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Hong Kong Service Invoice Template
Hong Kong Service Invoice Template

The tax cells on the worksheet is modified to use the discounted subtotal too. For example, this is the formula for the first tax cell:

Software Development Invoice Sample
Software Development Invoice Sample

This template is created based on c4018 the third sample of consulting invoice. The template now features an abstract background image with 15% opacity that shows a programming scene with several smart devices around, including mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer (keyboard).

Engineering Service Billing Sample
Engineering Service Billing Sample

By using custom fields, the simple Excel template powered by Invoice Manager for Excel, our Excel invoice software that uses Excel invoicing templates as its front end, the template is not only an easy to use spreadsheet invoice creator, but also a helpful organizer app of your bill data. For example, this form design uses two custom fields on the heading part, Product# and Project Description, which allow you to record the detailed information about the engineering service project. This type of advanced features even cannot be found in some complicated and expensive bookkeeping or accounting system. The support for custom fields in Invoice Manager for Excel makes a simple Excel spreadsheet invoicing template a powerful electronic invoicing program.

Pet Sitting Invoice Sample
Pet Sitting Invoice Sample

When you push up the "Design Mode" button to exit design mode, the invoicing program locks all cells that have Excel formulas assigned. This way, even if you click the "Clear & New" button to make the form ready for next new invoice, the cells with formulas assigned will not be changed.

Advanced Sample - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice
Advanced Format - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

The CallImfe procedure obtains the Invoice Manager COM add-in by looking into the "Application. COMAddIns" collection. If it cannot find the "Imfe.Connect" (This is the Prog ID of Invoice Manager), it shows an error message " Invoice Manager for Excel is not installed!" and return. Otherwise, it pass the command to the add-in object.

Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (One-tax)
Basic Blank Service Invoice Layout (One-tax)

Note that a Two-tax version is also available here on, at Basic Blank Service Invoice Format (Two-tax). If you need less lines but more space for each item description on your blank service invoice template, see Basic Blank Service Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description), and the one tax format at Basic Blank Service Invoicing Format (One-tax, Long Description), and the two-tax layout at Basic Blank Service Bill Format (Two-taxes, Long Description).

Payment Receipt Template
Payment Receipt Form

Payment Receipt Template uncovers a hidden feature available in the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel but overlooked by most users.

Online Invoicing Sample
Sample Invoice Template for Online Invoicing

This template has exactly the same invoice format as the one shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel version 5. However, instead of connecting to the local "Sample.mdb" Access database, it connects to our remote testing MS SQL Server database running online, to give you an easy way to test how online invoicing works. Feel free to visit our online invoicing templates gallery.

This database server is created for testing purpose only. So don't store your real business data using this database.

3-Page Invoice Template
3-Page Invoicing Format

The layout of this template, like the previous 2-page sample, basically keep the style of the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. However, there are 3 custom fields added to the bottom of the invoicing form, "Labor Hours" (cell name oknLaborQuantity, at $I$83), "labor hourly rate" (cell name oknLaborUnitPrice, at $J$83) and "Labor Total" (cell name oknLaborTotal, at $K$83). These 3 fields are custom fields added to the "Invoice Header" database table.

Jamaica Tax Invoice Template
Jamaica Tax Invoice Template
  • Words "Tax Invoice" (shown prominently)
  • Date of the taxable supply
  • Serialized number of the tax invoice
  • Name, address and GCT registration number of the Registered Taxpayer issuing the invoice
  • Name and address of the Registered Taxpayer to whom the taxable supply is made
  • Quantity and description of the taxable supply
  • Amount of the consideration payable on the taxable amount
  • Rate of tax and the amount of tax payable
  • Total amount of the consideration and the GCT.
Bill Format for landscaping Service
Invoicing Template for Landscaping Service

This design means that you can specify a discount percentage rate for each invoiced item. For example, if the "Quantity" is 1, the "Unit Price" is 100.00, without entering the "%Discount", the "Line total" would be 80.00; if you enter 20% into the "%Discount" cell, the "Line total" is 80.00, which is calculated automatically with an Excel formula like this:

VAT Invoicing Template with VAT Rate and Amount Column
VAT Billing Template with VAT Rate and Amount Column

If you are registered for VAT you must give any VAT-registered customers a VAT invoice for any standard-rated or reduced-rated goods or services you sell them. If you are a retailer, you do not need to issue a VAT invoice or receipt unless your customer asks for one. As a VAT-registered supplier, you may be liable to a fine if you do not issue a VAT invoice for a supply you have made when asked to do so by a VAT-registered customer.

Pet Food Store Invoice
Pet Food Store Invoice

If you are running a pet food store or shop then this invoice template could be used for easy invoicing. The invoice format is printable on standard A5 paper size (148 mm X 210 mm, or 5.83 inch X 8.27 inch). A PDF version of the invoice template is also included and downloadable.

Bill Format with Change Calculation
Invoice Template with Change Calculation

The third cell is "Change". The cell has an Excel formula cell assigned:

As you've already known, this cell is the amount of change you have to pay back.