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General Waybill
General Waybill

The waybill should be either inside of the packaging, or in an attached shipping packaging. A waybill document gives details and instructions relating to a shipment of goods and identify the contents of the package. It has close relationship with invoices, but unlike an invoice, typical packing slip does not show financial information. Because of this close relationship between waybills and invoices, some companies simply include a copy of the invoice in place of a waybill. However this may cause confusion, and does not provide all the necessary details about the content of a package. We created this free general waybill template (or general packing slip template) for you to simplify the creation of waybills.

Standard Invoice Template in Greek
Greek Bill

This template is translated directly from the standard invoice format shipped with Invoice Manager setup program. The text within the range "Print_Area" is translated using an online tool. All the other button captions and regular program windows (such as the "Settings" window) are still in English.

The following table shows all the text that are translated.

Korean Invoice Template
Korean Bill

Text outside of the printable area remains in English. See South Korea VAT compliance and rates for more information. The text labels translated are shown below.

Denmark Invoice Template
Danish Bill

Install this Denmark Invoice Template with Invoice Manager for Excel to turn it into a fully featured Danish invoicing tool.

With this sample template, we translate text inside the printable form into Danish using an online tool. Visit Denmark VAT Guide for Businesses, Bookkeeping, accounts and invoices and eInvoicing in Denmark for more information. The following chart shows the text translated.

Arabic Invoice Template
Arabic Bill

Unlike c5073 United Arab Emirates Invoice Template that keeps English text on the invoice sheet, this Arabic Invoice Template (c5163) translates the text inside the printable area into Arabic.

Esperanto Invoice
Esperanto Bill

Since the template is based on the standard invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager, it will support all the powerful features provided by Invoice Manager, such as storing data in database, automatic invoice numbering, etc. Whether you are a freelancer designer or sell goods, it offers all the required fields. The translation from English to Esperanto is done with an online tool. The text translated are shown below.

Consultant Bill Format
Consultant Bill Format

The template has 5 columns on the detail section. If you bill for hours worked, simply change the column headings from "QTY" and "Unit Price" to "Hours" and "Rate". See invoice templates for hours worked for more samples. You may also like to visit our topic page at Excel billing software.

General Service Invoice
General Service Invoice

This general service invoice template / bill form features a logo image, invoice# and date on top of the form. Next to it is the "Bill To" section. This Excel billing format features 5 columns - Date, Description, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount.

Television Service
Television Service

The "Bill To" section inside the printable section works in a different way than most templates here on All fields in this section are locked, which means they are not manually fillable on creating invoices once the sheet is protected.

Service Invoice with Payment Advice
Service Billing Template with Payment Advice

Although this is a very different format or layout than the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, the fact is that it is not so hard to customize default invoice form to create this one. The most important operation during the customization is the moving of cells and fields. Let's say you want to move the shipping section in the default sales invoice template out of the printable area, for example, here are the steps.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (2)
Receipt Template for Gold Shop (2)

The cash receipt templates here on calculates the line total of each item being sold by using the formula: Weight * Rate + Marking Charge. Both free receipt templates, Receipt Form for Gold Shop (1) and Receipt Form for Gold Shop (2), use the same formula for calculating line total.

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column
Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column

It's common practice to show discounts on invoices in many types of businesses. The easiest way, however, and also a flexible way, is to add the discount as a product or service item on the invoice body but with negative price or line total.

Simple Sample - Using Shape Object
Simple Sample - Using Shape Object

So you want your invoices stand out from the generic, like your business? It is actually easy with Excel and Invoice Manager for Excel. With this sample we create a free simple invoice template that uses shapes.

Welding and Fabrication Service Invoice Template
Welding and Fabrication Service Invoice Template

Like many other Excel spreadsheet invoicing forms online here on, this invoicing template has a default LOGO image on the top of the "Invoice" worksheet, which you should replace with your own image. To do this, you first unprotect the Invoice worksheet, switch to design mode.

VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Including Tax
VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Including Tax

VAT Service Invoicing Sample - Price Including Tax (c6013) is a direct variant of c6007 VAT Sales Invoicing Form - Price Including Tax. It differs from the original free invoicing Sample in that it the shipping address section is now labeled with Service Location.

Simple Sample - Building & Remodeling Invoice
Simple Sample - Building & Remodeling Service Invoice

With this simple template sample, we details the steps and process required to integrate a building and remodeling service invoicing template with UIS. The result of this tutorial is a ready-to-use template that is suitable for businesses who offer building, construction, design, remodeling services. Download and try this template for free if you are in this business!

Sample Service Invoice Template: Fixed Items
Service Template with Fixed Items

The only difference between this customized template and the original invoice template is that there are no shipping fields in the service invoice template, whereas the sales invoice template has shipping fields defined near the "Bill To" section.