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Download this if you have already installed the Microsoft Store edition of Invoice Manager for Excel, and are looking for additional customized templates.

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Download this if you want this design to be set as the default template by the installer program.

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Invoicing Template for Roofing Service

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Invoicing Template for Roofing Service (IMFE Edition)


Download this Excel and PDF roofing invoicing template for free. Designed for roofing / ceiling service providers, such as a cooperated company or a contractor / freelancer. With simple customizations, this sample could also be used as an estimate or contract form.

As a wholesaler or a retailer, a roofing specialist, an architect or a technician who provide roofing or ceiling of residential or commercial properties, you know you need formal invoices. Because this invoice will not only help you get paid fast, but also for insurance claim for repair work or damage control. Today there are many special roofing invoice designs you can download online, but our design is original and unique. Read on to find more tips and guidelines for roofing invoicing and billing.

This billing and invoicing format for roofing service is created based on the standard invoicing template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel installer program. See the standard invoice template category for more samples on this topic. The most noticeable differences between this customized format and the standard template is that, besides the color schema, this roofing service version shows a roofer image on top of the form. This image is added as a background image, so it will not show when you are creating invoices - the roofer image shows only on printed invoices, or the PDF version that you generate with Invoice Manager for Excel and email to your customer.

The next important difference between this roofing and ceiling repairing invoice sample and the standard invoice sample is that, this customized version has only one tax (named "TAX") set by default. To change the taxing options, with Invoice Manager for Excel installed you can simply clicking the "Settings" button on either the "Invoice" worksheet, or on the ribbon tab, and then go to the "Taxes" tab, choose the tax type (no-tax, one-tax or two taxes), set up the tax names and rates for each taxes, and then click the "Apply" button. Invoice Manager for Excel will modify the form layout according to the options you choose. The Excel formulas we created for the tax cells will work well too with the options you choose from the "Taxes" tab. The support for formulas is one of the big advantages of Excel as an invoicing assistant. The other Office invoicing templates could produce clean and professional-looking business documents too, like Word or even Power Point invoicing templates, but it is far easier to do automated calculations with Excel formatted template (".xlsx" or ".xls"). This is why Excel is used for many accounting activities. On the other hand, to many people Word is the writing tool. And, this is one of the reason why we are providing all our billing templates in Excel format.

To show the roofer picture on the top of the form, the logo image is moved to the bottom of the form but above the "Notes" field. The blank area above the "Notes" field is limited so we place only a long and thin logo placeholder (named "oknWidget_logo") here. If your own logo image looks different, you can either move the logo image elsewhere on the form, or delete it completely.

Roofing is closely related to construction. You may like to take a look at c1001 Construction Proposal Template, which is an one-column form design that allows you to freely enter a number text lines and the total amount of a project; and c4046 Simple Invoice for Construction Business, which is a basic bill sample for general constructions.

This template shows both "Quantity" and "Unit Price" columns on the printable form. You can also easily changed it to "Hours" and "Hourly Rate" in when the template is in design mode.

With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, all buttons on the "Invoice" worksheet will go live, which makes sorting your roofing specialists invoices a piece of cake. Stop spending hours each week struggling with paperwork and missing payments with our easy-to-use Excel template powered with Invoice Manager for Excel. Invoice Manager for Excel also helps in creating PDF invoices. With proper options set on the "Email" tab of the "Settings" window, you can create and email the invoice in PDF format with a single click on the "Extract / Email" button.

It is also easier to find out outstanding invoices with Invoice Manager for Excel. Simply click the "Invoices" button, all pending invoices will be marked with special color.

Format and Specification

Template# c5098
Name Invoicing Template for Roofing Service
Category Service Invoice Template
Release Date Sunday, October 23, 2016
Format (XLS or XLSX) .xlsx
Feature Gallery
Columns 5
Lines 12
Line Height (Points) 18.00
Print Area $D$3:$K$46
Papaer Size / Orientation Portrait
Default Margins (Points)
Left 18.00
Right 18.00
Top 75.60
Bottom 75.60
Price Free (0.00 USD)
System Windows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.