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Parts and Labor Invoicing Format

Open the template in Excel.

Parts and Labor Invoicing Format (IMFE Edition)


This parts & labor invoice template in Excel spreadsheet format divides the invoice detail section into two parts, one for labor where the calculation of line totals is based on hours and rate; the another section for parts and materials, where line total calculation are based on price and quantity.

Note that on the invoicing templates we're publishing here on, the term "price" is the money the client / customer pay you for each unit of product / service they purchase; on the other hand, we use the term "cost" for the money you pay to your vendor. In case of selling of goods / materials, "price - cost" results in the gross profit of each unit you sell out. On most of our invoicing formats, you see only the "Price" or "Unit Price" column, because the "Cost" fields are put into a hidden column.

This free printable parts and labor billing format for Microsoft Excel shipping and delivery information, unit prices, rate, and more, as well as a box in which to note the date and invoice number. You can also download a PDF version of this template here on Unlike the our Excel labor invoice template, the detail section on this invoicing form is divided into two section, each section has its own tax rate and calculation formula.

For example, in the first section for labor / service, where you itemize the work or job that you have done. The default tax name is "tax 1" in this part, with the calculation formula assigned as "=ROUND(oknTax1Rate*SUM(oknLinetotal_1:oknLinetotal_6),2)"; and the formula of the total charges for labor / service is calculated with the formula "=ROUND(oknTax1+SUM(oknLinetotal_1:oknLinetotal_6),2)".

The tax calculation methods differs completely from the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, where two taxes (if two taxes are all applied / enabled for the template) are all applied to all the items listed on the template. Since this design breaks the assumption of the locations of tax cells, you cannot adjust the number of taxes using the features on the "Taxes" tab on "Settings" window inside Invoice Manager for Excel. On the other hand, Invoice Manager for Excel will have no problem to help you adjust the tax names and rates for you.

Here on there is at least one another invoice template that has the similar layout, which is Contractor Billing Format. In fact, this parts and labor invoice template is created based on "contractor billing format", by removing the "Date" (oknItemDate_?) column, and by adding back the "Unit Price" ("oknPrice_?") and the "Quantity" ("oknQuantity_?") column. As you can see, although we've made significant customizations to the template, Invoice Manager for Excel works well with the new template. If you are looking for a billing and invoicing software for your business, make sure it is flexible enough so that it meets your special business requirements. Visit Excel Job Invoice Template, Contractor Invoice Template Free, Auto Repair Invoice Template, Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template and Contract Labor Invoice Template for more invoice template samples.

Note that if you or your client are UK (United Kingdom)-based, your invoices must meet specific requirements as detailed on Invoicing and taking payment from customers, and our sample templates include Hourly Service Invoice Template (UK Currency) etc. For Australian-based users, note the Requirements on Issuing tax invoices, and we've built sample Excel invoice templates here on, including Australian GST Invoice Template, Australian GST Invoice Template (2), etc.

Format and Specification

Template# c4071
Name Parts and Labor Invoicing Format
Category Sales Invoice Template
Release Date Thursday, May 12, 2016
Format (XLS or XLSX) .xlsx
Columns 4
Lines 18
Line Height (Points) 18.00
Print Area $D$2:$K$46
Papaer Size / Orientation Portrait
Default Margins (Points)
Left 22.68
Right 22.68
Top 45.35
Bottom 45.35
Price Free (0.00 USD)
System Windows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.

Update History

October 21, 2016

  • Since the release of Uniform Invoice Software 5, our invoicing app uses a new method to capture and process Excel worksheet click events. Buttons on the invoice templates are no longer implemented as ActiveX controls, but implemented with text boxes. This design results in a light-weight template. This updated parts and labor invoice template adds back the command buttons on the top of the form.