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Construction Contract Template with Watermark of Urban Buildings
Construction Proposal Format with Watermark of Urban Buildings

This template also provides two lines of text that allows you to detail the payment progress that the payer should follow.

Advanced Sample - Macro-Enabled Invoicing Template
Advanced Bill Sample - Macro-Enabled Billing Template

Invoice Manager for Excel supports all the Excel file formats, including the traditional ".xls" and ".xla" formats, and the new ".xlsx" (Excel XML-based file format), ".xlsm" (Excel XML-based and macro-enabled file format), and ".xlsb" (Excel Binary (or BIFF12) file format). ".xlsx" are now the most widely used workbook file format. Feel free to see our Invoice Template ".xlsx" topic page.

Travel Service Bill Format
Travel Agency Invoice Template

This template in MS Excel format (xlsx) is suitable for travel service Provider Company / travel agencies / travel agent. It features fields like "Discount", "Deposit" and "Payment Term" etc.

Invoicing Sample for Cosmetics Shops
Billing Template for Cosmetics Shops

The itemized detail section in the sample invoicing template allows you to list the products a customer purchased, for example "Dermactin-TS Collagen Gel Patches", "Dermactin-TS Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream" etc. Whether you are a reseller or wholesaler, you can use the "Products" database table to manage your product / inventory. By default Invoice Manager for Excel connects with Access database (you don't have to install Microsoft Access in order to just use the database), but Enterprise edition of Invoice Manager for Excel supports SQL Server database too. For SQL Server, you can even run it online and access your data anywhere around the world via an Internet connection.

Donation Receipt Template for Excel
Donation Receipt Template for Excel

This general donation receipt template in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format (".xlsx") includes fields for charity / organization name, address, contact information, donor name, several lines of description, an amount field, a handwriting signature field.

Transportation Invoice
Transportation Invoice
Table name Field name Field type
InvHdr AccountBalance decimal (12,2)
InvHdr TotalBalance decimal (12,2)
InvBdy ItemDate date
InvBdy Passenger text (60)
Product ItemDate date
Product Passenger text (60)
Billing Invoice Template
Billing Invoice Template

This design applied the "Depth" Office theme. The "P.O.#" field (i.e. Purchase Order# field) is moved to the top of the form, to leave more space for the other fields on the line -- i.e. "Sales Rep. Name", "Shipp Date", "Ship Method", "Payment Term" and "Due Date".

Excel Shipping Invoice with Printable Truck Background Image
Shipping Invoice with Printable Truck Background

On the other hand, to some people it may be not intuitionistic enough when they want to make their invoices stand out from competition by using a background image. Although Microsoft Excel does provided a "Background" command on the "Page Layout" ribbon tab, the background image or picture set in this way is removed (not included) in the printed result.

Lightweight Service Invoice Template
Parts and Labor Invoicing Format
Parts and Labor Invoicing Format

Here on there is at least one another invoice template that has the similar layout, which is Contractor Billing Format. In fact, this parts and labor invoice template is created based on "contractor billing format", by removing the "Date" (oknItemDate_?) column, and by adding back the "Unit Price" ("oknPrice_?") and the "Quantity" ("oknQuantity_?") column. As you can see, although we've made significant customizations to the template, Invoice Manager for Excel works well with the new template. If you are looking for a billing and invoicing software for your business, make sure it is flexible enough so that it meets your special business requirements. Visit Excel Job Invoice Template, Contractor Invoice Template Free, Auto Repair Invoice Template, Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template and Contract Labor Invoice Template for more invoice template samples.

PayPal Payment Button Using Custom Image
Excel Invoice with PayPal Payment Button Using Custom Image

In this example, we take c3012 Freelance Writer Invoice format as the base template and starting point, demonstrates how to replace the image using Excel. "c3012 Freelance Writer Invoice" is a service invoice template, and is one of the featured template on invoice templates for freelancers.

UIS V5.11 Standard Invoice Template and Shortcut Keys
Standard Invoice Format and Shortcut Keys for UIS Version 5.11
# Command Shortcut Key Name
1 Clear & New CTRL + SHIFT + C oknCmdClear
2 Save To DB (Save Invoice) CTRL + SHIFT + S oknCmdSave
3 Extract / Email CTRL + SHIFT + E oknCmdExtract
4 Print CTRL + SHIFT + P oknCmdPrint
5 Payment CTRL + SHIFT + A oknCmdPayment
6 Detail CTRL + SHIFT + D oknCmdDetail
7 Customers CTRL + SHIFT + U oknCmdCustomer
8 Products CTRL + SHIFT + R oknCmdProduct
9 Invoices CTRL + SHIFT + I oknCmdInvoice
10 Report CTRL + SHIFT + O oknCmdReport
11 Settings CTRL + SHIFT + T oknCmdSettings
12 Help CTRL + SHIFT + H oknCmdHelp
13 As As New Customer CTRL + SHIFT + V oknCmdSaveAsNewCustomer
14 Customer Edit CTRL + SHIFT + M oknCmdCustomerEdit
15 About / Registration CTRL + SHIFT + B oknCmdAbout
16 Same As Bill To CTRL + SHIFT + L oknCmdSameAsBillTo
17 Pick Customer CTRL + SHIFT + F1  
18 Pick Shipping Address CTRL + SHIFT + F2  
19 Pick Sales Rep. Name CTRL + SHIFT + F3  
20 Pick "Ship Via" / Shipping Method CTRL + SHIFT + F4  
21 Pick Payment Term CTRL + SHIFT + F5  
22 Pick Product / Item CTRL + SHIFT + F6  
Invoicing Template in Euros
Invoicing Template in Euros

This template has one single tax named "VAT" set by default. To change the tax name or rate using Invoice Manager for Excel, which is our invoicing software program that enhances any Excel invoicing template here on InvoicingTemplate to be a complete invoicing system, first click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, go to the "Taxes" tab and then choose the number of taxes applied to this form, the names of the taxes, and the rates of the taxes. You can also enable options like "Tax invoice total including shipping cost" etc. Make sure you click the "Apply" button after modifying the taxing options, otherwise the template layout won't be changed according to the options you choose. If you accept the changes after verifying the form, click the "Save" button on Excel quick access tool bar to make the changes persistent. For more customization samples on VAT, visit VAT invoicing templates. Also refer to VAT invoicing rules on EU Taxation and customs union / European Commission.

Payment Voucher Template for B5 Paper
Payment Voucher Format for B5 Paper

Step 6: Still in print preview mode, click the "Show Margins" button on the bottom-right corner. When "Show Margins" is pushed down, the preview shows drag handlers for margins and columns. Drag these handlers to resize margins and columns. Since we need space for only 1 column (the "Amount" column), it is possible to add it by reduce the width of the other columns. Once there is enough space for the missing "Amount" column, it appears automatically.