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Blank Cash Receipt
Blank Cash Receipt Sample

Many point-of-sale terminals or cash registers automatically produce receipts. If you are not using these devices but is asked to provide a receipt when you receive a payment from a customer, you can write it by hand or in a more professional way, print one by using a template, which could include your company logo, letter header, as well as the ability of auto-calculation of subtotals, taxes, grand totals, as what we implemented in this sample. Hand-written or hand-completed receipts are suitable for infrequent or irregular transactions, or for transactions conducted in the absence of a terminal, cash register or point of sale: for example, as provided by a landlord to a tenant to record the receipt of rent.If you are providing invoices to your customers and clients, usually you don't need a separate receipt template. You could just stamp or write "Paid" in big letters on a copy of the Invoice. If you use Invoice Manager for Excel, the status of an invoice (Pending, Paid or Voided) is marked automatically. I.e. if the balance due is zero the invoice is marked as paid. Invoice Manager for Excel is able to keep records of your customers, products (items), invoices and payments. With Invoice Manager for Excel, you work within your invoice spreadsheet, but have all the powerful features accessible from Excel ribbon and task pane. Further more, you have all the familiar Excel tools for customizing the receipt format and layout, such as changing fonts, colors, borders, fill patterns. If you are an Excel guru, advanced customizations are also possible, such as add new features using Excel macros or define the relationship between cells by using Excel formulas. All the templates available here on are created by our self, and they work with Invoice Manager for Excel. They are pure Excel formats and templates without macros attached, and are not locked with a password. This enables you to tweak the template in the way you like.

Sample Sales Invoice Template 2
Sample Sales Invoice Form 2

To remove the formulas from the line total cells, first drag your mouse to select all the cells, and then hit DEL key on your keyboard.

Simple 2-Column Sales Invoice Sample
Simple 2-Column Sales Invoice Sample

This general template does not contains the section for shipping address fields, assuming shipping address are the same as the "bill to" address. However, "Ship Date", "Ship Method", and the field for you to enter shipping cost are still left on the invoice form, that's why we at categorize it as sales invoicing forms, but not a template for services.

Blank Sales Invoice Layout (Two-tax)
Blank Sales Invoice Sample (Two-tax)

This two taxes invoice sample was created based on c2019 Blank Sales Invoice Format (One-tax). This customized template has similar layout as the original version, but differs from the original in that it has two taxes.

Blank Sales Invoice Format (One-tax)
Blank Sales Invoice Format (One-tax)

With this sample template, the "Ship To" fields are moved back into the printable invoicing form. The default "Ship To" fields includes Name, Address, City State and ZIP, Country and Contact.

Cash Payment Voucher Template
Cash Voucher Template

Cash Payment Voucher Template is a sample voucher template created from Excel Payment Voucher Template and Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop). Draft beautiful and professional cash payment vouchers with this blank cash payment voucher template.

Sample Sales Invoice Template: Fixed Items
Sales Template with Fixed Items

"Sample Sales Invoice Template: Fixed Items" is a sample invoice that demonstrates how to use fixed or static product items on the body part of the printable invoice form. It is a sales template thus including shipping fields.

Job Invoice Sample
Job Billing Sample

Job Invoice Sample provides a service bill template sample that has a special look and feel in style and format as compared to most invoicing templates available here on

Five Price Percentage Levels (Sales, Custom Column)
Five Price Percentage Levels (Sales, Custom Column)

Custom Field is a concept introduced by Invoice Manager for Excel, which refers to the fields that are not defined in the default database structure of Invoice Manager for Excel. For example, for an invoice selling clothes you may like a "Size" column on the invoice body to indicate the size of the invoicing item, but the "Size" field does not exist in the default database definition. In this case, you can add it as a custom field in both the Product and Invoice Body database table, so that when you pick up a product on creating an invoice, the size field filled in automatically along with the description, price and product #, and when you save an invoice, the size field is saved too.

Appliance Repair Service Bill Template
Appliance Repair Service Invoice Template

This template was originally published on our company web site with the template# "c5-020". We now revisited it and fine tune the form layout it here on, and released it with the corresponding template# "c5020", and with a new template title Appliance Repair Service Bill Template.

Netherlands Sales Invoice Template 2
Netherlands Sales Invoice Template 2

This template adhere to the above requirement statements. In addition to the fields defined in the c6009 Netherland Sales Invoicing Sample, this VAT invoicing Format (Netherland Sales Billing Form 2) also defined a new field VatID in both the Customer and Invoice Header database tables, which is implemented as a custom field.

Simple Sample - Separate City State ZIP
Simple Invoice Template - Separate City State ZIP

The default invoice template stores "City, State and ZIP" in two separate fields. This customization sample of our simple invoice templates demonstrate how to store it in 3 separate fields using custom fields.

Billing Invoice Template
Billing Invoice Template

The directly base template of this form design is the default template (also called standard template) shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel v 5.23.

Five Price Levels (Service, Amount, Custom Column)
Five Price Levels (Service, Amount, Custom Column)

This seventh sample in the multiple-price or multiple-discount serial has no shipping fields in the printable section, and the prices are set in amount (instead of percentage).