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Hotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler

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Hotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler (IMFE Edition)


This hotel guest invoice / guest folios / guest bill format includes spaces for hotels / motels to detail number of guest(s), Room No., Arrival Date, Arrival time, Departure date, Departure time. To beautify the form design an image of a satisfied business traveler is added.

If you search for a bill template with the keyword "Hotel", you may find we've already published several implementations for hotel / motel invoicing here on For example, Hotel Receipt Template (c7005) and Hotel Receipt Format with Blue Gradient Design (c7027). The form designers at are committed to offer you more choices with professional templates. So here comes the new design - Hotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler.

While the previous designs are more suitable for guests who rent multiple rooms (where the "Room#" is a column, with a "Check in" and a "Check out" field for each "Room#"), with this template the "Room#" is a separate field below the "Receipt#" field.

The 5 columns on the detail section allows you to post any debit / credit regarding a room# or guest account. Usually when a folio is opened the starting balance is zero. All transactions which increase (debit) or decrease (credit) the balance of the account are recorded on the folio, for example, room charges, cash payment advance deposit, etc. For those business guests who are planning a meeting, conference or special event, related fees could be posted here too. While guest settles the final bill an Invoice is generated usually with a unique Invoice number by Invoice Manager for Excel (UIS) for future reference. To set options for auto-generation of invoice numbers, such as prefix and starting number, click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, and then go to the "Database" tab.

On the bottom of the form, besides the usual "Subtotal", "Tax" and "Total" fields, it also adds space for "Cashier's Signature" (this is for printing purpose only - not a field saved to database), and "Guest's Signature", with a declaration like "I agree that my liability for this bill is not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event that the indicated person, company or association fails to pay for any part or the full amount of the these charges".

The blank bill template includes a logo image on the top form. To replace with your own image, click the "Replace Logo Image" button on the ribbon tab.

This hotel bill template includes a business traveler image on the bottom of the form. While other invoicing formats, like Microsoft Word (docx) or even Adobe PDF is able to render professional and beautiful invoice forms too, Excel (xlsx) formatted spreadsheet formats has its unique advantages. It is convenient to do calculations in Excel with formulas. By using Excel formulas, the relationship definition between two fields could be easily be done - for example, "amount to pay" = "room rental unit price" X "number of nights". This, combined with backend database, makes UIS a flexible invoicing solution for small businesses.

Format and Specification

NameHotel Guest Folios with Satisfied Business Traveler
CategoryReceipt Template
Release DateThursday, July 28, 2016
Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Feature Gallery
Line Height (Points)19.50
Print Area$D$3:$M$48
Papaer Size / OrientationPortrait
Default Margins (Points)
PriceFree (0.00USD)
SystemWindows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.

Update History

May 16, 2019

  • The "Quick Start" tutorial is now an image.
  • Rotated the bottom "business man" image.