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The printed version.

Simple Consulting Bill with Printable Background Image

Open the template in Excel.

Simple Consulting Bill with Printable Background Image (IMFE Edition)


This bill template is a revisited version of c4017 Consulting Invoice Template (2nd Sample of Customization). While it is still a simple invoice template, we've added a background image to make it beautiful and unique.

The background image we added to the template shows a business man checking for documents. It shows on the printed version of your consulting invoices / bills, or on the PDF consultant bills generated by Invoice Manager for Excel.

This printable image is located on the center-bottom of the form, where in the original template we placed the default logo image for your consultancy business. In order to show the background image, we've moved the default logo image (the placeholder image) to the top of the form layout.

As you can see from the samples we published here on, Microsoft Excel is a fairly flexible form designer. As detailed on the Customizing Invoice Templates document, using Excel as the form designer you can customize the layout of the form by dragging and dropping, much easier than many other form designers, like HTML & CSS, Adobe PDF / AI. Adding a simple image to the original billing template assigns it a very different look and feel.

Do you like to make your invoices and bills differ from others? Images are the simple and effective way to go. If you are a small consultancy business that has limited budget for invoicing and billing, you still can have your cool and unique bills to present to your customers.

Use the search tool to easily locate and download your favorite billing format. You don't have to be an artist or Excel professor to have a beautiful form. We've prepared a number of templates that you can choose from. Our templates are pure-Excel based template that are not locked with password, built without macros - just simple spreadsheet forms with Excel formulas to do basic calculations.

All templates hosted here on support our desktop invoicing software, Invoice Manager for Excel (UIS). Without UIS, you are able to use the template to create invoices by a filling-in-the-blank form, much like filling a paper form. However by installing UIS, you are able to use a number of powerful features provided by UIS.

One of the benefits of using UIS is that it is able to generate sequential and unique bill numbers automatically. This automated generator is based on a counter stored in the backend Access database. UIS combines the advantages of the front-end Excel spreadsheet and the backend database system, making your billing tasks as easier as filling a paper form. Feel free to download the fully functional trail version of UIS to find out how it works for you.

Format and Specification

Template# c4085
Name Simple Consulting Bill with Printable Background Image
Category Consulting Invoice Template
Release Date Friday, August 19, 2016
Format (XLS or XLSX) .xlsx
Feature Gallery
Columns 4
Lines 16
Line Height (Points) 15.75
Print Area $E$3:$M$50
Papaer Size / Orientation Portrait
Default Margins (Points)
Left 18.00
Right 18.00
Top 75.60
Bottom 75.60
Price Free (0.00 USD)
System Windows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.


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