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House Rent Receipt Template
House Rent Receipt Template

An updated version of this template is available at Printable House Rent Receipt Template. To print two receipts using one sheet, see the sample at Two Receipts on One Sheet.

Car Rental Invoice Sample
Car Rental Bill Form

For this reason, the two columns now has new headings in this Excel sheet, namely "Start Date" and "End Date". Since these two custom fields are actually "Date Time" data type in the back end database (Microsoft Access), so we don't have to modify the underlying data types of these fields. All we need to do is to format the cells to show the full date values. Here are the steps to format the cells.

Vehicle Rental and Travel
Travel and Vehicle Rental

Although it is not common, there are business situations that require the customer name to be included on each invoiced item. This travel invoice template demonstrates how to copy a field value from the invoice header section to the detail section.

Rental Invoicing Template
Rental Invoicing Template

This free blank Rental Invoicing Templates with logo image offers an easy way for you to create rental invoices or rental receipts. The rent invoice form is in Microsoft Excel format and is printable on standard A4 paper.

Printable House Rent Receipt Template
Printable House Rent Receipt Format

This image is not visible when you are editing or creating receipts, but will appear when you print a hard copy using printer, or generate PDF receipts using Invoice Manager for Excel.

Equipment Sell and Rental Invoice
Equipment Sell and Rental Bill

So, you are a trusted and experienced equipment rental contractor and equipment supply contractor, and you already know how to deliver the quality equipment that you clients can depend on. Now consider this professional and easy to use invoice template in Excel format to make invoicing as easy as filling a paper form.

Two Receipts on One Sheet
Two Receipts on One Sheet

In this sample, we create the second copy by duplicate the image of the original receipt. As you can see from the steps described below, it is much easier than the procedure described in c4067.

Greece VAT Invoice Template
Greek VAT Billing Form

As a member state of European Union (EU), invoicing in Greece broadly conform to the obligations of the EU VAT Directive and its VAT invoice requirements. This invoice template meets the requirements and have all the major text labels translated to Greek.

Independent Contractor Invoice
Independent Contractor Billing Format

With this design of the contractor invoice template, we used an unusual font, "Comic Sans MS", (at least on the invoice forms here on, we don't use that particular font frequently). However with just a few clicks of mouse, you can change the font type, as detailed below.

Recruitment Agency Invoice Template
Recruitment Firm Billing Sample

Recruiter agent, Recruitment Agency could use this Excel invoice template, which is one of the templates in the consulting invoice templates category, to bill their clients in an easy way by filling in a blank spreadsheet form.

Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns)
Mixed Tax Rates in a Form (5 Columns)

In the original version, which is named Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (5 Columns) here on, we implemented a feature that allows you to tax different types of items with different rates on one same invoice by adding several custom fields and creating some Excel formulas. By using custom fields and Excel formulas, we can create exciting features that are not supported by the default sales invoice template that was shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. The two newly added columns, which are "Product Type" and "Applied Tax Rates", are placed outside the printable invoice form in the original version. If the product / item description text labels are short, you may like to place these two new columns inside the printable invoice form. This customized form named Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns) implements this.

Invoice and Packing List on Separate Worksheet
Invoice and Packing List on Separate Worksheet

On we've already released several samples of packing list templates. For example, the basic Packing List Template (cn010), which demonstrates how to modify an existing invoice form to create a packing list template; and Invoice and Packing List on Same Form (c4078), which puts the packing list (named Delivery Docket) and invoice on the same "Invoice" worksheet, so that the packing list and invoice is printed at the same time whenever you issue the "Print" command; and General Waybill (c3010), which also implements a general purpose packing slip / waybill in a standalone Excel spreadsheet template.

Basic Sales Invoice Template (Light Blue)
Basic Sales Invoice Design (Light Blue)

During the design of this invoicing spreadsheet, the "Merge and Center" command is also useful to set up the item description column.

Consulting Invoicing Form
Consulting Billing Template

If you running a consulting business, this simple consulting invoice could be used as a sample or starting point of your own invoices. Being a consultant your most important work includes setting consulting fee rates and making money, but providing a professional and beautiful consulting invoices could help you collect payments easily and quickly.