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Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns)

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You can use this custom template to apply different tax rates to different invoiced items.

If you are selling both beverages and non-beverage products, they must be charged at different tax rates. For example, beverage tax must be at 3.0%, and non-beverage tax must be at 5.0%. If you are selling both general products (goods) and labor (service) to customers, they usually have different rates.

First, we added the custom field "Product Type" to the Product database table. With this field, you'll define the tax type of the product or item, which could have a value of "beverage" or "non-beverage", or something like "General" or "Labor", depending on your business requirements.

Secondly, we added the custom field "Product Type" to the "InvBdy" database table, with exactly the same name and type as what is defined in the Product database table, and added the custom field "Applied Tax Rate" to the "InvBdy" data table, which saves the actual rate applied to the current invoicing item.

The "Product Type" and "Applied Tax Rate" fields are placed outside of the printable area. What if you want to show these two columns on the printable form? The result of moving the "Product Type" and "Applied Tax Rate" columns into the printable form can be found at Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns) (c5035).

Format and Specification

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Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Line Height (Points)18.00
Print Area$F$3:$N$41
Papaer OrientationPortrait
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