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Download this if you have already installed the Microsoft Store edition of Invoice Manager for Excel, and are looking for additional customized templates.

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Download this if you want this design to be set as the default template by the installer program.

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The printed version.

Construction Proposal Template

Open the template in Excel.

Construction Proposal Template (IMFE Edition)


Construction Proposal Template allows you to create a customized proposal or contract for your construction or building project. The template has 1 column on the body part and calculations must be done manually.

The construction proposal template offers an intuitive blank form for you to fill in the details of your contract or proposal. It can be used by a subcontractor or a supplier. The form does not calculate totals, giving you the ability of filling in figures manually.

The sample building proposal template was original released as an example of customizing the default sales invoice template shipping with Invoice Manager for Excel. It looks very different from the original template, yet Invoice Manager for Excel can handle this form without problem. The construction proposal template is in Microsoft Excel format. It can be used as a construction bid proposal template. Microsoft word construction proposal template, on the other hand, while as easy as the Excel format on formatting a contract or proposal, lacks the ability to further processes numbers and figures as Excel. offers this as a construction proposal template free download. As always, the contractor proposal template also has a Invoice Manager for Excel version, which you can download for free from the download page too. The free construction estimate template or construction contract template has many static text labels on it, which you must replace with your own text before you can create your first construction proposal, contract or estimate. To do this, you first have to unprotect the Invoice worksheet.

Once the construction proposal form is unprotected, you start to type in your text to replace the default labels. Once finished, you have a simple yet effective tool for creating your professional and beautiful construction proposal / contract / estimate that is specific to you and your business.

Format and Specification

NameConstruction Proposal Template
CategoryOther Invoice Template
Release DateFriday, December 13, 2013
Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Feature Gallery
Line Height (Points)13.50
Print Area$F$3:$M$59
Papaer Size / OrientationPortrait
Default Margins (Points)
PriceFree (0.00USD)
SystemWindows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.

Update History

August 25, 2016

  • Upgraded to UIS ver 4 style by removing all "look for an item" icon buttons as this feature is now provided by the on-sheet picker.
  • Excel theme-based colors.

November 1, 2018

  • Replaced all reports with the ones in the default template shipped with Invoice Manager v7.11.
  • Redefined the missing "Print_Area" name.

November 24, 2018

  • Replaced the "Quick Help Tutorial" section with an image.