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Tax Invoice Template for Psychology Service


This tax invoice template designed for Australian psychology services features the psychology business name, a link to Assoc. MAPS, ACT Reg No., NSW Reg No. PSO, Medicare Provider No., and ABN#. The usual "Bill To" section is replaced with fields for "Patient Details". The "Referrer Details" section includes fields for "GP Name", "Provider No", and "Referral Date".

The form includes five generic columns in the detail section, including "Item#", "Description", "Quantity", "Unit Price", and "Line Total".

The price here does not include tax. The tax will be calculated using the special "GST" cell. Refer to the Australian GST Invoice Template (c7018) and Australian GST Invoice Template (2) (c7019) for more information.

This template includes a payment history section. It shows the detailed payment records applied to the current invoice, allowing partial payment and progress billing. You can hide the entire section if you don't need it.

The template at Psychologist Invoice Template (c6024) shows a more generic design for psychology services.

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