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4-Column without Tax
4-Column Invoice Template

This is a variant of the invoice template with 4 columns. The template is set with no tax and shipping address. Visit Sample Invoice Template to download a sample that accepts long product description.

ABN Tax Invoice
ABN Tax Invoice Format

According to Australian Taxation Office, if your tax invoices meet the requirements for sales of $1,000 or more, you can also use them for sales of lesser amounts. So this template could be seen as a replacement of our original two formats. Furthermore, we redesigned the original "Taxable" checkboxes - in the original version, they are ActiveX controls; in this new version they are Excel / Office form controls. With the development of Microsoft Office / Excel, it seems that form controls get better support than old ActiveX controls. We've also moved all the "Taxable" controls into the printable forms, so that they will be included when printed (see the screenshot images below), or be included when you are generating PDF invoice (see all PDF invoice templates here on

FET Tax Invoice for Truck Tire Business
FET Tax Invoice

As detailed on Information on Federal Excise Tax, "You will need to pay Federal Excise Tax (FET), which amounts to 12% of the price and must be collected and paid by the seller …" In this sample template, the FET column is an amount value entered manually. See Federal Excise Tax (FET) info for more information on FET. See our tax invoice template collection for templates categorized by countries and regions.

Jamaica Tax Invoice Template
Jamaica Tax Billing Format

Jamaica Tax Invoice Template adheres to the requirements detailed on Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ). It implements the auto calculation of tax - GCT, i.e. General Consumption Tax. The GCT is a value added tax which is applied on the value added to goods and services at each stage in the production and distribution chain. It is a tax on consumption and is included in the final price the consumer pays for goods and services. As a Registered Taxpayer, you must issue a tax invoice for sale made to another Registered Taxpayer. In the case of sales to other persons, you should issue an invoice or a receipt for each transaction.

Malaysia Tax Invoice Template
Malaysia Invoice Format

The basic layout of the sheet is similar to the standard bill format shipped with Invoice Manager, but the static text labels are translated using an online tool. For more tax invoice requirements in Malaysia, visit PDF Tax invoice and records keeping - GST, What is Tax Invoice? How to issue Tax Invoice? and Issuing Tax Invoices.

UK Tax Invoice Template
UK Tax Invoice Template

The taxable checkboxes were removed completely, assuming all the products are taxable, no matter whether the Taxable option is checked or not for each product. This avoids an occasionally happened mistake when a taxable product or item must be manually entered on the invoice body, as the Taxable checkbox is not checked by default. The template implements this feature by deleting all the Taxable checkboxes and assigning a value of 1 (TRUE) to all the oknTaxable cells located in the hidden column C.

Vehicle Rental and Travel
Travel and Vehicle Rental

"Invoice Header" and "Invocie Body" are two different sections on a form. Each invoice (or bill) has one header, and one or several records in the body section. In the underlying database system, they are stored in different tables, "InvHdr" and "InvBdy". Since the customer information in the "Bill To" section and the shipping address information in the "Shipping To" section should appear once only on an invoice, they are stored in the "InvHdr" database table; on the other hand, each invoice could have one or more invoiced item, they are stored in the "InvBdy" database table.

Recipient Created Tax Invoices Form
Template for Purchaser Created Tax Invoices

At we've already published a serial of Excel invoice templates according to Australian Taxation Office requirements, including ABN Tax Invoice Template, Australian GST Invoice Template and Australian GST Invoice Template (2). Unlike the samples provided by Australian Taxation Office, our invoice templates are provided in both Excel and PDF formats. And of course, the Excel versions works with Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our Excel-based invoicing software app that combines the power of Microsoft Excel with the back end databases in either Access or SQL Server format, providing features that could hardly be found or implemented with pure Excel templates. Invoice Manager for Excel was originally named Excel Invoice Manager, and the first version was released on August 1, 2005. Our continuous improvements based on the requirements from our users make Invoice Manager for Excel an easy to use, powerful and unique invoicing tool.

Blank Sales Billing Format (No-tax, Long Description)
Blank Sales Billing Sample (No-tax, Long Description)

By default, Microsoft Excel shows all content of a cell on a single line. This is true no matter what the data type it holds - be it text, date or numeric value. To change this default behavior, simply enable the "Wrap Text" option. To do this, first you have to unprotect the sheet, and then drag your mouse to select all the cells for which you want to set the option for, and then right-click one of the selected cells, choose Properties from the shortcut menu. This shows the Format Cells dialog box. Go to the "Alignment" tab, on the Text Control section, you will see the "Wrap Text" option. Check it, and then click "OK". This way, Excel will wrap text automatically when necessary.

Invoice Design for Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor
Billing Format for Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

This free invoicing template designed for dancing school, personal trainer or fitness/yoga instructor includes 4 columns, much like a general hours and rate based template. It differs from other form designs in that it includes a personal trainer woman picture as the background.

Debit Note Template
Debit Note Template

Debit notes are generally used in business-to-business transactions. Such transactions often involve an extension of credit, meaning that a vendor would send a shipment of goods to a company before the goods have been paid for. Although real goods are changing hands, until an actual invoice is issued, real money is not. Rather, debits and credits are being logged in an accounting system to keep track of inventories shipped and payments owed.

Wholesale Produce Distributor Invoice
Wholesale Produce Distributor Invoice Template

Next to that are the "Bill To" and "Ship To" sections. Next to that, the cell named "oknShipVia" is changed to an integral numeric indicating the number of days between the invoice date and the shipping date. For example, if you enter "3" in the "oknShipVia" cell, and the invoice date is July-5-2017, the shipping date will be July-8-2017, which is calculated automatically using the following Excel formula:

Generic Service Bill Sample 2
Generic Service Billing Form 2

Below the customer section there are fields for you to input various invoicing-related information, including purchase order#, sales rep. name, shipping date, shipping method, payment term, due date. Again, if you don't need to have one or more fields to appear on your billing form, you can easily move them out of the printable area.

Credit Memo Template
Credit Note Template

While the freeware version of this credit memo template does not manage credits and account receivables for you, the Invoice Manager for Excel version could do all these accounting tasks in an automated way. For example, if you save a credit note / credit memo in Invoice Manager for Excel, the "Credit" of a customer account will be added with the amount calculated by the credit note template, you can then apply the credit to any invoices. Simply put, with this credit note template and credit memo template, Invoice Manager for Excel could be a fully featured credit note software.

Blank Service Invoice Template with Image Border
Blank Service Bill Format with Image Border

c3008 Blank Service Invoicing Template / Blank Service Billing Form is one of the popular templates here on, according to the download counts. It is also one of the featured template in our blank invoice templates gallery.

Receipt Sample for Seafood Restaurant
Receipt Sample for Seafood Restaurant

This food bill receipt template is created based on c4039 Restaurant Dining Invoice Template (VAT). Like the original design, this template includes the "Table#" and "Server#" fields that are useful for dinning in restaurant; the "Bill To" section also includes the "Address" field, in addition to the "Customer Name" field, so this bill format could also be used for takeaways.

Bill Sample in Estonian
Bill Format in Estonian

"Text label", sometimes also called "static label", means those text that are not changed from invoice to invoice, such as the column headings on the detail section. Comparatively speaking, the content that changes from invoice to invoice is called "field", which has corresponding space in the backend database.