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Invoicing Template with Watermark of New York
Invoicing Format with Watermark of New York

The added image of the New York City is inserted into the form header section so that it is not visible when you are creating invoice - i.e. editing the Excel form. The New York watermark is visible on the printed version (see the screenshots below), as well as on the PDF invoice generated with Invoice Manager for Excel, which you can send to your customer electronically with email (see invoice template to email for more samples on this topic).

Invoicing Format for Bakery and Cake Shop
Invoicing Template for Bakery and Cake Shop

With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, to simplify invoice creation, you can use the "Product" database table and assign each product / item a shortcut code (the "Product ID" field). When creating invoices, you simply type in the item# into the cell to retrieve the full description and unit price, so that you don't have to type in the same text again and again.

Simple Sample - Moving Taxable Controls
Simple Invoicing Format - Moving Taxable Controls
  1. First of all, back up your template. It is always recommended to back up the template before modifying the layout and format. This way, you could easily return to a working state in case something goes wrong during customization.
  2. Now click to push down the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab. This switch the spreadsheet into design mode, showing gridlines and column / row headings, unprotecting the sheet, as well as push down the "Design" button on Excel "Developer" ribbon tab (The "Developer" ribbon tab is not visible by default).
  3. Now push down the CTRL key on your keyboard. Without releasing the CTRL key, click the taxable boxes one by one with your mouse. This select the taxable controls that you click.
  4. Once all the taxable boxes are selected, release the keyboard CTRL key.
  5. Click and drag one of the taxable box. Drop it outside the printable area - in this sample, we put it on $C10. By dragging and dropping one of the selected controls, all the selected controls are moved to the new location.
  6. If you want to delete the controls completely, with all the controls still selected, hit DEL key on your keyboard. If you want to leave them there, skip this step.
  7. You can also modify the formulas of the tax fields to have them ignore the value of the taxable boxes completely. If all your products or items are always taxable, modify the formula of the first tax cell to " =ROUND( IF ( oknTaxType =0 ,0, oknTax1Rate * ( oknSubTotal + IF( oknTaxTotalIncludingShippingCost =0,0, oknShippingCost ))),2)"; and modify the formula of the second tax cell to " =ROUND ( IF( oknTaxType <> 2,0, oknTax2Rate * ( oknSubTotal + IF ( oknTaxTotalIncludingShippingCost = 0,0, oknShippingCost )+IF( oknTax2IsAppliedToTax1= 0 ,0, oknTax1 ))),2) ". If all your products / items are not taxable, simply choose "No-tax" from the "Taxes" page of the Settings dialog box that could be opened by clicking the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  8. Now modify the column heading of the original "#/Taxable" column. To do this, simply replace the text "#/Taxable" with something like "Item#" or simply "#".
  9. Exit design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab again.
  10. Once done, save the template by clicking the Save button on Excel quick access toolbar.
Excel Quotation Template
Excel Quotation Format with Special Discounting Model

On the bottom of the form, you'll find the usual "Subtotal", "Discount" and "Total" fields. There is also the "Last Balance" field and the "Total Due" cell. The "Last Balance" cell has its field name set to "oknAccountBalance", which is filled whenever you fill in the quotation form / estimation form with an existing client by using the on-sheet picker button, you by enter the client# into the "Customer#" cell (also located outside of the printable quotation form, at $U$2). See Invoice with Previous Balance (Sales) and Invoice with Previous Balance (Service) for more information on how to show previous balance on the form. The "Total Due" is the sum of the previous account balance and the total of the current quotation.

Excel Payment Voucher Template
Payment Voucher Template

The original voucher template, Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop), has a custom field Weight defined in both the Product and Invoice Body database tables. With this general purpose Excel Payment Voucher Template, removed the Weight custom field from it and made it a general purpose voucher template.

Work Invoice in Excel
Work Billing Template in Excel

The columns are titled with "Hours" and "Hourly Rate". However we didn't change the underlying database field names. So in the underlying database, which could be either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server, the corresponding fields are still "Quantity" and "Unit Price". Nearly all invoice templates created for hours worked take the same approach. The purpose of this is to simplify database design. Likewise, the field titled with "Work Description" is in face the "Notes" field in the underlying database.

Excel Retail Invoice Template
Retail Invoice

The default tax rate is 8.735%. This assumes a New York retailer, where the NY State Sales and Use Tax is 4% and the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge of 0.375% for a total Sales and Use Tax of 8.875 percent. This is suitable for most personal property (i.e. alcohol, furniture, electronics, etc.) See New York State Sales and Use Tax and Selling products or services for more information. If you sell alcoholic beverages, there are special invoice requirements.

Commercial Invoice for Export in Excel
Commercial Invoice in Excel offers this free commercial invoice template in Excel format. The template offers blank invoice forms that are highly customizable and printable. With its intuitive interface, you can fill in it just like filling a paper form with a paper. The commercial invoice is required to be furbished as a customs declaration form when exporting goods across international borders. A commercial invoice form includes necessary fields to help the importer present a detailed invoice to the custom authorities. It is presented while clearing the goods. It also includes the terms of Sale, a harmonized code for every item and tax identification of the seller as well as the buyer. The commercial invoice template helps you draft invoices with easy and quick. While there are commercial invoice templates or examples online in other formats, such as Microsoft Word or PDF, the Excel-format commercial invoice template has some interesting features, for example, the use of formulas. If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel edition, the definition of custom fields is another powerful feature that shouldn't ignore. If you are looking for a guide on how to create a commercial invoice, or what is a commercial invoice, or commercial invoice examples, this free commercial invoice form, like the other samples available here on, answered the question in an intuitive way.

General Quote Template for Excel
General Quote Format in Excel Spreadsheet Format

Due to this difference, it is important to clearly identify the document type on the header - whether it is a quote or an estimate. It is also useful, at least in some business areas, to include an expiry date on the document, if your prices are subject to change on the time. In this sample, we added it as a custom field "ExpiryDate". This field is defined as "text (100)" in the backend Access database, and the corresponding cell is named "oknExpiryDate" on the top quote form.

Building Construction Bill Format
Construction Bill Format in Excel

Designed for general contractors and operative builders in the construction industry, this free building construction bill format in Excel is suitable for small businesses like family owned and operated contractor.

Job Estimate Template for Excel
Job Estimate in Excel Format

With Invoice Manager for Excel, the auto-generation of invoice# (in this case, estimate# or quote#) is based on a counter stored in the backend Access database.

Sales Invoicing Format for Germany
Sales Invoicing Example for Germany
  1. Click the Settings button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  2. Go to the "Taxes" tab.
  3. Enter the tax rate, such as 7% (reduced VAT rate) into the appropriate text box.
  4. Click "Apply". Invoice Manager for Excel modifies the layout of the template according to your settings, including the formulas used to calculate the tax amount.
  5. Close the "Settings" dialog box.
  6. Save the template by clicking the "Save" button on Excel quick access toolbar.
Print Shop Bill Sample
Print Shop Bill Sample

As a service bill format, this template for Print Shop does not contains the Shipping To section. This section is moved out of the printable invoice form, i.e. the section identified by the Print_Area name.

Invoice with Date Column
Template with Date Column

This template has no shipping section, but offers 4 columns on the invoice body - date, description, quantity and amount.

Since this template does not include the shipping section in the printable area, it is more suitable for service business. Compared to the default sales invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel installer program, this "Invoice with Date Column" template has the Product# and Unit Price columns moved out of the printable area, and added a new column Date.

Work Order and Processing Sheet Practical Sample
Work Order and Processing Sheet Form Practical Sample

Like other templates here on, this format is provided in Excel (".xlsx") format too. You may find work order template in Microsoft Word (".docx" or ".doc") elsewhere, but Excel-based ".xlsx" format has its advantages over Word such as automated calculations etc. Furthermore, all our templates works well with Invoice Manager for Excel.