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Past Due Invoice Template
Payment Due Invoice Form

The template uses a custom field oknAccountBalance added to the "InvHdr" database table to display the previous balance of the current customer. Another custom field, oknTotalBalance, which is also added to the "InvHdr" database table, displays the sum of the current invoice balance and previous balance.

Invoice with Previous Balance (Sales)
Invoice with Previous Balance (Sales)

Sometimes it's helpful and necessary to add past due balance to the current new invoice. Although this feature is not directly implemented in the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel installer program, it is easy to implement such a feature so that whenever you pick up a customer, the past balance is shown automatically on the currently invoice, and added to the total due. If you decide not to use Invoice Manager for Excel, the previous balance should be retrieved and added manually.

Invoice with Previous Balance (Service)
Invoice Forwarding Outstanding Balance

Please also refer to the original version to find out implementation details about this invoice template, including how Invoice Manager for Excel maps database fields to Excel cells, and how to unlock a cell to make sure Invoice Manager for Excel can read/write a cell even when the spreadsheet is protected.

General Service Invoice
General Service Bill

As a service invoice template, this form does not contain the shipping address section, just like other generic service invoice samples here on For more samples on general invoices, visit General Invoice Templates.

Service Invoicing Template in Excel
Service Invoice Form in Excel

Although the feature set of a simple blank free invoice template is limited if you compared it with a fully featured invoicing software program, the advantage of a billing template is obvious - it is easy to use, and the intuitive interface help you create beautiful and professional invoices without a hard learning curve. If you are not ready for a complete invoicing software, such as Invoice Manager for Excel, and don't have enough budget spending on invoice service online, offers this blank service billing template could be a great help. If you cannot find the one you like here on, feel free to browse Microsoft Service invoice templates.

Invoice with Date Column
Invoice with Date Column

This template has no shipping section, but offers 4 columns on the invoice body - date, description, quantity and amount.

Since this template does not include the shipping section in the printable area, it is more suitable for service business. Compared to the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel installer program, this "Invoice with Date Column" template has the Product# and Unit Price columns moved out of the printable area, and added a new column Date.

Service Invoice with Payment Advice
Service Invoice with Payment Advice

A general service invoice template that had the shipping section removed and added a payment advice.

Although this is a very different format or layout than the default invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel, the fact is that it is not so hard to customize default invoice form to create this one. The most important operation during the customization is the moving of cells and fields. Let's say you want to move the shipping section in the default sales invoice template out of the printable area, for example, here are the steps.

Excel Payment Voucher Template
Payment Voucher Template

The voucher# field is a must-filled-in field. It should be filled with a unique (and usually consecutive) value. If you use Invoice Manager for Excel, the voucher# could be generated automatically by clicking the "Save To DB" button.

Payment Receipt Template
Payment Receipt Template

Payment Receipt Template uncovers a hidden feature available in the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel but overlooked by most users.

Sample Invoice Template
Sample Invoice Template

This blank sample invoice template has 3 lines and simplified summary section. It also features a "Terms and Conditions" section on the bottom of the form.

Cash Payment Voucher Template
Cash Voucher Template

Cash Payment Voucher Template is a sample voucher template created from Excel Payment Voucher Template and Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop). Draft beautiful and professional cash payment vouchers with this blank cash payment voucher template.

Automotive Sample Invoice Template
Automotive Sample Invoice Template

This auto parts invoice / automotive sample invoice template is the sample invoice template shipped with Excel Invoice Manager that demonstrating the use of custom fields.

4-Column without Tax
4-Column Invoice Template

If you have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, setting tax types is as easy as clicking several buttons. For example, if you find a template here on interesting but don't need tax fields, you can set it to non-tax by firstly clicking the Settings button on the Invoice worksheet, and then go to the Taxes tab of the Settings dialog box. The Taxes tab offers 3 options, non-tax, one-tax and two-tax. Tax names and rates can also be set on the "Taxes" page of the Settings window.

Sample Sales Invoice Template 2
Sample Sales Invoice Form 2

For Excel gurus who like to know the details on how to create this general purpose sales invoicing sample from the default sales invoicing design: unprotect the Invoice worksheet, move out product#, quantity and unit price columns, and then remove the formula from the line total cells and unlock the line total cells.

Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop)
Voucher Template (Golden Shop)

The payment voucher template contains all details about mode of payment, item details, payer details and receiver details. It also has the details of date, day and total amount. Voucher plays important role in the verification process and in the process of audit. It is also used as an invoice in business for indicating the made payment of any type of transaction. It is used for keeping the record of all those payments which has to be paid. It is issued by company to its customers which is contains all the important contents like the name of payer's and payee, the paid amount, reason of issuing this payment voucher mode of payment and the signatures of the payee and payer etc.

Service Invoice Form with Discount Amount
Service Invoice Form with Discount Amount

Just like a general sales invoice template, this service invoice template includes required fields on the form, including your logo, company name, date of order, buyer's name, description of product, amount due, taxes and anything else you specifically need for your company. However, since this is a service invoice template, we moved out all the fields that are defined for providing shipping information. If you would like a version that includes the shipping fields on the printable invoice, see Sales Invoice Form with Discount Amount here on