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The template works with both the Microsoft Store edition and the desktop edition of the app. Make sure you have installed one of them.

How to use:

  1. Download the EXE package.
  2. Double-click to extract the files into a folder. Make sure you have full access privileges to the folder, such as a subfolder inside “My Documents”.
  3. Open the template.
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Customer Value Based Pricing


This template demonstrates how to do special customer pricing based on customer values or types. By default, this form design classifies clients into Distributor, Wholesale, Retail, individual, and Special categories.

If you have many customers, it is likely you need to offer different prices to different types of customers, such as distributor, wholesale, retail, individual, or even special pricing. This template provides a sample of how to implement customer-type-based price levels.

By utilizing custom fields, the default template shipped with our app was modified (customized) to implement the following:

  • For each customer, you can set its price type to one of the following:
    • "distributor"
    • "wholesale"
    • "retail"
    • "individual"
    • "special"
  • For each product, you can set four prices:
    • "distributor"
    • "wholesale"
    • "retail"
    • "individual"
  • When creating an invoice, the price type is loaded on the form when you select a customer. It is allowed to modify the price type for this customer. This information is not included in the printed results.
  • When selecting a product or service item using Excel formulas, one of the four prices of the current item is chosen according to the customer's price type.
  • If the price level is "Special", the template allows you to manually enter a price for the current product or service item. This is necessary if the customer is very special, say, an employee of your company.

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