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Babysitting Invoice (Happy Kids on Earth Style)
Babysitting Invoice (Happy Kids on Earth Style)

The purpose of removing background colors and fill patterns is to show the background image that shows a group of happy kids sitting on the top of the earth. As you can see from the screenshots, by adding this colorful, vivid background picture, the original daycare invoice design suddenly gets a very different look and feel. You can say that this isn't an ink-friendly invoice design, but it surely an easy way to make your invoices stand out from the generic invoice and receipt designs.

Denmark Invoice Template
Denmark Invoice Template

Install this Denmark Invoice Template with Invoice Manager for Excel to turn it into a fully featured Danish invoicing tool.

With this sample template, we translate text inside the printable form into Danish using an online tool. Visit Denmark VAT Guide for Businesses, Bookkeeping, accounts and invoices and eInvoicing in Denmark for more information. The following chart shows the text translated.

Simple Sample - Using Currency Symbol
Simple Billing Format - Using Currency Symbol

This simple invoice template details the steps required to show a specific currency symbol on all the currency-related fields, for example "Unit Price", "Line Total", "Subtotal", "Total", "Paid" and "Total Due".

Professional Freelance Bill
Professional Freelance Bill

Whenever you have completed a service and are ready to be paid, you must always submit an invoice to your client. Occasionally, clients will not follow up with an invoice request, so it's your job to keep track of the payments due to you. The important part is to keep track of the invoices you submit (using an invoice processing system helps with this a great deal), and follow up on a regular basis with a polite email or phone call asking for a status update on your payment. With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, you can find all pending (not paid) invoices with a single click of mouse - i.e. clicking the "Invoices" button on the ribbon tab. You can sort the invoice list by any column - simply double clicking the column heading, or search for an existing invoice by a criterion applied to almost any fields available on the invoicing form.

General Purchase Invoice Template (Consulting, One Tax)
General Purchase Billing Template (Consulting, One Tax)

The taxable boxes controls whether each item on the detail section are taxable. Check a box to have the amount of the current item included on tax calculation, and uncheck a box to have the current line excluded from tax calculation. This design makes it clear and simple if you have both items that are taxable and not taxable.

Freelance Invoice Template
Freelance Billing Template

As a freelancer, creating invoices might not what you best at but it is necessary. Further more your invoice should be prim and proper, so that you can get paid by your clients efficiently. While invoicing is not a fun task, it's a necessary one: by keeping clients informed of your expectations, you will get paid punctually and reinforce your professionalism. Using a template is the most easy and quick way to get the job done. Our templates online here on help you spend less time creating invoices and more time doing the things you love.

Lawn Care Invoice Template
Lawn Care Bill Format

The template has space for you to put your own logo image on the top-left corner. Next to that is your lawn care business name, address, contact number, email and web address. On the top-right-corner, you'll see the invoice date, invoice # and customer (client) # fields. If you have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, to create a new invoice you simply click the "Clear & New" button on the task pane or on the top of the form. The "Clear & New" command clears the form, fills in some default values like invoice date, payment term, sales rep. name, default tax names and rates. The invoice# (Invoice ID) field is filled automatically if left blank when you click "Save Invoice" (or "Save To DB").

Caregiver Billing Form
Caregiver Billing Form

The "Quantity" and "Unit Price" columns are now titled with "Quantity / Hours" and "Unit Price / Hourly Rate". This makes the template suitable for hourly invoicing. Find more samples at freelancer invoice samples.

Simple Sample - Customer Name on Product Report
Simple Sample - Customer Name on Product Report

On the other hand, the main content of the "Product" report is retrieved from the invoice body database table, adding the fields of the invoice header table to the invoice body table will create many redundant data, as they must be repeated for each item. One exception though - the definition of invoice body items must include the invoice# (InvoiceID) field, since it is the primary key of the invoice header table that identifies each uniquely.

Receipt Template for Gold Shop (4)
Receipt Template for Gold Shop (4)

This is the fourth sample on the Receipt Template for Gold Shop. Receipt Form for Gold Shop (4) differs from the original one by moving the Rate and Making Charge fields into the printable receipt form.

While customizing a template layout, it's helpful to display gridlines and row/column headings.

Bill of Sales Template
Bill of Sale Form

According to, "A bill of sale is a type of receipt used to transfer the ownership of an item. It typically includes important information about the purchase such as the names of the buyer and seller, contact information, item description, item price, payment methods and warranty details. As a seller or purchaser, you can use a bill of sale for a used car, or for any other personal property such as a laptop or bike."