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Commercial Invoice for Export in Excel
Commercial Invoice for Export in Excel

Note: This free Commercial Invoicing Template was original published on our company site,, with the ID number c7011.

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, the commercial invoicing template helps you create professional and beautiful invoices with quick and easy. However if you are a corporation we highly recommend the Invoice Manager for Excel version. With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, the commercial invoicing form becomes a powerful invoicing system, with the ability to manager customers, products, invoices and payments.

Commercial Invoice for Shipping
Commercial Invoice for shipment

This commercial invoice for shipping added a number of custom fields to meet the requirements of international shipment.

This template also includes the "harm.code" column, as described in c7015 Commercial Invoice for Export in Excel, which is one of our samples for commercial invoice templates. If you need more columns, consider c7037 Commercial Invoice for International Shipping.

Blank Commercial Invoice Template
Blank Commercial Billing Form

Before using this Blank Commercial Invoice Template, you should replace the default logo image with your own.

Commercial Invoice for International Shipping
Commercial Invoice for International Shipping

The international shipping companies have their own styles too, we've even created some of the layouts in editable Microsoft Excel format. For example, here you can find the UPS Style, FedEx Style, FedEx Style (Landscape). To find more sample templates for customs and foreign trade, visit our commercial invoice templates.

Commercial Invoice - FedEx Style (Landscape)
Commercial Invoice Format - FedEx Style (Landscape)

As detailed on the FedEx web site, all shipments / freight must be accompanied by a FedEx International Air Waybill & two duplicate copies of commercial invoices. With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, printing of two copies of your commercial invoices could be done with a single click of mouse. Go to the Print tab on the Settings window to find all the printing options. All forms available here on are printable and fillable. You can adjust the printing and paper options by using Excel's own features too - for example, by choosing the options on Excel's Page Layout tab.

Debit Note Template
Debit Note Template

This debit note template contains regular fields that are seen in the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. In addition to that, it also contains two custom fields - Agent and Ref#, as well as a custom column UOM (Unit of Measure). Agent and Ref# are custom fields that are added to Invoice Header database table, and the UOM field is a custom field that is added to both the Product and Invoice Body database table.

Credit Memo Template
Credit Note Template

The difference between credit note and invoice lies not mainly in the form layout. A credit note or credit memo reduce the amount that a buyer owns a seller, which is exactly the opposite of what an invoice does.

Notary Invoice Template
Notary Billing Template

This implementation of Notary Invoice Template / Notary Billing Template by has one tax presented on the bottom of the form, which is named "TAX". If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel edition of this free invoice template, you can easily change the tax name and rate, and even the number of taxes appear on the form.

Job Invoice Sample
Job Billing Sample

Since this is a service bill sample, it does not include the shipping address fields that could be found on the default template included in Invoice Manager for Excel (UIS) installer program. However, the most obvious characteristic of this sample design is that, while at your first glance, it uses a very special font style and size. For this reason, this Job Billing Sample was also provided as a sample of customization when it was first published on

Basic Blank Service Invoicing Format (One-tax, Long Description)
Basic Blank Service Invoicing Layout (One-tax, Long Description)

As a sample on how to customize the invoice template for Invoice Manager for Excel, let's see how this invoice template is created based on Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax).

First, open the invoice template "Basic Blank Service Invoicing Format (One-tax, Long Description)" as usual.

Form with Product Category
Template with Product Category

However the support for custom fields in Invoice Manager for Excel makes overcoming this limitation easy and quick. What you need to do is to add the custom field "Product Category" to the invoice body database table, and then name a column of cells where you want to display the category when creating an invoice - in this sample, we don't want to show product category on printed invoices, so the product category column is defined outside the printable area.

Limousine Service Invoice
Limousine Service Bill

This free limousine service invoice template / limousine service bill sample includes a number of custom fields added both to the Excel form and underlying Microsoft Access database to meet the special business requirements of limousine services.

Job Estimate Template for Excel
Job Estimate Template for Excel

While in the Estimate Templates gallery we've already published several templates that could be used for estimating and quoting purpose, like the General Estimate Template and Telecom Consultant Estimation Template, this template differs from other in the number of columns and the layout of the form itself.

Jewelry Receipt Template
Jewelry Receipt Template

This template features a watermark / background of jewellery. Unlock templates in Microsoft Word (".doc" or ".docx" files), where you can make the watermark / background visible even in the editing mode, the background added to an Excel worksheet is not visible in the editing mode. It takes effect only on the printed document, or the PDF invoices generated with UIS. This makes the form as clean as possible when you need to fill in data.