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Animation Invoice Template

If you're doing cinematography, you may like visit more samples at film invoice template. This sample shows "Hours" and "Rate" columns on the body of the invoice template. More designs like this could be found at hourly rate invoice template.

Production Assistant Bill Sample

If you are a production assistant, camera operator, videographer, video editor, music producer, or have any filmmaking related jobs, doing it as a freelancer, independent contractor or incorporated company, this PA invoice template helps you create attractive invoice in no time.

Photography Billing Format (General)

Creating an invoice using Photography Invoicing Template is as easy as fill in a paper form. Our templates are offered in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. A PDF version, which is generated using Microsoft Excel, is also included. The template is provided free of charge, yet it produce beautiful and professional results that could be found only with some expensive invoicing software programs. However if you need more from your invoicing system, such as management of your clients / customers, reporting on sales, customers and products, simply install Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our invoicing app that support all the templates you can download here on

Photography Receipt Format (Detail)

If you run a photography studio focusing on producing images you might find Photography Receipt Template (Detail) / Photography Receipt Format (Detail) interesting. Compared to Photography Invoicing Template (General), the layout of Photography Receipt Template (Detail) offers more fields for the images purchased.

Proforma Invoicing Form
  1. Start Excel as usual. On the File tab, choose the Options button.
  2. In the Excel Options dialog box, choose the Customize Ribbon button.
  3. In the list of main tabs, select the Developer check box.
  4. Choose the OK button to close the Options dialog box.
Sales Invoice Template - Discount Percentage

The invoice template has one tax set by default. You can change the tax name and rate by just typing in your own tax name and rate. If you need other taxing types and have Invoice Manager for Excel installed, simply click the Settings button and then go to the Taxes tab, choose from Non-Tax, One-Tax and 2-Taxes. You can also set tax names and rates on this dialog box. Several other options, such as "tax invoice total including shipping cost", "tax 2 is applied to tax 1" and "Tax rate can be zero", are also available on this dialog box.

Simple Invoicing Template - Printing on Letterhead Paper

With most designs, letterheads usually put on top of papers. It is common for attorney / legal, medical, catering, restaurant, law firms (whether small or big), health insurance billing or statement / timesheet, graphic design, freelance, plumbing, marketing, business plans, accounting, house rent (yearly or monthly), or even home businesses for monthly bill. So in this free receipt / bill sample, we assume that the company or business uses papers with letterhead on top (click the screenshots for a quick review), and the letter head including business logo, company name, address, slogan, and contact information - so to customize an invoicing layout / billing format for printing, we'll first move these information out of the printable form / definition.

Service Credit Memo Template

Service Credit Note Template is a variant of Credit Note Template. It differs from the original one by moving all shipping fields out of the printable credit note form, making the template more suitable for service business.

Attorney Billing Statement (South Africa Currency)

This template introduces 2 custom fields that are added to the invoice header database table - "Case #" and "Case Reference".

Business Invoice with Customer-Specific Discounting

This form design is a revisited version of c5033 Sales Invoice Form with Discount Percentage. Like the invoice template names imply, the discounts here are specified as percentage. If you prefer discount amount value, visit c5032 Sales Invoice Form with Discount Amount. Here on we also have the form designs for service business, at c5031 Service Invoice Form with Discount Percentage and c5011 Service Invoice Form with Discount Amount.

VAT Service Invoicing Template - Price Excluding Tax

VAT Service Invoice Template - Price Excluding Tax is a sample invoice template demonstrating how to customize an existing invoice template, VAT Sales Invoice Template - Price Excluding Tax, to create a new design that meets your requirements.

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