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Cash Payment Voucher Template
Cash Payment Voucher Template

The download page offers both a freeware edition and a Invoice Manager for Excel edition of this cash payment voucher template and receipt template. The two free templates has exactly the same layout and format, except that the Invoice Manager for Excel has many buttons on it that will be functional and go alive once you install Invoice Manager for Excel. A PDF version of this cash payment voucher template could also be downloaded here.

Blank Cash Receipt
Blank Cash Receipt Sample

If you create receipts frequently for the cash payments received, it is easier to use a template and print receipts using a printer. This free Blank Cash Receipt template offers a sample of blank cash receipt.

Bill Format with Change Calculation
Invoice Template with Change Calculation

This simple invoice template and bill format demonstrates how you can add the feature of change calculation to an existing form design by using Excel formulas. This could be useful for businesses who receive payments in cash frequently.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (1)
Receipt Template for Gold Shop (1)

Receipt Template for Gold Shop is a free blank receipt template and cash receipt template designed especially for gold shop. The template has a Rate field outside of printable receipt form, with which you can specify the current unit price of gold.

Customization of Standard Fields
Customization of Standard Database Fields

Standard fields are those that already created in the default database file shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (UIS), as opposed to custom fields (i.e. user-defined fields) which you should create yourself. This template demonstrates how to change the definition of standard fields.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Sales)
Five Price Percentage Levels (Sales)

This template uses the same database structure and field definition as the original version, but changes the meaning of the fields. The 5 prices field in the original database definition are decimal (15,6) which is enough for storing a percentage value. In this implementation offered by, the first price custom field (Discount Price A) is used as the base price, and the other 4 prices (from Discount Price B to Discount Price E) are used to store discount percentage values. For example, in the sample database attached with this template, product "ABC-01" has 5 custom fields defined for prices, named from "Discount Price A" to "Discount Price E", and the values are 19.00, 0.11, 0.21, 0.31 and 0.41. If the discount level of a customer is 1 and he purchases the product "AB-01", the base price (19.00) will be applied; If the customer's discount level is 3, the discount will be 0.21 (i.e. 21%), the applied price will be 19 * (1-0.21) = 15.01.

Hotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler
Hotel Bill Layout with Satisfied Business Traveler

On the bottom of the form, besides the usual "Subtotal", "Tax" and "Total" fields, it also adds space for "Cashier's Signature" (this is for printing purpose only - not a field saved to database), and "Guest's Signature", with a declaration like "I agree that my liability for this bill is not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event that the indicated person, company or association fails to pay for any part or the full amount of the these charges".

Invoicing Format for Bakery and Cake Shop
Invoicing Template for Bakery and Cake Shop

With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, to simplify invoice creation, you can use the "Product" database table and assign each product / item a shortcut code (the "Product ID" field). When creating invoices, you simply type in the item# into the cell to retrieve the full description and unit price, so that you don't have to type in the same text again and again.

UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keys
Standard Invoice Format and Shortcut Keys for UIS Version 5.11

The default or standard invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel version 3 or earlier contains buttons on the worksheets, which are implemented using ActiveX controls. With version 4, a contextual task pane is added to each worksheet, which contains commands available to each sheet, and the ActiveX command buttons were removed from the default template shipped with UIS - however command buttons implemented with ActiveX technique are still supported.

Generic Service Invoice Template
Generic Service Billing Form

This free generic service invoice template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format helps you send your customers their service invoices. The professional designed layout makes it easy to bill your customer. It features 3 columns, no shipping address, no taxes (configurable by using Invoice Manager for Excel).

Designer Invoice Template (Gray)
Designer Billing Form (Gray)

Designer Invoice Template (Gray) or Designer Billing Form (Gray) replace red and blue in the original designer invoice format with gray colors. Download and create nice bills with this template, or use it as a starting point of designing your own designer billing template.

Travel Service Bill Format
Travel Agency Invoice Template

Make sure you have installed Invoice Manager for Excel to make this Travel Service Bill Format a powerful travel service invoice creator / maker. Some travel agencies and companies use manual books to prepare travel service invoices / receipts for their customers and several are using software and other advanced techniques for this purpose. Using a template has its advantage - it is able to produce beautiful and professional invoices and receipts like many complex accounting / billing systems, yet it is easy to use - you can create travel invoice / receipt just like filling a blank paper form. With the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template, you can not only print the invoice, but also easily convert it to Adobe PDF format.

Designer Billing Format (Blue)
Designer Billing Form (Blue)

If you are a web designer looking for web design billing template, or a graphic designer looking for graphic design billing template, you might why some invoicing system, even those complex ones, lack options for customizing their invoice format and layout. This designer invoicing format, which you can download for free - either the freeware edition, or the Invoice Manager for Excel edition, demonstrates how easy it is to change a bill design in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. By simply change the colors of an spreadsheet, it gives a complete different look and feel. Whether you are a freelancer or a small / home business, you can make your invoices look beautiful and professional by using our templates. As an invoice design inspiration, is providing another sample designer invoicing format for free, which is Designer Billing Form (Gray).

Packing Slip Template
Packing Slip Format

Note on the bottom of the form there is a "Notes" field. This is a free-form text field that you can enter any additional information not detailed elsewhere on the packing slip.

Lawn Care Invoice Template
Lawn Care Bill Format

The template has space for you to put your own logo image on the top-left corner. Next to that is your lawn care business name, address, contact number, email and web address. On the top-right-corner, you'll see the invoice date, invoice # and customer (client) # fields. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, to create a new invoice you simply click the "Clear & New" button on the task pane or on the top of the form. The "Clear & New" command clears the form, fills in some default values like invoice date, payment term, sales rep. name, default tax names and rates. The invoice# (Invoice ID) field is filled automatically if left blank when you click "Save Invoice" (or "Save To DB").

Blank Service Invoicing Template
Blank Service Billing Form

If you are handy with Excel, you could also try modifying one of the templates listed on the right. This template is an excellent starting point for creating your own company's invoicing form. The template is offered free of charge. This customized design provides form fields for invoice numbers, date, order information, billing information and a table for including product or service information and dollar amounts. Suitable for general small business use, the form provides space for inserting a company logo on the top of the form. Someone may like to place the logo on the bottom of the page, the steps is to first unprotect the spreadsheet, and then switch to design mode, and then move the logo image, as detailed below.