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Invoicing Format for HVAC Service
A C invoice template

Besides the usual replaceable logo image placeholder located on the top-left corner of the form layout, it also introduces a repairman image located on the top-center, which should be a suitable widget for heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. In fact you can add any images to the template by simply clicking the "Pictures" command on Excel "Insert" ribbon tab. To have the newly added image appear on UIS-generated PDF invoices and bills, you should name the image with "oknWidget" prefix. For example, in this template the repairman image is named "oknWidget_repairman". Visit Creating and Customizing Invoice Template for more information. For more samples on templates and images visit Invoice Template Images.

Bill Format with Modern Design
Bill Format with Modern Design

This invoicing template has a modern design style with abstract lines on the clean background. If you are a designer, download this Excel template (".xlsx") for free to create elegant and modern invoices / bills. A PDF modern invoice sample is also downloadable.

Engineering Estimate Template
Engineering Estimate Template

For example, the unit price of your product or service might be determined by many factors that should also be listed on the invoice form, such as customer category (VIP, wholesale, or general customer), measurement unit, etc.

Advertising Agency Invoice Template
Advertising Agency Invoice Template

Like the default template installed with Invoice Manager for Excel, this template has two taxes set on the bottom of the form.

Invoicing Sample for Cosmetics Shops
Invoicing Sample for Cosmetics Shops

Download this free Excel bill sample for vendors, stores, retailers and wholesalers that are specialized in cosmetics and makeup. The template (".xlsx" file) features auto calculation and a cosmetics background picture.

Jewelry Receipt Template
Bill Format for Jewelry Shop

The "ITEM#" column placed on the left-most column of the worksheet is functional if you have Invoice Manager for Excel installed. On creating a receipt or invoice, you enter the Item# / SKU# / barcode# into this cell, the corresponding description and unit price is automatically retrieved from the backend database. This saves you time and prevent typo errors. This feature is called "in-cell lookup" in Invoice Manager for Excel. You can turn this feature on or off on the "In-cell lookup" page of the "Settings" dialog box.

Credit Memo Template
Credit Note Template

A credit note is also called credit memo (memorandum). It is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer and states the amount of money that has been credited to the buyer's account. The credit note format available for free here on was originally a sample on customizing the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, and it is now provided as a free template. The credit note template is offered in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format, which you can easily convert to the new (.xlsx) format by executing the "Save As" command in Microsoft Excel.

Blank Service Invoicing Template
Blank Service Invoicing Template

Use this Blank Service Invoice Template to standardize your invoices and generate professional invoices quickly. The downloadable template in Excel format calculates totals and taxes automatically so that you don't have to do that manually.

PDF Invoice with PayPal Button
PayPay Payment Button on PDF Invoices
  • Open your invoicing template as usual.
  • Click the "Add / Update PayPal Button" command on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  • Enter your PayPal account email address in the first text box. Note this is the account where your customer will send money to. So double check it to make sure it is correctly.
  • In the "Information sent to PayPal" section, you'll find 3 fields.
    • Item name: This field describes why the customer is paying you. The default value for this field is "Invoice Number: oknInvoiceID", where "oknInvoiceID" will be replaced with real invoice numbers when a PDF invoice is generated. You can include your company / business name here. For example, it could be "ABC Company Invoice Number: oknInvoiceID".
    • Currency: This field should specify the 3-letter currency code to use. The default currency is "USD". It is implemented as a drop-down selection list. Note that UIS does not convert currency automatically. So make sure this choice in this field matches the currency used on your invoices.
    • Amout: By default this field is "oknBalanceDue". This will be the balance of the invoice that is being created. On generating a PDF invoice, UIS replace this with the value of the "oknBalanceDue" cell.
  • Click "Test" to open a browser window to verify what you customers will see when they click he PayPal payment button on your invoices. In this test link, "oknInvoiceID" will be replaced with "INV100", the amount will show "123.00".
  • Click "Add / Update PayPal button" to add the PayPal button to your Excel invoice template.
  • The template is now switched to design mode with the new payment button selected. You can move it to a proper location by dragging and dropping, or resize it by dragging the border of the button image.
  • Once done, switch off design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again.
  • Save the template by clicking the Save button on Excel quick access toolbar.
Proforma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background
Pro-Forma Invoice with Printable Earth Map Background

In the past several years we've published a number of customized invoice templates here on Proforma invoice template is one of the important category, and c7010 Basic Proforma Invoicing Template is our first template under this category.

Sample Sales Invoice Template: Using Line Number Instead of Item#
Sales Template with line Number

This sample invoice template shows automatically the line number of an item in the place of item# or product# on the invoice body. The sample demonstrates the flexibility of an Excel-formatted invoicing template.

Simple Sample - Changing Paper Size
Simple Sample - Changing Paper Size

The reason for changing to this new paper type is that it is common and also similar to the original paper size. Changing to other paper sizes and types is possible, but more time and effort may be involved in order to rearrange the fields and controls to create a professional and useful invoicing format and layout that is printable on a single page.

Transport Invoice with GST
Transport Invoicing Form with GST

This free Excel invoice template could be used by transport businesses. The shipping service invoice layout includes 11 columns inside the printable form including "date", "customer reference", "From", "To", "description", "cubic", and "weight"," Fuel Levy" etc.

Simple Sample - Moving Taxable Controls
Simple Invoicing Format - Moving Taxable Controls

This simple invoicing template shows you how to create a billing format that exclude the taxable boxes from the printable form. This sample is based on the result of c5075 Simple Invoice Template - Moving Balance and Payment Cells. The customized template created in this tutorial could be downloaded for free from here on

Netherlands Sales Invoice Template
Netherlands Sales Billing Form
  • the name and address of the supplier
  • the VAT identification number of the supplier
  • your name and address
  • the invoice number
  • the invoice date
  • the date on which the goods or services were supplied
  • the quantity and type of goods supplied
  • the nature and type of services supplied
Sales Invoice with Profit and Taxable Column
Sales Invoice with Profit and Taxable Column

This is a sales invoicing template, meaning that it includes the shipping address section on the printable form. If you are offering services, such as plumbing or as a handyman, and don't need the shipping address section, see Service Invoicing Form with Profit and Taxable Column. If you don't want to have the Taxable checkboxes to appear on the printable invoicing form, visit Service Invoicing Form with Profit Calculation. While this invoicing template, Sales Invoice with Profit and Taxable Column, is offered as both a freeware edition at no price and a Invoice Manager for Excel edition, the Invoice Manager for Excel edition provides more powerful features such as managing products and inventory, invoices and payments reporting, etc.

Simple Sample - Discount Amount Field
Simple Sample - Discount Amount Field
  1. Backup your template (If you have not done so yet).
  2. Open the template.
  3. Click the Design Mode button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab to push the button down. In design mode, Invoice Manager for Excel will not response to your clicks on buttons. In design mode, it also shows the gridlines and row/column headings of your Excel worksheet.
  4. Right-click the row heading of the first tax row on the bottom of the invoicing form. This is sample, it is R35.
  5. Choose Insert from the short-cut menu. This inserts a new row above the first tax row.
  6. Enter "DISCOUNT (AMOUNT)" underneath the "SUBTOTAL" label, i.e. $J$35.
  7. Click to select the cell where the discount amount value should be entered. In this sample, you click $K$35.
  8. Enter the cell name "oknDiscountAmount" into the name box on the formula bar. All cells names that work with Invoice Manager for Excel should start with the "okn" prefix, except "Print_Area" and "Print_Titltes".
  9. Right-click the cell named "oknDiscountAmount" cell at $K$35, choose Format Cells from the shortcut menu. On the Format Cells dialog box, go to the "Protection" page, clear the "Locked" property. Click "OK" to close the dialog box. By clearing the "Locked" property, the discount amount field will be manually fillable / edition when you are creating an invoice.
  10. Click to select the cell next to the label "SUBTOTAL", i.e. the cell named "oknSubtotal" at $K$34. Modify its formula to be "=SUM(oknLineTotal_1:oknLineTotal_12) - oknDiscountAmount".
  11. To deduct the discount amount from taxable amount, modify the first tax formula (cell address $K$36 to be "=ROUND(IF(oknTaxType=0,0, oknTax1Rate*(oknLineTotalTaxable - oknDiscountAmount+IF(oknTaxTotalIncludingShippingCost=0,0,oknShippingCost))),2)"; modify the second tax formula (cell address $K$37 to be "=ROUND(IF(oknTaxType<>2,0,oknTax2Rate*(oknLineTotalTaxable - oknDiscountAmount+IF(oknTaxTotalIncludingShippingCost=0,0,oknShippingCost)+IF(oknTax2IsAppliedToTax1=0,0,oknTax1))),2)".
  12. Click "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice ribbon tab again to exit design mode.
  13. Save the template by clicking the Save command on Excel quick access toolbar.
Consulting Invoice Template (4th Sample - Taxable Column)
Consulting Invoice Template (4th Sample - Taxable Column)

This forth sample of customizing the free consulting bill sample demonstrates how to move the column of Taxable checkboxes into the printable consulting invoice form.

Service Invoice with Profit Calculation
Service Invoicing Form with Profit Calculation

Service Invoice with Profit Calculation is a variant of Sales Invoice Template with Profit Calculation. The printing result is exactly same as the service invoice template here on, but it has the ability to calculate profit based on the cost you enter.