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Sales Invoice Form in Croatian

Open the template in Excel.

Sales Invoice Form in Croatian (IMFE Edition)


This Croatian Invoice Template is translated from the standard invoice template (default template) shipped with Invoice Manager.

We've already published a service invoice template for Croatian VAT invoicing at Croatian Invoice Template (c5141). Unlike c5141, this format is suitable for sales invoicing, which means the form includes fields for shipping address.

Like the c5156 Turkish version and the c5157 Italian version, only the text inside the printable area is translated. Visit Croatia invoice requirements and VAT invoicing rules for VAT invoicing requirements in Croatia. See this document for more information on basic rules and techniques of customization.

English Croatian
invoice dostavnica
Your Company Name Naziv tvrtke
Street Address Adresa ulice
City, ST ZIP Code Grad, ST Poštanski broj
Phone Number,Web Address, etc. Telefonski broj, web-adresa itd.
Client #: Klijent #:
BILL TO Bill to
Name Ime
Address Adresa
City, State ZIP Grad, država ZIP
Country Zemlja
Phone Telefon
Email E-mail
Contact Kontakt
Purchase Order# Narudžbenica #
Sales representative Name Prodajni predstavnik Ime
Ship date Datum slanja
Shipping Method Metoda slanja
Payment Term Rok plaćanja
Due Date Datum dospijeća
Product ID Identifikacijski broj proizvoda
# / Taxable # / Oporezivo
Description Opis
Quantity Količina
Unit Price Jedinična cijena
Line total Ukupni redak
Subtotal suma stavke
tax porez
Shipping Cost Troškovi dostave
Total ukupno
Paid plaćen
Total Due Ukupni trošak
Notes: Bilješke:
THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Hvala vam na poslovanju
Purchase Order Narudžbenica
Purchase Order #: Narudžbenica #:
Supplier #: Dobavljač #:
Quote #: Citat #:
Client #: Klijent #:
Tax 1 Porez 1
Tax 2 Porez 2

Format and Specification

Template# c5158
Name Sales Invoice Form in Croatian
Category Sales Invoice Template
Release Date Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Format (XLS or XLSX) .xlsx
Feature Gallery
Columns 5
Lines 12
Line Height (Points) 18.00
Print Area $D$4:$L$47
Papaer Size / Orientation Portrait
Default Margins (Points)
Left 18.00
Right 18.00
Top 75.60
Bottom 75.60
Price Free (0.00 USD)
System Windows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.