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Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop)

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Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop) (IMFE Edition)


Payment voucher is specific voucher which can be used as the proof of any transaction which is done between two parties. This payment voucher template is designed especially for golden retail shop that want to show the weight of each item that are being sold.

This payment voucher template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format was originally published on as c6-004 "Golden Pearl Jeweler Shop Invoice Template". revised this voucher template and published it here for you to easily draft your vouchers if you are running a golden pearl jeweler retail shop.

If you are using the Invoice Manager for Excel version of this payment voucher template for golden shop, note that unlike most other invoicing templates available here on, this voucher template (receipt template) does not keep customer / client records. This is archived by assigning the same Customer# "A" to all clients. While the whole sales record is still kept when you click "Save To DB" button on the Invoice worksheet, and these information are available when you try to generates reports from the database, this payment voucher template does not distinguish between different customers because all customers are assigned with the same customer# "A".

The payment voucher template contains all details about mode of payment, item details, payer details and receiver details. It also has the details of date, day and total amount. Voucher plays important role in the verification process and in the process of audit. It is also used as an invoice in business for indicating the made payment of any type of transaction. It is used for keeping the record of all those payments which has to be paid. It is issued by company to its customers which is contains all the important contents like the name of payer's and payee, the paid amount, reason of issuing this payment voucher mode of payment and the signatures of the payee and payer etc.

As always this receipt template is provided in two formats - one freeware format that you can use without installing Invoice Manager for Excel, and another edition that you should use with Invoice Manager for Excel installed. By installing Invoice Manager for Excel, you'll make all the buttons on the top of the payment voucher form work for you. For example, when you need to create a new payment voucher, simply click the "Clear & New" button, which will clear all the cells that you need to fill in, and some cells are filled with default content. For example, the "date" field is filled with the current date. If you click the "Save To DB" button, Invoice Manager for Excel will save the current voucher to a backend database. This allows you to recall the saved business document at any time, and allows you to generate sales report, payment report, product report etc. If you click the icon button on the voucher detail section, Invoice Manager for Excel pops a product list / item list, that allows you to pick products / items instead of typing manually.

Being a customized voucher template for golden pearl jeweler shop, this voucher template includes 6 columns on the detail section, that are item#, description, quantity, weight, unit price, amount (Line total). The first 5 columns are manually editable, and the last column, Amount (Line total) is calculated with the formula "=quantity * weight * unit price".

On the bottom of the voucher form, the fields include Discount, Total, Advance Payment, and Balance. This "Discount" field is an amount field, the amount entered into it will be deducted from the Total by Excel formulas. The "Advance Payment" field is also a manually editable field that is indicating the advance payment from the customer, which is deducted from the "Balance" automatically. If you would like to use this template as a cash payment voucher template, move both the Advance and Balance fields out of the printable form, and make the "Advance" field equal to "Total" by using an Excel formula. A general purpose cash voucher template is also available here on, which is ready for you to download for free at Cash Voucher Template. If you are not running a golden retail shop you may find our general purpose Excel Payment Voucher Template helpful and useful.

A voucher is a written proof and evidence of payment. Both parties involved in the transaction can claim in case of any issue on the basis of this voucher. Be sure to use our voucher templates to draft vouchers with easy and quick.

Format and Specification

NamePayment Voucher Template (Golden Shop)
CategoryReceipt Template
Release DateWednesday, May 28, 2014
Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Feature Gallery
Line Height (Points)19.50
Print Area$E$2:$N$40
Papaer Size / OrientationPortrait
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PriceFree (0.00USD)
SystemWindows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.

Update History

August 27, 2018

  • This template was updated to be compatible with UIS 6.