2017
Format (XLS or XLSX) .xlsx
Feature Gallery
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System Windows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.