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Invoice with Remittance Slip
Invoice Sample with Remittance Letter

This free sample invoice template in Excel format demonstrates how to add a remittance slip to the bottom of an existing invoicing template. The remittance slip / letter is printable with the invoice, so that the customer can be detached and sent along with the check.

Billing Invoice Template
Billing Invoice Form

The directly base template of this form design is the default template (also called standard template) shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel v 5.23.

Receipt Sample for Seafood Restaurant
Receipt Template for Seafood Restaurant

Unlike the c7005 hotel receipt template, this layout designed specifically for restaurants does not include fields for rooms.

The line total, subtotal, tax and grand total are calculated using Excel formulas automatically. One of the big advantages of Excel-formatted templates is that they can do calculations automatically. While Microsoft Word is able to format great-looking business documents (".doc" or ".docx" files) too, it is not easy to do calculations with Microsoft Word. This is same to other tools that are used to generate business forms and templates like Adobe Photoshop, AI, Microsoft works, or even HTML + CSS. Excel is the only tool that allows an end-user to easily define calculation rules between cells using formulas. That's why so many people use it to process accounting and financial data.

Simple Consulting Bill with Printable Background Image
Simple Consulting Billing Template with Printable Background Image

The background image we added to the template shows a business man checking for documents. It shows on the printed version of your consulting invoices / bills, or on the PDF consultant bills generated by Invoice Manager for Excel.

Invoicing Template in Euros
Invoicing Template in Euros

This template has one single tax named "VAT" set by default. To change the tax name or rate using Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our invoicing software program that enhances any Excel invoicing template here on InvoicingTemplate to be a complete invoicing system, first click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, go to the "Taxes" tab and then choose the number of taxes applied to this form, the names of the taxes, and the rates of the taxes. You can also enable options like "Tax invoice total including shipping cost" etc. Make sure you click the "Apply" button after modifying the taxing options, otherwise the template layout won't be changed according to the options you choose. If you accept the changes after verifying the form, click the "Save" button on Excel quick access tool bar to make the changes persistent. For more customization samples on VAT, visit VAT invoicing templates. Also refer to VAT invoicing rules on EU Taxation and customs union / European Commission.

Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (VAT)
Restaurant Dining Receipt Format (VAT)

Although there are already several service invoice templates available here on, Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (Restaurant Dining Receipt Format) has been customized to meet the specific business needs. Like all retail businesses, the restaurant deals directly with its customers. A professional and beautiful invoice or bill tells your customer that you are caring about your business even on the particulars. A restaurant invoice is known by many names; in England, it is known as the bill, while in America and other parts of the world, it is also known as the check. No matter how it is named, it shows not only prices quoted in the menu, and also some extra charges like Value Added Taxes (VAT) and service charges.

Invoicing Format for Bakery and Cake Shop
Invoicing Format for Bakery and Cake Shop

In this design sample the big title "INVOICE" is not a general static text, but an Excel Word Art object. Word Art is a powerful feature supported by Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, and Power Point etc. Compared to general text, Word Art support more formatting options. To find this out in Excel, click to select the Word Art object, and then click and activate the "Format" ribbon tab. Note that in order to include the Word Art object in the bakery and cake shop PDF invoice, the object must be named with "oknWidget" prefix. Otherwise, it will be removed from the extracted Excel spreadsheet invoices or generated PDF invoices. For example, the command buttons, such as "Customers", "Products" and "Reports", are named with "oknCmd*" prefix, so they are all removed from the PDF invoices.

3-Page Invoice Template
3-Page Invoice Template

The layout of this template, like the previous 2-page sample, basically keep the style of the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. However, there are 3 custom fields added to the bottom of the invoicing form, "Labor Hours" (cell name oknLaborQuantity, at $I$83), "labor hourly rate" (cell name oknLaborUnitPrice, at $J$83) and "Labor Total" (cell name oknLaborTotal, at $K$83). These 3 fields are custom fields added to the "Invoice Header" database table.

Engineering Service Billing Sample
Engineering Service Billing Form

Like other templates available here on, the most important job to do on creating this customized template from the default sales invoicing sample involves moving the cells around to create a new form design. Microsoft Excel provides handy support for this type of jobs. For example, this template design has 3 columns on the invoice body - Description, Reference, and Fee. The Reference is a newly added column defined as custom fields (The definition of this custom field is added to the "Invoice Body" database table, so it becomes a column on the invoice body, but not a single cell on the invoice header or bottom). The "Fee" column, which is manually editable in this sample template, is actually the Unit Price column on the default sales invoice sample template. Compared to the default template, engineering service bill has the Product#, Quantity, and Line Total columns moved out of the printable invoice form. Unlike those service invoice samples that bill a client based on hourly rate or daily rate, by allowing to manually edit the Fee fields this invoice design becomes more general / generic that suits more business situations.

Commercial Template Sample - Using Payment Method Checkboxes
Commercial Template Format - Using Payment Method Checkboxes

To add a checkbox to the commercial invoicing template, click "Insert" in the "Controls" group on the "Developer" tab. Choose the checkbox from "Form Controls" or "ActiveX Controls". And then, click the location where you want to put the checkbox control. A new checkbox appears on the form. Change its label to "T/T", "L/C" or "Others".

Advanced Sample - Invoiced Total in English Words
Advanced Bill Sample - Invoiced Total in English Words

Now the steps to create the "SpellNumber" VBA macro function for the ".xlsm" Excel workbook file. The macro code was copied from Microsoft at How to convert a numeric value into English words in Excel, where you can also find step by step instructions on how the create the spreadsheet file. You can also find a similar implementation at Two best ways to convert numbers to words in Excel, and at Converting Numbers Into Words.