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Freelance Invoice Template
Freelance Billing Template

On the top of the freelance invoice template, you see a logo image. This is a placeholder image that you should replace with your own image. Download the template and see the instructions included to find out how to do this. Next to the logo is your company or business information, including your company name, your name, address, telephone number and email address or web site address. If you client have any questions about the charges, contacting you should be as easy as possible. On the top-right section there is two required fields, the invoice# and invoicing date. If Invoice Manager for Excel - our invoicing software that is able to turn a simple Excel invoice template into a complete invoicing program, is installed, clicking on the "Clear & New" button will fill in the invoicing date automatically (as long as other usual fields such as sales person etc.), and an invoice# is generated automatically when you click "Save To DB". On the client section, you can detail the client's address. Make sure to include the name of the client's contact person who handles your account! A company with three employees can figure out what you're doing; but in big companies, invoices get misplaced, especially if there's confusion over who belongs to which project. So always fill in all the required information as detailed as possible.

Professional Freelance Bill
Professional Freelance Billing Format

All templates available here on are in Microsoft spreadsheet format, including this template - Professional Freelance Bill or Professional Freelance Billing Format. On the Internet you may find that there are freelance invoice template in Microsoft Word format or Google Docs too. But Excel formatted spreadsheet format has its unique features. For example, you can easily apply formulas to do calculations.

Freelance Writer Invoice
Freelance Writer Invoice

We've already published an invoice format for freelancers, at Freelance Invoice Template; and for a list of invoicing forms that could be used by freelancers like designers, developers etc., visit Freelance Invoice Template For Service Business, Graphic Design Freelance Invoice Template, Freelance Web Design Invoice Template, etc. Unlike Freelance Invoice Template, where the calculation of line totals are done by multiply "Hours * Hourly Rate", in this billing template sample Freelance Writer Invoice Template, the amount of each line is manually fillable - this means that it is more suitable for project or contract - based billing. You can find more invoice samples for hourly-rate based invoicing under the Service Invoice Template and Consulting Invoice Template.

Indonesian Invoice Template
Indonesia Invoice Template

This Indonesia Invoice Template translates text inside the printable form from English to Indonesian.

The basic form layout is still copied from the standard invoice shipped with Invoice Manager. The only changed option is its color scheme and the static text. The following tables shows both the Indonesian text and its original English text.

Invoicing Format for HVAC Service
A C invoice template

Note: An updated version, which includes a custom form for mechanical services business, is also available. Visit it at HVAC Service Invoice Template.

Korean Invoice Template
Korean Invoice Template

Text outside of the printable area remains in English. See South Korea VAT compliance and rates for more information. The text labels translated are shown below.

Arabic Invoice Template
Arabic Bill

The color schema of this sheet is also changed to give it new look and feel. The text translated are shown below.

Malaysia Tax Invoice Template
Malaysia Invoice Format

The basic layout of the sheet is similar to the standard bill format shipped with Invoice Manager, but the static text labels are translated using an online tool. For more tax invoice requirements in Malaysia, visit PDF Tax invoice and records keeping - GST, What is Tax Invoice? How to issue Tax Invoice? and Issuing Tax Invoices.

Lightweight Sales Invoice Template
Lightweight Sales Billing Form

This template, Lightweight Sales Billing Form, does not uses custom fields, although you can easily add them with Invoice Manager for Excel. With Excel Invoice Manager, which is our first generation of invoicing software based on Microsoft Excel, where custom fields (i.e. user-defined fields) should be defined using a standalone tool, Invoice Manager for Excel integrates the "Custom Field Manager" into the main program itself and simplifies the use of custom field.

Consulting Invoice Template (3rd Sample - One Tax)
Consulting Invoice Template (3rd Sample - One Tax)

From the above description, we know that it is easy to let the consulting invoice form charge or show only one tax - just set the options on the Taxes tab of the Settings window. But how about the free consulting invoice template?

UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keys
Standard Invoice Format and Shortcut Keys for UIS Version 5.11
  • Backup your invoice template.
  • Open it as usual.
  • Switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  • Go to Excel "Insert" ribbon.
  • Click "Text Box" in the "Text" group, and click the location on the sheet where you want to put the button. Excel creates a new text box on the sheet, and put the control in text edit mode.
  • Enter the button caption text, such as "Customers".
  • Click the corner of the text box. This exits text edit mode, and selects the text box itself.
  • Go to the "Format" ribbon tab (This tab shows only when the shape object is selected).
  • In the "Shape Styles" group, click the "More" down-arrow on the preset style list to show the list of all preset theme fill effects. Choose one of the feel effect from the list. For example, with the default template shipped with UIS, we choose "Subtle effect - Black, Dark 1" - the forth one on the left-most column. By assign the text box a proper background, the text box now looks like a button.
  • Name the text box by entering the name in the name box located on the left-end of Excel formula bar. For example, the text box labeled as "Customers" should be named "oknCmdCustomer".
  • Now right-click the control and choose "Assign Macro".
  • Enter the following macro command.
  • Repeat the above steps to add all the other buttons. See table below for button names and captions.
  • Once done, exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  • Save the template by clicking the Save button on Excel quick access toolbar.
Real Estate Agent Invoice Template
Real Estate Manager Billing Form

The other two custom fields on the form include "Site Code" and "Project". The 4 columns on the invoice detail section include "Description", "Quantity", "Unit Price" and "Amount". Each row on the invoice body section allows about 3 lines of text. The text on the item cells are formatted as left alignment on horizontal, and middle on vertical.