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Lumber Company Invoice
Lumber Company Invoice Template

The first drop-down list shows freight details. The data source of this list is located on $AE$19:$AE$24, featuring items like "PBT Transport", "Northern Southland Tspt", "Summerland Transport", "Seaton Couriers", "NZ Couriers" and "Waikaka Freight".

The "Quantity (LM)" column was calculated using Excel array formula, like this:

Consultant VAT Invoice for U.K. Limited Company
Consultant VAT Invoice Format for UK Limited Company

A consulting project may there may be other documents that further detail the project. So under the "Bill To" section, we added fields for "Our Ref" and "Cust. Ref" for you to enter the indexing number of related reference documents. For other options, visit our category of consulting invoice templates. The "Sales Rep. Name" and "Payment Term" fields here, like they are in the standard invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, support the "on-sheet picker" button - this is a smart and little button that appears whenever you click the supported cells, you can open a list of possible choices by clicking the picker button.

Consultant Template Sample - New Company Name Field
Consulting Format Sample - New Company Name Field

First, make sure you've downloaded the free Simple Consulting Invoice Template. Extract the template and database from the downloadable exe package. Open "simpleconsulting-uis.xlsx" as usual.

Proforma (2nd Sample of Customization)
Proforma Invoicing Form

Now right-click the InvoicingTemplates logo image and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. The Properties box appears. Look for the Picture property, and click the button on that line. Excel shows you a dialog box that allows you to browse to and specify your own logo image. Depending on your Excel version, the supported image file formats may vary, but JPG, PNG and GIF formats are good choices for storing your logo image that are likely supported by your Excel.

Travel Service Bill Format
Travel Service Bill Format

Like all the other invoicing templates available here on, this Travel Service Invoice Template is too created from the default billing format shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (Download the free trial version). In order to create this service invoice template, we moved the shipping address section out of the printable form, moved out the "Product#", "Quantity" and "Unit Price" columns and put them into several hidden columns. There are two columns available inside the printable form, "Description" and "Amount", both are manually fillable and editable. With this section, the travel agency / business tells the customer that what and when they need to pay against travel arrangements made by a travel service provider company or agency, it could include travel destination, type of travel services, number of travelers etc. Be sure to make it as detailed as possible - to make the travel service invoice is the best thing for documentation purposes for both traveler and travel service agency or company to keep record of booking.

Simple Sample - Printing on Letterhead Paper
Simple Sample - Printing on Letterhead Paper

Do you want to print your invoices on company letterhead / business letterhead papers? It is easy to do. This simple invoice template demonstrates how to customize a template so that it is suitable for letterhead papers.

For another invoice template sample that is designed for letterhead papers visit Simple Invoice Template for Letterhead Paper.

Simple Lightweight Service Invoice
Simple Lightweight Service Billing Format

This Simple Lightweight Service Billing Format has 4 columns on the detail section - Description, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount. The "Item#" column found on many forms here on was moved out of the printable billing form. Although this column is not printed, or is not included when you are generating PDF invoices using Simple Lightweight Service Invoice Template, it is a required field for Invoice Manager for Excel. An invoicing item (or line) is seen as incomplete if the item# is missing (this this case, if you want to save invoices without item# values, you have to enable "Allow incomplete lines on invoice body" option on the "Template" tab of the "Settings" dialog box (open it by clicking the "Settings" button on the invoice worksheet. Besides that, there is a useful feature assigned to the "Item#" cells by Invoice Manager for Excel - you can type in the item# codes to retrieve the related description, unit price easily, so that you don't have to type in the text again and again on creating invoices. This feature is called "in-cell lookup" in Invoice Manager for Excel. This feature also works for the Customer# ("oknWhoID") and Invoice# ("oknInvoiceID") cells.

Soccer Shop Invoice Template
Soccer Shop Invoice Template

This updated version published on we're offering only one format - i.e. the UIS edition. By using this template, you can create invoices for your soccer shop without installing Invoice Manager for Excel. In this case, it is able to do formatting (providing the layout of your invoices and bills), calculations etc. However without UIS, all the buttons on the worksheet will not work.

Bill Format for Painting Service
painters invoice template

Another picture added to the form is located on the top of the invoice, which is a normal picture object (i.e. added by clicking the "Picture" command on Excel "Insert" ribbon tab). Since this picture is placed above Excel normal cells, the underlying cells are no longer easily selectable - so we place this picture on top center of the bill form, where there is no editable text / field on creating invoices. Note this image is named as "oknWidget_house" to keep it on extracted Excel spreadsheet invoices (".xlsx" or ".xls") and UIS generated PDF invoice.

Sample Service Invoice Template: Fixed Items
Service Template with Fixed Items

Sample Service Invoice Template: Fixed Items is a variant of Sample Sales Invoice Template: Fixed Items. It is the service edition of the original one.

Work Order Template
Work Order Form
Table name Field name Field type
Invoice Header (InvHdr) Equipment text (30)
Invoice Header (InvHdr) Model text (30)
Invoice Header (InvHdr) Serial Number text (30)
Invoice Header (InvHdr) Work Requested text (255)
Invoice Header (InvHdr) Hours Worked decimal (12,2)
Invoice Header (InvHdr) Travel Time decimal (12,2)
Engineering Estimate Template
Engineering Estimate Template

The "Ship To" section now has a new title, "SITE ADDRESS", so in this section it is possible to fill in the location where the service to be performed.

VAT Sales Invoicing Sample - Price Excluding Tax
VAT Sales Invoicing Template - Price Excluding Tax

This free VAT invoicing sample is a variant of c6007 VAT Sales Invoicing - Price Including Tax. It has basically the same layout as the original sales template, except the unit price in this template excludes taxes.

Bill Sample in Estonian
Bill Format in Estonian

When you need to bill your clients in Estonia it is better to have your invoicing form translated to Estonian. As shown in this bill format sample, you can do this easily within Excel spreadsheet template by simply replacing existing text labels.