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Download this if you have already installed the Microsoft Store edition of Invoice Manager for Excel, and are looking for additional customized templates.

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Download this if you want this design to be set as the default template by the installer program.

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The printed version.

Invoicing Template in Euros

Open the template in Excel.

Invoicing Template in Euros (IMFE Edition)


Download this free simple VAT invoice template in Excel format for invoicing in Euros. This design has a similar layout as the German version. The differences are that all labels are in English, and it shows the Euro symbol on cells, and also has a Euro watermark on the form.

This template has one single tax named "VAT" set by default. To change the tax name or rate using Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our invoicing software program that enhances any Excel invoicing template here on InvoicingTemplate to be a complete invoicing system, first click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, go to the "Taxes" tab and then choose the number of taxes applied to this form, the names of the taxes, and the rates of the taxes. You can also enable options like "Tax invoice total including shipping cost" etc. Make sure you click the "Apply" button after modifying the taxing options, otherwise the template layout won't be changed according to the options you choose. If you accept the changes after verifying the form, click the "Save" button on Excel quick access tool bar to make the changes persistent. For more customization samples on VAT, visit VAT invoicing templates. Also refer to VAT invoicing rules on EU Taxation and customs union / European Commission.

As a simple customized sample of VAT invoice created for Germany (See c4098 Sales Invoicing Format for Germany and Service Billing Template for Germany), we make the currency symbol shown for the appropriate cells. This customization is easy and simple. If you are interesting in the details, here is how.

  1. Backup the template before you modifying the template.
  2. Click the "Design Mode" button. This unprotect the sheet, show gridlines and row / column headings.
  3. Click to select the cell that you want to show a currency symbol. Or, if you want to make the change for multiple cells, push CTRL key on keyboard and click each cell one by one.
  4. Right-click one of the selected cell and choose "Format Cells" from Excel shortcut menu.
  5. On the "Number" tab, choose "Accounting" from the "Category" list, make sure "Decimal Place" is "2", and from the "Symbol" list choose Euro.
  6. Once done, click the "Design Mode" button again to exit design mode.
  7. Save the template by clicking the "Save" button on Microsoft Excel quick access toolbar.

As you can see, with Microsoft Excel it is fairly easy to change the format and layout of a form design. While there are many other templates available for billing and invoicing, like Microsoft Word or Publisher, Google Docs,, even HTML + CSS or Photoshop, it is much easier to do formatting with Microsoft Excel.

Another feature of this template is the watermark / background image that shows the euro symbol. This is a PNG image set to 15% opacity to make sure the foreground text are clear and visible. This watermark image is added using Excel "Page Setup" dialog box as a header image. In exactly the same way, you can place your own business logo image or other pictures and images that are very special and important to your business, such as your office, your sales team, etc. The imagination is endless!

Format and Specification

Template# c4100
Name Invoicing Template in Euros
Category Sales Invoice Template
Release Date Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Format (XLS or XLSX) .xlsx
Feature Gallery
Columns 4
Lines 12
Line Height (Points) 19.50
Print Area $G$3:$O$43
Papaer Size / Orientation Portrait
Default Margins (Points)
Left 18.00
Right 18.00
Top 75.60
Bottom 75.60
Price Free (0.00 USD)
System Windows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.

Update History

May 3, 2017

  • Unlocked the VAT# cell so that it is editable even when the template is protected.

September 19, 2018

  • Updated the built-in document properties for euro.xlsx.