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Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template

With the Simple Invoice Templates series we demonstrate how to do basic customizations on create and customizing your own bill format for your business, such as how to change fonts, move cells to create a new layout, change formulas to create a new business logic, etc. See this document to find out more information on the rules and guidelines on creating your own invoice template.

Billing Invoice Form

The default logo image is also replaced with an image that show our web site domain "", which is an Excel shape object named "oknWidget_logo". To replace it with your own business logo, click the "Replace Logo Image" button on the "Invocie" ribbon.

Freelance Writer Billing Template

All invoice templates here on are in Excel spreadsheet format (xlsx or xls). While Microsoft Word can also be used to procedure beautiful and professional invoices in docx or doc format, the benefits of Excel is clear - it is more suitable for doing calculations. For example, in this template the line totals, subtotal, tax and total are all computed automatically using Excel formulas.

Construction Proposal Format with Watermark of Urban Buildings

We don't have too many one-column designs here on like this designed for contractors, because the most templates are invoicing templates, and generally invoices must show the products sold and service performed as clear as possible, which means list the items one by one and show the unit price and quantity when possible. However for project-based invoicing, sometimes it is not possible or not necessary to itemize the job to do. This one column construction template for contract, proposal or estimate falls into this category. To use this template, you simply enter description text into the detail section, and then enter the total amount manually.

Travel Service Bill Format

Like all the other invoicing templates available here on, this Travel Service Invoice Template is too created from the default billing format shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel (Download the free trial version). In order to create this service invoice template, we moved the shipping address section out of the printable form, moved out the "Product#", "Quantity" and "Unit Price" columns and put them into several hidden columns. There are two columns available inside the printable form, "Description" and "Amount", both are manually fillable and editable. With this section, the travel agency / business tells the customer that what and when they need to pay against travel arrangements made by a travel service provider company or agency, it could include travel destination, type of travel services, number of travelers etc. Be sure to make it as detailed as possible - to make the travel service invoice is the best thing for documentation purposes for both traveler and travel service agency or company to keep record of booking.

Billing Template for Cosmetics Shops

Firstly you can use the "on-sheet picker" button which appears next to the active Excel cell. Clicking the "on-sheet picker" button pops up a list of active products / items that you are selling. Above the product list you'll also find a search bar which allows you to filter / search the product list with any property belongs to a product, such as product# (SKU#, barcode etc.), product name and unit price etc. The search bar allows you to enter only part of the item name. For example, if you specify the search criterion "contains words" for the field "Product Name", and then enter the search word "eye cream", all products contains that word will be listed.

Donation Receipt Format for Excel

This general donation receipt template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format (".xlsx") includes fields for charity / organization name, address, contact information, donor name, several lines of description, an amount field, a handwriting signature field.

Transportation Bill Format

The benefits of Excel transportation billing template, instead of using Microsoft Word (usually ".doc" or ".docx") format, is that you are not only able to format the document in the way you like, but also able to do calculations easily. If you install Invoice Manager for Excel, the simple transportation invoice template becomes powerful transportation invoice software, allowing to easily manage clients, products, invoices, and fee, payments and account receivables easily. For example, you are no longer need to manage invoice numbers manually. See automatic invoice numbering to find out how to do that.

Irish Sales VAT Invoice Template

This VAT invoice template has a similar layout as c6008 VAT Sales Invoice Template - Price Excluding Tax - you can also find a service invoice template here on, at c6014 VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Excluding Tax. The format has customized as per the requirements detailed on Irish Revenue. If you've never produced an invoice before you might be wondering how to go about this and what needs to be on the invoice in order for it to be accepted by your customer and their accounts department. If you're registered for VAT and are therefore charging VAT on your invoices it is especially important that your invoices are properly drawn up and that you keep copies so that you don't incur any penalties from Irish Revenue.

Simple Invoicing Sample - Sales Rep Name on Product Report

However if you are a business manager you may also find it is helpful to include the sales representative name on the product report, so that you have an easy way to know who sold out what products in the specified date range. So in this simple invoice template, we'll see the detailed procedure on customizing an existing invoice template to add this feature. We'll be using the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel setup program as our base invoice template and starting point of the customization.

Invoice Forwarding Outstanding Balance

Please also refer to the original version to find out implementation details about this invoice template, including how Invoice Manager for Excel maps database fields to Excel cells, and how to unlock a cell to make sure Invoice Manager for Excel can read/write a cell even when the spreadsheet is protected.

Singapore GST Billing Format (Service)

This service invoicing template is named with "Singapore" but it should be suitable for many other countries and regions too, as long as they have similar taxing and invoicing requires, such as Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Simple Lightweight Service Invoice

Since this is a service invoicing template, it does not requires the shipping address fields. We've retargeted the fields so they are now designed for "Service Location", including fields for contact name, address, city state and ZIP. The "Bill To" section, like most invoicing templates here on, are still there.

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