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Download this if you have already installed the Microsoft Store edition of Invoice Manager for Excel, and are looking for additional customized templates.

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Download this if you want this design to be set as the default template by the installer program.

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The printed version.

Simple Sample - Decimal Precision of Product Prices

Open the template in Excel.

Simple Sample - Decimal Precision of Product Prices (IMFE Edition)


The default invoicing template shows two digits after the decimal pointer in the Unit Price field. This simple invoice sample shows you how to change it.

In the underlying database structure definition, the "Price" field appears in two places - the Product table, and the Invoice Body database table. The "Price" field is defined as "decimal (15,6)" which means you can have up to 6 digits after the decimal pointer and the field is able to store a decimal value up to 15 digits in total. However on the "Invoice" worksheet in the default template, the "Price" column is formatted to show only two digits by default. In this example, we show you how to change it so that it shows 4 digits after the decimal pointer.

The detailed steps of this customization sample are shown below, with the sample template created in c4051 Simple Invoice Template - Discount Amount Field as the starting point. Note that you need have Invoice Manager for Excel installed in order to follow this tutorial, which is our invoicing software app (invoicing program) that combines the power of Excel with backend database, providing features that could hardly be implemented with pure Excel only, such as management of customers, products, invoices and payments.

  1. Back up your template. You can do this by simply coping the invoice template in Windows Explorer.
  2. Open the template.
  3. Click the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" worksheet. This switch Invoice Manager for Excel, as well as the template, into design mode; and it also unprotect the sheet, shows gridlines and row/column headings.
  4. Drag your mouse to select all the Unit Price cells. To do this, push down the left mouse key on the first Unit Price cell (in this sample, $I$22). Without releasing the mouse key, drag the mouse unit all the cells on the Unit Price column are selected (selected range: $I$22:$I$33).
  5. Right-click one of the selected cell. Choose "Format Cells" from the shortcut menu.
  6. The "Format Cells" dialog box appears, with the "Number" tab activated by default.
  7. On the "Category" list, "Custom" is selected and the active format codes is something like "_* #,##0.00_ ;_ * -#,##0.00_ ;_ * ""??_ ;_ @_". For a detailed explanation on format codes, visit the Microsoft document at Number format codes, or Excel Custom Number Formats.
  8. Change the format code, so that it look likes "_* #,##0.0000_ ;_ * -#,##0.0000_ ;_ * ""??_ ;_ @_". This format code forces Excel to display 4 digits after the decimal pointer, with padding zeros added if necessary.
  9. Click OK to close the "Format Cells" dialog box.
  10. Exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button again on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  11. Save the template by clicking the "Save" button on Microsoft Excel quick access toolbar.

As stated earlier, in the database the underlying definition of the "Price" field allows up to 6 digits after the decimal pointer. So to have the Excel billing format show 4 digits, all we need to do is to change the display format.

On the other hand, many other fields, such as line totals, subtotal, total, tax amounts, shipping cost, payment amount, balance due etc., allow only two digits after the decimal pointer - if you take a look at the formula of these cells, there is a "round" formula the make sure the result of calculation having only two digits after the decimal pointer. If you want to change this, you need to use the Advanced Database Field Customization tool provided by Invoice Manager for Excel.

  1. Open the invoice template.
  2. Click the "Products" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  3. Click "Custom Fields".
  4. Click "Advanced..." button.
  5. Read the warning message on the top of the dialog box. Backup the database file.
  6. The "Database Table" list shows the table that you are currently viewing. In this sample, we choose "Product" from the list.
  7. As you can see, the "Price" field is defined as "decimal (15,6)".
  8. To change the definition of a field, first click to select the field, and then click "Customize".
  9. Once done, click "Close" to close the dialog boxes.

As you can see from this simple invoice template sample, it is pretty easy to customize the billing form with the help of Excel of Invoice Manager for Excel. Although not as big and complicated as some accounting and billing systems, such as QuickBooks, Invoice Manager for Excel does provide its unique features that help you to create beautiful and professional invoice (see the PDF version too), receipt and statement.

If you are running a small business that has limited budget on the invoicing solution, try Invoice Manager for Excel (download the trial version for free) to see if it is the best fit for your requirements. With Invoice Manager for Excel, you create invoice by filling a blank form as easy as filling a paper form. There is no hard learning curve in order to bill your customers!

Format and Specification

Template# c4060
Name Simple Sample - Decimal Precision of Product Prices
Category Sales Invoice Template
Release Date Saturday, February 6, 2016
Format (XLS or XLSX) .xlsx
Feature Gallery
Columns 4
Lines 12
Line Height (Points) 18.00
Print Area $D$2:$K$47
Papaer Size / Orientation Portrait
Default Margins (Points)
Left 22.68
Right 22.68
Top 45.35
Bottom 45.35
Price Free (0.00 USD)
System Windows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.


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