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Download this if you have already installed the Microsoft Store edition of Invoice Manager for Excel, and are looking for additional customized templates.

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Download this if you want this design to be set as the default template by the installer program.

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The printed version.

Simple Sales Invoicing Sample

Open the template in Excel.

Simple Sales Invoicing Sample (IMFE Edition)


Simple Sales Invoicing Sample is the template designed by that helps you create beautiful and professional sales invoices in an easy and quick way.

This template has 4 columns on the invoice detail section - Description, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount. Basically this invoicing templates offers the same number of fields / cells on the invoice form as the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. However this template has very different look and feel. This is archived by moving the fields, setting fonts and colors - all tools are provided by Microsoft Excel. Simple Sales Invoicing Template, or Simple Sales Invoicing Form, helps you create professional invoices for your business by simply filling in a blank form. You can also use this simple sales invoicing template as a basic and starting point, customize the layout, look and feel of your invoices to add professionalism to your business. Don't waste time creating manual invoices for goods and services when you can easily use a pre-designed template.

To find more samples on how to create new templates based on this simple template, see Simple Service Bill Format / Simple Service Billing Format, or Simple Consulting Billing Format.

Note that we've used several illustrations / shapes of Microsoft Excel to archive the beautiful invoicing form, such as the parallelogram with the big word "INVOICE" in it, the "flowchart: terminator" shapes surrounding the "BILL TO" and "SHIP TO" labels, and the circle shape object on the bottom of the sales invoice form.

Format and Specification

NameSimple Sales Invoicing Sample
CategorySales Invoice Template
Release DateSaturday, October 11, 2014
Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Line Height (Points)30.00
Print Area$G$2:$P$46
Papaer Size / OrientationPortrait
Default Margins (Points)
PriceFree (0.00USD)
SystemWindows 7 and later, and Excel 2007 and later.

Update History

December 1, 2016

  • Unfreeze the Excel worksheet panes.
  • Clean up links to resource web sites.
  • Replaced ActiveX image logo holder with a general Excel image object.