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Limousine Service Invoice

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This template includes a number of custom fields added to both the Excel form and the underlying Microsoft Access database to meet the special business requirements of limousine services.

If you are providing limo services, you know it is ideal to provide service details on the form. A professionally designed template specific to your limo service shows that you care for your business, and it even helps collect payment more easily and quickly as the bill itself shows what service you have offered, how the account receivable is calculated, and when the service is rendered.

The usual "Bill To" section is modified to show "Passenger Information". A "Itinerary" section is also added, which includes fields like "Pick Up", "Ceremony", "Park", "Hall", and "Late Night". All these are defined as custom fields.

There are also a few fields for writing the credit card information, including card type, expiry date, card holder name, card number, and additional details about the order, such as "Over Time", "Rate per hour", and "Package". To find alternative ways to show credit information, visit Credit Card Payment Option (c4068).

The 4 columns are "Description", "Hours", "Price", and "Total". The "Total" is calculated automatically from "Hours" and "Price" using Excel formulas.

The bottom section is also customized. The usual "Tax 1" field is changed to "Gratuity" and the usual "Tax 2" is shown as "GST". The "Total" is the sum of "Subtotal", "Gratuity", and "GST".

On the bottom left side, there are fields for deposits, including "Payment Type", "Date", "Amount", and "Method".

Format and Specification

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Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
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