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Looking for an easy way to email your invoices? With Invoice Manager for Excel installed, any invoices created by using our templates could be easily sent to the client electronically with just one click of mouse, in any format you choose - PDF, Excel sheet, PNG image. This bypass traditional paper invoices.

Invoice Manager for Excel supports SMTP email servers as the sender.

By default, the "Extract/Email" button extracts invoice only - i.e. copy the current invoice to a separate Excel spreadsheet file. If you want to send invoices via email using this button, follow the procedure describe below.

  1. Click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab.
  2. Go to the "Extract / Email" tab.
  3. Click and activate "Send invoice via email".
  4. There are invoice format you can choose form: "Attach PDF invoice to email", "Attach Excel invoice to email" and "Attach image (PNG) invoice to email". Choose the proper one you like.

    Generally, PDF invoices are recommended as it is the widely accepted business document format, as detailed here. On the other hand, emailing invoices in Excel spreadsheet format to your clients is not recommended.

  5. Set up your email server configurations - SMTP server, port number, email account user name and password. You could obtain these information from your email service provider.
  6. The "Email from" field is what you customer will see on the "from" field when they open your email.
  7. The "BCC to" field allows you to specify a BCC email address ("Blind Carbon Copy"). This should be one of your own email address. If you specify one, Invoice Manager for Excel sends email not only to your client (email address obtained from invoice, or customer record), but also to the BCC email address for your own records. It is recommended that you fill in this field.
  8. Click the "Email Template" button to view or edit the content of your invoice email. The "##invoiceid##" and "##balancedue##" are two variables - they will be replaced with actual values when building an email.
  9. Click "Send test email" to verify that the options you set on this page works correctly. Make sure you clicked the "Apply" button before clicking the "Send test email" button.
  10. If you check the "Request return receipt" option, Invoice Manager for Excel set this flag with your email. Note that there is no way to force your clients to return a receipt - that is they may choose to not sending the receipt. When delivering a message to a recipient's computer system there is no way to force that computer system to issue an acknowledgment to the sender.
  11. Click "Apply" to confirm the email settings.
  12. Click "Close" to close the "Settings" dialog box.

From now on, the "Exact / Email" button will email invoice to the client in the format you specified (PDF, Excel spreadsheet, or PNG), instead of exacting an invoice or receipt. This "Send with email" command is also available on the "Invoice Edit" window.

Here are our templates closely related to Email Invoices with One Click of Mouse.

Invoicing Template to Email
Invoicing Template to Email

Many templates here on has the "Email" field on the "Bill To" or "Client Info." section. By adding this to the billing form, new customer accounts created by clicking the "Save As New Customer" button (or the "Save New Customer" button on the task pane) could have the email address saved too. Otherwise, you have to go to the "Customer Edit" or "New Customer" window to set the email address for customers.

Please refer to Email Invoices with One Click of Mouse for detailed steps.

Basic Sales Invoice with Blue-violet Gradient Background
Basic Sales Invoice with Blue-violet Gradient Background

The itemized detail section features 3 columns, "#", "Description" and "Amount". This "#" column is a line number column, but not the "Item#" or "Product ID" column as found in many other templates here on The value of the "#" column is filled automatically using an Excel formula like this:

Blank Service Invoice Template with Image Border
Blank Service Bill Format with Image Border

This blank invoicing format also has the number of taxes set to one. To change the taxing configurations, click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" worksheet, and then go to the "Taxes" tab. You can set your tax names, such as "VAT", "PST" or "GST" etc., as well the corresponding tax rates.

Farm Invoice Template
Farm Invoice Template

The template also offers a "Taxable" checkbox column, which is placed outside of the printable area. In Excel sheet, the "Print_Area" range name defines what content to print when you execute the "Print" command. You can move the "Taxable" column into the printable area, i.e. the main area on the center of the "Invoice" sheet, by following the steps described on customizing invoice template - moving cells and controls.

Invoicing Template with Watermark of New York
Invoicing Format with Watermark of New York

The added image of the New York City is inserted into the form header section so that it is not visible when you are creating invoice - i.e. editing the Excel form. The New York watermark is visible on the printed version (see the screenshots below), as well as on the PDF invoice generated with Invoice Manager for Excel, which you can send to your customer electronically with email (see invoice template to email for more samples on this topic).

Dog Walking Invoice Sample
Dog Walker Bill Format

This dog walking invoice template features a cartoon image on the form bottom that shows a dog walker and a Dalmatian walk from left to right. Use this template for your freelance or small pet-sitting service invoices.

Malaysia Tax Invoice Template
Malaysia Invoice Format

The basic layout of the sheet is similar to the standard bill format shipped with Invoice Manager, but the static text labels are translated using an online tool. For more tax invoice requirements in Malaysia, visit PDF Tax invoice and records keeping - GST, What is Tax Invoice? How to issue Tax Invoice? and Issuing Tax Invoices.

Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns)
Mixed Tax Rates in a Form (5 Columns)

In the original version, which is named Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (5 Columns) here on, we implemented a feature that allows you to tax different types of items with different rates on one same invoice by adding several custom fields and creating some Excel formulas. By using custom fields and Excel formulas, we can create exciting features that are not supported by the default sales invoice template that was shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. The two newly added columns, which are "Product Type" and "Applied Tax Rates", are placed outside the printable invoice form in the original version. If the product / item description text labels are short, you may like to place these two new columns inside the printable invoice form. This customized form named Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice (7 Columns) implements this.

Mixed Tax Rates (5 Columns)
Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoicing Form (5 Columns)

The default sales invoicing template applies the defined tax rules to all items in an invoice. The customized free tax invoice template in this Mixed Tax Rates in an Invoice allows charging different rates to different items.

Rental Invoicing Template
Rental receipt form

The rent invoice design differs from the standard template in that is has two additional columns, Start Month and End Month, on the body of the rental invoice form. Rental Invoice as the name is very much synonym for hire and leasing activities, anything which was given for a third party for temporary use could be charged with this rental invoice. For this reason, it is necessary to detail the start and end date on the invoice. Every business is different, you might find our free rent invoicing template does not 100% meet your requirements. If this is the case you can still use our free template as a rent invoice sample.

Indonesian Invoice Template
Indonesian Invoice Template

The basic form layout is still copied from the standard invoice shipped with Invoice Manager. The only changed option is its color scheme and the static text. The following tables shows both the Indonesian text and its original English text.

Five Price Percentage Levels (Sales, Custom Column)
Form with 5 Price Levels

Custom Field is a concept introduced by Invoice Manager for Excel, which refers to the fields that are not defined in the default database structure of Invoice Manager for Excel. For example, for an invoice selling clothes you may like a "Size" column on the invoice body to indicate the size of the invoicing item, but the "Size" field does not exist in the default database definition. In this case, you can add it as a custom field in both the Product and Invoice Body database table, so that when you pick up a product on creating an invoice, the size field filled in automatically along with the description, price and product #, and when you save an invoice, the size field is saved too.

Advanced Sample - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice
Advanced Format - Email Is Required Before Saving Invoice

The CallImfe procedure obtains the Invoice Manager COM add-in by looking into the "Application. COMAddIns" collection. If it cannot find the "Imfe.Connect" (This is the Prog ID of Invoice Manager), it shows an error message " Invoice Manager for Excel is not installed!" and return. Otherwise, it pass the command to the add-in object.

Clinic Invoice
Clinic Receipt

This clinic bill and receipt template could be used by clinics such as dental clinic, cosmetic clinic, chiropractic physicians, psychologist, psychology service, mental health and acupuncture therapy. It has less fields than c7019 medical invoice template, but has a cuttable payment slip that copies invoice# (receipt#), date and amount due from the main part by using Excel formula.

Medical Invoice Template (2)
Medical Billing Form (2)

If you use the Invoice Manager for Excel version of this medical bill format, the billing software program helps you create unique customer account number with its powerful customer management features. The customer account number is the account number with the health care provider. Every new encounter should create a unique account number. The "Date of Service" fields detail the dates the patient was treated. In some cases, such as laboratory draws, a range of dates are provided in case multiple tests were performed across several days. A charge itemization can be sent to you detailing all hospital services.

Hawaiian Invoice Template
Hawaiian Bill

Once you have installed Invoice Manager, install this template to invoicing easily in Hawaiian. The editable fields left in blank are what you need to enter on creating invoices. Download and try this simple sheet to see how it works for you. The online tool is able to translate most text into Hawaiian as shown below.

Sales Invoice Template with Discount Amount Column
Sales Template with Discount Amount Column

It's common practice to show discounts on invoices in many types of businesses. The easiest way, however, and also a flexible way, is to add the discount as a product or service item on the invoice body but with negative price or line total.

Generic Sponsorship Invoice Sample
General Sponsor Invoice Sample in Excel

This is a general invoice sample, which means the template could be used by many entities like individuals, sport teams, philanthropy organization, music events etc. The template has only one column of the "Description" fields, where you can write down anything you think necessary to be put on the invoice, like any contract, agreement, marketing plan, sponsorship level description. As detailed on How To Get Your Sponsorship Invoices Paid On Time, it is necessary to make everything as clear as possible.

Bill Format for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory
Receipt Sample for Dental Clinic and Denture Laboratory

The form includes a "Patient Details" section next to the "Bill To" section, which makes it possible to enter different patient information than the "Bill To" details. You can also populate the "Patient Details" section with fields from "Bill To" section by simply clicking the "Same As Bill To" section. Read on to find tips and guidelines on invoicing and billing for dental clinic.

Translation Service Receipt
Translation Receipt Template

If you need more, such as automatic numbering, tracking and logging, co-working, or even sharing via Internet so that you can work remotely, simply install Invoice Manager for Excel.