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Here are our templates closely related to Invoice Template With Deposit.

Security Deposit Receipt Template
Security Deposit Receipt Format

Although there is only one column in the detail section, Invoice Manager for Excel works with this types of templates well. The secret is an option on the "Template" tab of the "Settings" window - "Allow incomplete lines on invoice body". By default, our Excel-based invoicing program applies a group of strict rules to make sure the data integrally of the invoice or receipt that is to be created - for example, each line should at least contain the "Item#" and "Line total" values. By enabling the "Allow incomplete lines on invoice body" option, this rule is disabled, allowing the program to save any data appear on the detail section.

Basic Service Bill Sample with Deposit
Simple Service Invoicing Template with Deposit

Now you can test the template to see if it works in the way you like. Since an invoice is not just a document of sales but it is essentially an accounting tool. It is utilized by an organization to make communication with the customer who is making a purchase or getting services. Every business has its own requirements regarding invoices. Fortunately, compared to Microsoft Word, or even Adobe Acrobat PDF and Photoshop, or OpenOffice programs, or some online accounting / billing or spreadsheet tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Excel wins in many areas when it comes to customizing a form. This, combined with the backend database, makes Invoice Manager for Excel an ideal invoice creator for small businesses. Feel free to download and try it to see how it works for you.

Travel Service Bill Format
Travel Agency Invoice Template

Make sure you have installed Invoice Manager for Excel to make this Travel Service Bill Format a powerful travel service invoice creator / maker. Some travel agencies and companies use manual books to prepare travel service invoices / receipts for their customers and several are using software and other advanced techniques for this purpose. Using a template has its advantage - it is able to produce beautiful and professional invoices and receipts like many complex accounting / billing systems, yet it is easy to use - you can create travel invoice / receipt just like filling a blank paper form. With the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template, you can not only print the invoice, but also easily convert it to Adobe PDF format.

Retainer Invoice Template
Retainer Invoicing Sample

This retainer billing sample is a revisited version of c6023 advance payment invoice template. The two templates have the same number of fields on the sheet, but with different form layout. Check the screen shots of both forms to find the details. For basic customization samples, visit basic invoice templates.

Oil and Gas Exploration Invoice
Oil and Gas Exploration Invoice

The form is an itemized service invoice template. It has exactly the same number of fields as cm002 landman invoice template. Next to the "Bill To" section, there is a project summary section which allows you to write down the key information about the exploration service rendered, such as project name, time period etc.

Construction Invoice Template
How to Make a Construction Invoice

Although this template is named with the word "construction" and "contractor", it could also been seen as a general service invoice template. For example, consultants, service providers, and other small businesses could use this invoicing form too. We have other layouts here on too. If you charge based on hourly rates, visit Invoice Template Hourly Rate. A Handyman Invoice Template is also ready here for you.

Advance Payment Invoicing Format
Advance Payment Billing Format

This template, Advance Payment Invoicing Format, differs from the original design in that it adds two new cells, "Advance Payment %" and "Advance Payment Amount" to the bottom of the invoice spreadsheet. The first cell "Advance Payment %" is a manually editable cell (that is, it is unlocked), where you enter the percentage of the advance payment. The second cell, "Advance Payment Amount" is calculated automatically based on the total payable and advance payment percentage. The advance payment amount is then deducted from the invoice balance due.

Home Inspection Invoice Sample
Home Inspection Bill Form

If you don't like this one-column design, c5129 Home Staging Invoice Template may what you like. Invoice Manager for Excel supports all templates here on As long as you adhere to the rules defined in the customization document, you can even use our templates as a starting point and create your own template for your house inspection service.

Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template
Advanced Bill Sample - Macro-Enabled Billing Template

The sample invoice template used here is c5099 Standard Business Invoicing Template. See our business invoice templates for more samples that are most closely related to "BUSINESS".

Daycare Invoice Template
Child Care Billing Format

The detail section on this form includes 5 columns - "Date", "Description", "Qty", "Rate" and "Line total". This design is intended for commercial child care facilities, home and private daycares, babysitting, nanny services, allowing to charge for child transportation, meals, education, etc.

Designer Invoicing Format with Bamboo Chinese Painting
Designer Bill Template with Bamboo Chinese Painting

The bamboo Chinese painting picture is added as a background image which covers the whole printable form. While the form itself is still in the gray color theme, the image is in green and set to 25% opacity. This level of opacity makes sure the foreground text (black) visible even when it is on the visible background.

Invoicing Format for HVAC Service
Invoicing Format for HVAC Service

Note: An updated version, which includes a custom form for mechanical services business, is also available. Visit it at HVAC Service Invoice Template.

Psychologist Invoice Template
Psychologist Billing Format

If you are a Psychologist, whether Clinical or counseling, this template will work for you. It is designed as a progressive work / job and payment statement. With this understanding, Psychologist Billing Format is also suitable for creating statements and bills for other business types with small modifications, such as large projects that should be done and get paid in several phases; cleaning service or lawn care service that should be done regularly, or freelance service rendered in multiple times - in these cases, the "Patient" section could be replaced with something like "Project Description", "Job Description" or "Service Description" etc.

Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Template with Discount Percentage
Clothing Store (Manufacturer) Invoice Format with Discount Percentage

The new discount percentage field, which is a custom field (user-defined field), is add to the bottom of the form layout, to the left of the percentage amount field, marked with "12.5% gray" fill pattern. Note this marked cell is formatted as percentage value. So if you type in 15 into this cell, it shows "15%". The percentage amount is calculated automatically using the following Excel formula:

Web-hosting Invoicing Template
Web-hosting Billing Form

The template has two columns, a description column and an amount column. The amount column is manually editable, as it is not calculated from something like Quantity and Price, or Hourly and Rate. This makes the template suitable for general service businesses. With the "Description" column you can enter the service performed, such as the hosting plan a client purchased from you.

Payment Receipt Template
Payment Receipt Form

This free payment receipt format offers you an easy way to prepare payment receipts. Both a PDF format, a free edition and an edition that works with Invoice Manager for Excel can be downloaded for free here on online. For a service edition of this free receipt template, see Service Receipt Template.

Musician Invoice Template
Musician Billing Format

This invoice template designed for musician includes a stave background image. Besides the Excel spreadsheet template, a PDF billing format template for musician is also included. This sample is formatted with Australian currency but you can easily change it with Excel formatting tools.

The formula assigned to the "Amount" field is like this:

Customer Invoice Template
Customer Billing Form

To make it easier to find information of an existing customer, you can also use the "on-sheet picker" button. It is a dynamic button that shows automatically when you click a supported cell. For example, if you click a cell inside the "Bill To" section, clicking the on-sheet picker button allows you to select a customer; if you activate the "Sales Rep. Name" cell, clicking the on-sheet picker button allows you to select a sales representative name.