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When you click the "Save Invoice" or "Save To DB" button, Invoice Manager for Excel generates a unique, sequential and progressive (increment) invoice / receipt number if the cell is left blank. This automatic numbering generator is based on a counter stored in the backend database. You can set the "Next Number", "Prefix" and "Numbers of Digits in ID" options on the "Database" tab of "Settings" window. Without Invoice Manager for Excel, you have to use Excel macros, as detailed on Generate invoice numbers in Excel, or at Excel - A macro to perform the automatic numbering of invoices.

Here are our templates closely related to Excel Invoice Template With Automatic Numbering.

Receipt Sample for Seafood Restaurant
Receipt Template for Seafood Restaurant

Are you running a restaurant that is specialized in seafood? Use this receipt sample in Excel spreadsheet format as your restaurant receipt generator. This sample blank food bill template features a background watermark filled with seafood and tableware.

Service Billing Template for Germany
Service Billing Template for Germany

Here on we adhere to a simple rule to distinguish sales vs. service - i.e. if the Excel spreadsheet template has the "Shipping Address" section, it is categorized as sales invoicing template; otherwise it is a service invoicing template.

Soccer Shop Invoice Template
Soccer Shop Invoice Template

On we're providing this template in two formats, i.e. the Invoice Manager for Excel (UIS) edition with all the UIS-enabled buttons on it, such as "Customers", "Products", "Invoices" and "Reports" etc.; and another freeware edition, which is a pure-Excel workbook file.

Bricklayer Invoice Template
Bricklaying Bill Form

On the top of the sheet, your business name, address and contact details are right-aligned, leaving space for the bricklayer image. Under that is the required fields, "invoice#" and "invoice date". If you use Invoice Manager for Excel, a unique invoice# number will be generated automatically when you choose to save an invoice, see automatic invoice numbering for more information on this. The invoice date could also be filled by Invoice Manager for Excel when you click "Clear & New".

Invoice Format for HR Consultancy
Invoice Format for HR Consultancy

Are you a HR consultancy or human resource consult? Try this professional invoice template designed for consulting. It is featured with a custom field "Company Name" in the "Bill To" section. The usual "Sales Rep Name" field is now titled with " Consultant Name", which enables you to pick a consultant from a list.

Simple Sample - Default Value
Simple Sample - Editable Default Value
  • Before you begin, make sure you have created a backup copy of the template, so that you can restore to a working version easy.
  • Open the template.
  • Switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  • Choose an empty (not used) area outside of the printable invoice form to place the editable field. In this sample, we choose Q30:U37. Click the "Merge and Center" button on Excel "Home" ribbon tab.
  • Name this cell "oknDescriptionManual".
  • Click to select the first "Description" cell on the invoice detail section.
  • Add formula for this cell:
    =IF(oknDescriptionManual="","Print documents, A4 paper",oknDescriptionManual)

    This formula means that, if "oknDescriptionManual" is empty, then show the default value "Print documents, A4 paper"; otherwise show the text from the "oknDescriptionManual" cell.

  • Click the "Design Mode" button again to exit design mode. Starting from Invoice Manager for Excel version 5.25, the "Design Mode" button takes care of the "locked" property so that you don't have worry about this.
  • Click the "Invoices" button on the ribbon tab.
  • Click "Custom Fields".
  • Click "Add Field".
  • Input new field information - name: DescriptionManual; size: 100.
  • Click "OK".
  • Close other windows.
  • By define the manually editable fields as a custom field, we make sure it is saved to the backend Access (or SQL Server) database whenever an invoice is saved. This ensures the previously saved invoices could be completely restored at a later time.
Hotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler
Hotel Bill Layout with Satisfied Business Traveler

On the bottom of the form, besides the usual "Subtotal", "Tax" and "Total" fields, it also adds space for "Cashier's Signature" (this is for printing purpose only - not a field saved to database), and "Guest's Signature", with a declaration like "I agree that my liability for this bill is not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event that the indicated person, company or association fails to pay for any part or the full amount of the these charges".

Hotel Receipt Format with Blue Gradient Design
Hotel Receipt with Blue Gradient Bar
  1. Backup the template (as always).
  2. Switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. All the template here on Invoicing Template are protected by default, but with no password set. The purpose of enabling protection is to prevent end users from altering the design of the template accidently.
  3. Select all the cells on the top line that we'll marge, in this case, $D$3:$N$3.
  4. On Excel "Home" ribbon tab, click "Merge and Center".
  5. Right-click the merged cell and choose "Format Cells".
  6. Switch to the "Fill" tab.
  7. Click "Fill Effects".
  8. From "Colors" section, choose "Two colors", make the "color 1" is white and "color 2" is blue.
  9. From "Shading Style" section choose "From corner".
  10. Click one of the fill effect from the "Variants" section.
  11. Click OK to close the "Fill Effects" dialog box.
  12. Click OK to close the "Format Cells" dialog box.
  13. "Your Hotel Name" is a placeholder for your hotel / business name. Before you can create your first invoice, you need to replace it with your business name.
  14. The "RECEIPT" title is now implemented as a text box. Compared to regular text on the spreadsheet form, adding text and label using text box gives you more options on formatting and placing text. Click to select the "RECEIPT" title, the "DRAWING TOOLS / Format" ribbon tab appears, where you have full control over the style and appearance of the text box. In this sample, we simply choose one of preset WordArt Style.
  15. Once you've done customization on the hotel receipt template, click "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" ribbon tab to exit design mode. This protect the "Invoice" worksheet and hide gridlines and row/column headings.
  16. Click the Save button on Excel quick access toolbar to save the template.
Sales Invoice Form with Discount Percentage
Sales Invoice Template - Discount Percentage

All templates available here on, including this Sales Form with Discount Percentage, are created based on the sales invoice template that is shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. Invoice Manager for Excel is our invoicing software that turns a simple Excel formatted invoice template to a powerful invoicing program with the ability to manage customers, products, payments and invoices.

Hotel Receipt Template
Hotel Invoice Template

This templates use several custom fields that are not found in the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. The definition of the custom fields could be found by a travel to the corresponding data edit form in Invoice Manager for Excel.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Service, Custom Column)
Form with 5 Price Levels

This is the eighth sample of the multiple-price serial invoice templates. The template uses percentage discounts, and has no shipping fields.

Korean Invoice Template
Korean Bill

This template translates the text labels into Korean. The base is the standard invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager installer program. All text inside the printable area is translated.

Standard Invoice Template in Greek
Greek Bill

This template (c5160) differs from the previous c4111 Greece VAT Invoice Template in that this template offers 5 columns on the detail section.

The following table shows all the text that are translated.

Australian GST Invoice Template
Australian GST Billing Form
  • the identity of the supplier, such as the business name at the top
  • the Australian business number (ABN) of the supplier at the top, near the supplier's identity
  • the date of issue of the tax invoice at the top, on the right hand side
  • that the document is intended as a tax invoice, such as including the words 'tax invoice' at the top
  • an invoice number shown prominently alongside the words 'tax invoice'
  • the purchaser's identity such as a name or ABN, for goods or services costing $1,000 or more
  • a unit description of each good or service supplied, including quantities - it is optional to include item numbers, and
  • the GST exclusive price, the GST amount and the GST inclusive price for each item, together with the totals for these, vertically in the bottom right hand corner.
Consulting Invoice Template (2nd Sample of Customization)
Consulting (2nd Sample)

While it's understandable to have so many invoice templates in the similar color style, your business is different and special, so without doubt it is better to have a special invoice design that meets your business style and requirements. In addition to changing company details and replacing the logo image on the top of the invoice form, applying a new color theme is an easy and quick way to let your invoices stand out. So, here is the steps to quickly change the color palette in Excel 2010 to apply a new color to the consultant invoice template.

Esperanto Invoice
Esperanto Bill

Have you ever wanted to create your invoices in Esperanto? Install this Esperanto Invoice Template in Excel spreadsheet format to easily turn our Invoicing program (i.e. Invoice Manager) to Esperanto invoicing software.

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column
Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column

Like all the other sample invoice templates here on Invoicing Templates, Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column is also created from the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. In order to create this 6-column invoice layout, we need to adjust the existing 5-column invoice layout to leave space for the additional column.

Standard Invoice in Italian
Bill Format in Italian

The text labels on the "Invoice" worksheet are translated using an online tool. The command buttons on the Excel sheet remain in English. Here is all the text that are translated.

Australian GST Invoice Template (2)
Australian GST Invoice Template (2)

Now you can set the conditional formatting for the "GST Amount" cells. Click to select the first GST Amount Cell located on Q20, on Excel ribbon click "Conditional Formatting" in the Styles group, and then choose Manage Rules. Click "New Rule..." and then Click "Use a formula to determine which cells to format" on the "Select a Rule Type" list. In the "Format Values where this formula is true" box, enter the formula "=AND(P20<>0, Q20=0)" (without the quotation marks). This formula means that the conditional formatting applies only when the P20 cell (which is a "Subtotal excl. GST" cell) is not zero and the Q20 cell (which is a "GST Amount" cell) is zero. Click the Format button to open the "Format Cells" dialog box. Go to the Number tab, and then click "Custom" on the "Category" list, enter the custom format string ";;-;" (without the quotation marks). This custom format means that, if the value is zero, display a "-" symbol. Click OK button to close all dialog boxes.

ABN Tax Invoice
ABN Tax Invoice

According to Australian Taxation Office, tax invoices for sales of $1,000 or more need to show the buyer's identity or ABN. These invoices are also called ABN tax invoices. This ABN tax invoice template include space for you to detail the ABN codes for your business.